How to Put the Eyeliner, the Advice to Avoid Mistakes

How to put the eyeliner, the advice to avoid mistakes: spread correctly the eyeliner will allow us to have a look super bewitching and can play with make up on each occasion. Let’s see how to use the eyeliner the right way.

Put the eyeliner is one of the most complicated operations make up and often we give up before even trying. A small Burr, an imperceptible (on time) imprecision and behold that all work is a disaster. Like every draft of the trick, even put the eyeliner has his technique, it is certainly not easy, but not impossible. It’s worth learning how to properly apply eyeliner: the look will be more intense and try the make up inspired by ‘ 50 that goes very fashionable this year. Let’s see how to apply the eyeliner. Continue reading ‘How to Put the Eyeliner, the Advice to Avoid Mistakes’ »

LG G6 Comes With QHD + Display

Before a new smartphone appears on the market, especially in the network are mainly rumors rather than facts. But now a subsidiary of LG has confirmed that the new model G6 is to be equipped with a QHD+ display. Even before the new Bolide is officially presented, this highlight proves to be true. The display is even to come with relatively unusual dimensions around the corner. Continue reading ‘LG G6 Comes With QHD + Display’ »

What Does the Letters E, G, H, H +, 3G and 4G Mean When Connecting to Mobile Internet

When you use the internet of your smartphone you should have noticed the presence of the “E”, “G”, “H”, “H +”, “3G” or “4G” signs on the side of the device’s signal bar, right? Continue reading ‘What Does the Letters E, G, H, H +, 3G and 4G Mean When Connecting to Mobile Internet’ »

Wedding Invitations Texts

To formulate the wedding invitation is quite difficult. Which text should be written on the wedding invitation or what should be left out?

How do you formulate it best that you as wedding gifts simply money gifts would like, without the guests feel themselves on the clothes? Or how do I mention the online wedding table?There are a few tips and tricks for the wedding invitation text that we have compiled here for you. Continue reading ‘Wedding Invitations Texts’ »

Make Wedding Cake Yourself!

Hello you wonderful readers of! Before I go right here with the (caution! Quite extensive) topic “DIY wedding cake” I want you to meet me once:

My name is Jasmine, I am twenty middle and I come from the beautiful Hamburg. For almost three years, I blog now on Kü and love to think of me new recipes and to present my readers with a “Tadaaaa”. Food is my favourite hobby and there is so much to try and taste, which is why likes there’s Pizza, pasta or salad on my blog along with cakes and candy. Take a look sometime! I would appreciate a visit from you… Continue reading ‘Make Wedding Cake Yourself!’ »

Look Of The Day: Body Chain

Genteen OII! So… I think I kind of switched stations in terms of fashion. In the winter I used parts…

Genteen OII! So… I think I kind of switched stations in terms of fashion. In the winter I used super colorful parts.And now this summer I’m super black! I can’t explain what happened. Haha! But be prepared for a lot of black looks coming around.

So! The look of today also follows the footprint more relax I have brought for you lately. With only 25 years I’m learning to use looks more robbed. Continue reading ‘Look Of The Day: Body Chain’ »

Win A Natural Cosmetics Set From Benecos

Hello my dears! For the second blog birthday, I thought as a thank you, that you so diligently and commented, something very special thought. There will be great prize games all through February. The natural cosmetic  fans will be especially pleased with the following contest.You can win a great beauty set from Benecos, which has something for the eyes, the lips as well as the nails. Continue reading ‘Win A Natural Cosmetics Set From Benecos’ »

Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding Ring

One of the most talked about jewels of recent days has been the wedding ring of Jennifer Aniston, the eternal Rachel of the “Friends” series.
Two weeks after the blonde secretly married Justin Theroux in an intimate ceremony at her mansion for just 70 people, the gorgeous actress first appeared in her beautiful alliance at the premiere of the film ” One Love Everywhere,” in which Jennifer the cast. At the premiere the Holliwood star emerged dazzling, with a black jampsuit and gold accessories. However, what most shone and caught the attention of the media and drew sighs from the women was his beautiful Yellow Gold ring with a row of diamonds studded on the rim of the ring. Continue reading ‘Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding Ring’ »

High-Definition Tvs LED Tvs

Samsung Led Tv line, the future of high definition TVs

The line of Samsung LED TVs came to make possible something you thought impossible: to present a TV superior to the LCD and Plasma TVs ! Great, huh? The new Samsung LED TVs use, as its name says, LED technology, which means Ligh Emmiter Diode, or led. Let’s understand more? Continue reading ‘High-Definition Tvs LED Tvs’ »

Install a Shower Base Tile Walls

The shower receptor to tile is an asset to customize his bathroom. Modern aesthetics and its water-resistance are perfect for showers Italian walk-in. As a kit ready to tile or not, here are the steps to follow for the installation of a shower tray to tile.

The preparation of the location of the shower receptor with tile

To install a shower base ready to tile, follow steps so as to ensure the tightness of the shower. It is important to prepare the surface. After taking your shower tray measures and adjusted as necessary, delimit the

Continue reading ‘Install a Shower Base Tile Walls’ »

Bridal Bouquet Examples That Inspire!

You are still looking for bridal bouquet examples? Do not know what color, which flowers and which form is right for your wedding bouquet? Here we have one example after another for you, so you can be inspired!

From delicate pink and pastel tones to bright red and purple to lavender and green or even gray/white – you will be surprised how diverse wedding bouquets can be! Continue reading ‘Bridal Bouquet Examples That Inspire!’ »

How To Clean Your Leather Shoes

Leather is a material which gives a nice finish to any clothing, shoes so there’s no denying that the most luxurious and impressive use ostensibly this raw material that both values. The problem is in the care and conservation of these products, after all no one wants to stop using that beautiful oxford just because there’s a huge stain or because of a mess that takes all the charm of the shoes, but there’s no reason to despair, there are techniques to let their peers clinking, see below: Continue reading ‘How To Clean Your Leather Shoes’ »

Trends in Women’s Fashion Pants

Fashion does not stop and year after year it reinvents itself. Most of the time, one thing that is trend today, next year is hardly seen anymore due to this inconstancy in the fashion world.

The pants, be they jeans, social, legging or any other type, also have been changing according to fashion and so deserve special attention. So in this article I’ll tell you a bit about fashion pants.You will know which pants are doing the most success and which are the best occasions to use each of them. Continue reading ‘Trends in Women’s Fashion Pants’ »

How to Customize Leather Jacket

Learn how to customize leather jacket.

Customize clothing today is very common, as the fashion is constantly changing many important pieces within our wardrobe can make various styles according to your taste or new trend that year or climate favors. Keep up to date is the best way to customize important parts, but some people cherish very much this art to modify pieces to make it more the guy dresses as well as customize and maintain the exclusives. Continue reading ‘How to Customize Leather Jacket’ »

Men’s Bracelets of Beads Are High–See Examples

After the leather bracelets and the nautical bracelets men’s accounts appear to be the latest bet of men as add-on to your look. But hold on, don’t throw your old accessories, high model may well be coordinated with the old parts to give an “up” in visual.

Men’s Bracelets Accounts–Design And Combinations

The most surprising of this type of bracelet is the amount of combinations that designers can mixing up with other elements such as crosses, medals, skulls, charms, among others, making items really different from each other and often surprising. The variety of accounts also helps: we have the dark wood, bamboo, wood, seeds, metal, turquoise, Agate, obsidian and even pieces of Coconut husk. The mix that can still include clasps of silver, gold, copper, leather or cord, ends up resulting in pieces with a exotic, often hanging down to the handmade ethnic, other rivaling the jewelry design of higher values, which is impressive. There are also simpler models, with only one type of stone, like the eye of the Tiger, where minimalism composition with other accessories, such as the clock, for example. Continue reading ‘Men’s Bracelets of Beads Are High–See Examples’ »

Custom Cufflinks: Unique As You!

Exclusive and special designer cufflinks are the smart accessories for the elegant groom. Design the individual cuff buttons according to your wishes!

Noble cufflinks are the “must have” for every groom.A wonderful gift for the wedding, no matter if “woman” this chooses or “man” she gives herself. Continue reading ‘Custom Cufflinks: Unique As You!’ »