Siemens Gigaset S675

The S675 is equipped better than the winner of the test. Medium tones gave it but slightly too loud and had to miss some depth. Fine: In the test’s sparked by seven walls that could no other phone. Like when the C475, the base of the device shone a little if the handset is parked.   the talk time was slightly shorter than the test winner. Also at the ready for the testers measured significantly shorter times. 190 hours are but still very tidy.

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Music Station Max: New Music Download Service Planned

Want a business model established operators, where unlimited downloading of music on the mobile phone is already contained in the tariff plan of the network operator. Of 12 February on the mobile phone trade show in Barcelona presented plan has one important difference to previous subscription offers: The Omnifone MusicStation Max service users continue to use the

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Asus P750

Equipment  the P750 works with the latest version of the operating system Windows Mobile 6 by Microsoft. According to easily exchange files with a PC worked in the test. A single charge lasts out with heavy use of the phone for 30 hours. Operated by finger pressure or stylus across the screen, but also via the keyboard. In addition to a GPS system are also a 3.15 mega pixel camera and a MP3 player in the mobile phone integrates. navigation and data connection  phone contacts via Wi-Fi, so, can be saved this money at Internet hotspots. The built-in GPS receiver ensures the positioning. Maps for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is supplied.

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Nokia Shows Four New Phones With Online Features

Nokia N96: Multimedia mobile video and TV fans  the Nokia N96 is a multimedia computer that is optimized for the use of video and TV formats. It has a 7.1-centimeter screen, 16 gigabytes of internal memory and lets you play high-quality videos in different formats according to the manufacturer. The Nokia N96 multimedia computer is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2008.

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Warning About Inefficient Protection Offered Against Telephone Advertising

As the Consumer Council tells North Rhine-Westphalia, complaints about unwanted callers who serve a permanent protection against pesky phone calls against a juicy pay. with an unsolicited call stunned consumers are accumulating currently violate brazen service providers themselves against unfair telephone advertising, ban explained the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia. You strongly warns the scam to fall and personal bank accounts for charges on the alleged consumer advocates to pass on. because so far no effective protection against unsolicited calls exist, warns the consumer advice centre of

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Asus Eee PC 4 g: Mini Notebook For $299

Videos: Asus Eee PC» first impression: Asus Eee PC » so install Windows XP » Windows on the Eee PC » so upgraded Eee PC  speed & data storage the is equipped with a Celeron-M-533 Intel processor running at 630 megahertz. With on board are 512 megabytes RAM and an SSD hard drive with four gigabytes of Flash memory. Advantage of this hard drive technology: less weight and more speed. Disadvantage: the very low data storage of only four gigabytes. The motherboard is also from Intel. instruction & equipment  above the screen hides a small webcam for video conferencing and chats. The Skype program is

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Latest Mobile Phones In a Test Duel

A new phone should however already long time back here. Now you have the choice: it should be a chic and top-of-the-art mobile? A workhorse for E-Mail and the Internet? Or a simple, cheap phone without camera or MP3 music player? The COMPUTER image test clarifies what are the currently recommended these three categories of mobile equipment,.
Duel 1: the successor of great classic
Nokia and Sony Ericsson to send the successor of legendary mobile classics in the race: Sony Ericsson’s T610i was available as of May 2003, which went 6230 Nokia in April 2004 at the start. Both were best sellers. Their successors are offering that will:

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Test Duel: Nokia 6500 Classic Against Sony Ericsson T650i


Both competitors bring almost everything discerning clients from a current cell phone can expect: UMTS, camera, and MP3 player. The T650i has also an FM radio as well as a slot for a memory card on board. Although no memory card slot offers the Nokia model, but the memory is classic, after all, about a gigabyte large in the 6500. UMTS have both devices, but the Nokia transfers data slower than the Sony Ericsson. Also no video calling.

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Test duel: Nokia E51 against RIM BlackBerry 8120 Pearl 2


Despite extensive equipment is easy to use the E51 Nokia. Key features include fast enabled. About at the push of one of the extra buttons below the display. Something more complicated, the operation of RIM BlackBerrys is 8120 Pearl 2. The reasons for this: Dealing with the rotary control button under the screen requires practice. And: a noticeable resistance when navigating through the menus is missing. Also, the keyboard requires getting used to. Who wants fast typing texts, must practice first for quite a while, until the also works. Left next to the control button, the menu button is located. Press it and the main menu will open. There, the user must first of all in the fullness of the displayed programs Orient.

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Advertising Lies In Mobile, Dsl &Amp; Phone

Unlimited, no additional cost and free: now the alarm bells should be ringing! If cell phone, telephone and DSL provider on touting, they access ever more frequently to not perfect means. COMPUTER image has taken advertising promises of the most important mobile, telephone and Internet providers under the magnifying glass and reveals the worst cases. unwanted options only one mesh: A cheaper price is actually advertised the offer but only with additional options. In a Saturn advertising

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The Packard Bell EasyNote XS In The Test

Speed & data storage

The small EasyNote XS is equipped with a via processor as opposed to the cheaper competitor of ASUS Eee PC. Despite the higher clock frequency of 1.2 GHz, the working speed is less. ««

On board built-in 1024 megabyte memory and a 1.8-inch HDD with 30 gigabytes memory. are fixed

» first impression: Asus EeePC 4 G: Smart mini notebook for $299

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CeBIT 2008: Latest Technology Around The Car

Topics include other driver assistance systems, new equipment with DVB-T receivers and 3D maps, navigation without GPS via the Wi-Fi network and mobile phones with pilot function.
More safety through driver assistance systems
The car looks soon better than his driver. In today’s vehicles, assistance systems mainly provide protection aboard. In the future, they are networked so that they can exchange important information, bundle and promptly evaluate. While driving a car, these systems increase driving comfort and safety.

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The Best Products Of 2007

Who would have thought: end of 2007 can be found no longer stinginess is cool. Rather, we should hate and what is expensive. However, technology is to be loved. Because one is happy, if you go to an electronics market, who himself once again brings together the zerstrittensten families: with friendly staff and a refrigerators with integrated TFT display. expensive and precious In not yet last year there were more than modified advertising campaigns of leading electronics manufacturer of

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MAXDATA Belinea O.Book 3.1

The O.Book 3.1 was really fast when working with standard software: top rated 1.00. Memory-eating programs, however, noticeably slowed the notebook, because only 1 gigabyte memory is installed. The graphics card is integrated into the chipset and has no own store. She was much too slow for graphically complex games. In battery mode, the MAXDATA device showed a decent performance: it when working two and a half hours held out, with the video play even 20 minutes longer. Then it took quite long enough, until the battery was recharged for nearly three hours had the notebook to the power outlet. awkward: the

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When working with standard programs, the ASUS notebook was really fast. Memory-hungry software to such more elaborate image programs ran, however, much slower because the X50R has only one gigabyte of memory. The graphics card is a savings model. She puts in the chipset and calculated an average of just 17 frames per second is much too little, to bring graphically complex games smoothly on the screen. There is no completely liquid representation of movements possible. in normal operation

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Dell Inspiron 1520

The Dell notebook not there in the store, the customer must order it from Dell. Charges he can fit on the equipment his wishes. Like most comparable models from rival manufacturers, also the Inspiron reached a very good touch at the working speed. Memory-hungry programs like for example complex graphic applications slowed it clearly. Because worth the upgrade from 1 to 2 gigabytes of memory. The graphics processor was quite fast, he calculated 35 frames per second and is so even for

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Apple MacBook white 2.2 GHz

How all Apple computer MacBook with Mac OS X operating system is delivered. Should you put emphasis on it to work with Windows can be easily subsequently install this operating system. For the comparison with the remaining test candidates ran all tests under Windows. When working, the MacBook was extremely fast, although standard only 1 gigabyte course memory. It is also very small and light with about 2.2 kilograms. That’s about half a kilo less than most competing models weigh. the

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Becker Traffic Assist 7927

Becker has incorporated 7927 a high-sensitivity GPS receiver in his traffic assist, which showed the position when the car on average after eight seconds. Operation is quite simple, the guide easily understandable but very nearly. the destination entry worked quickly, the unit ignored no meaningful letters. The calculation of longer routes lasted about half a minute. Turn by turn came on time and were clearly worded. The map material is extensive, the programmed points of interest are indeed

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How the NAVIGON 2110 affects the wide screen Navi 7110 with its high glossy edge in piano black finish properly noble. The built-in handsfree cell phone conversations transmitted loud and understandable. The manual is very detailed and easy to understand. And also the operation itself needs to be simple.
The screen is very bright, the framework reflects but greatly. Less well: The driving data display can be not from the bottom of the page, but just then a wider screen plays out its strength. The touch-sensitive screen responded somewhat slow and requires very precise inputs with pointed fingers.

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Navigon 2110

Was the pitch-black journeyman with the more highly reflective display is not the fastest in the test: he needed despite a highly sensitive GPS receiver in the car after you turn around a minute until he denounced the position. This is very long in this price class but quite common.
And for the calculation of the test tracks in the country and abroad, he settled on relatively much time. Good: To navigate to objectives could enter quickly. And s were also high marks for the calculated route. Error in navigation there was hardly, and if then they were minimal.

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Dubious: Surfaced Iphones Without Contract

Phone & phone showed the device without a contract for 749 euros as the stock on October 25 on its German website. It was not blocked, take any SIM card and can run contracts by all providers. The mobile service provider T-Mobile, which has signed an exclusive contract for the sale of the phone with Apple, the phone comes in two weeks in the sale. in France the same company sold the unit already with mobile telephony contracts of smaller providers of Bouygues Télécom and Virgine mobile.

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Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro in Planning

After it took care with the Galaxy A3 and A5 to the appreciation of their own middle-class devices seems to devote the Phablet middle class now in the House of Samsung. After already rumors to the A7 were surfaced, there is about a 6 inch wide A9 Pro now.

The A series of Samsung seems to get more and more weight. After the A3 and A5 were presented, the largest model of the A-series will undergo an upgrade. The new version of A9 should get added to a “Pro”. Samsung seems to focus now on his middle-class. This emphasis is placed especially on the design. Sammmobile wants to have experienced now detailed guide to the new middle class Phablet.

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Deals on Aldi-Süd: Navi Medion MD 96390 For 299 Euro

Navigation the Aldi Navi showed up in the test as a reliable pilot, which leads one to the target quickly and accurately. Appear in the default setting the cards in the 2-D mode; There is also a 3-D representation. Practically is the so called text-to-speech feature: instead of the statement please turn the device speaks the street names in addition. The lane leads the way through tricky traffic situations such as large interchanges.

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Expand The Memory Of The Iphone

Many users know the problem with their iPhone. The memory is simply not enough. Here, one must not have the 16 GB version. Also the larger memory variants are filled more quickly than you think. By following means you can extend your iPhone’s memory.

When you purchase an iPhones or iPads, many think: “Oh what, 16 GB memory should totally meet.”Some iOS updates, App updates , and photos later, it means then: memory almost full. In addition to the typical and popular with security, but also very cumbersome way to connect the iPhone to the PC, pictures, videos and co. on this secure and to delete it then on the

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