Hot Topic Black Lipstick Review

The second episode of the new phonebook ironic and edgy at the right point, a journey to discover the most popular of Web.Chi Youtubers are? And because they wanted to try to make themselves known, screaming his way of being and their ideas, through this information channel? The first episode.

In a dull day, I decided that my look was to run towards a drastic change, but effective without creating a mess, and so, in the endless quest to understand how to make my purple hair to Katy Perry, I came across the video of this fantastic artist! Continue reading ‘Hot Topic Black Lipstick Review’ »

Yahoo Will Sell Delicious for $ 1 Million

I’m tired of commenting here that Yahoo is to sell Delicious, favorite cataloging site. This time is the Business Insider, a respected business website and startups, which states that the service is one step closer to being acquired by another company. The price of bananas, say by the way. Continue reading ‘Yahoo Will Sell Delicious for $ 1 Million’ »

Dark Circles and Wrinkles Under Eyes Home Remedies

Little tricks to alleviate the problem of dark circles. A blemish that comes from health problems often to be reckoned with.

Dark circles are among the enemy number one of the face. And yet you want to stress, excessive sun exposure you want, you want a genetic predisposition, the lids fans often heavy and dark mark under the eyes stronger, older look. Continue reading ‘Dark Circles and Wrinkles Under Eyes Home Remedies’ »

Opera Launches New Versions of Opera Mini and Mobile

Mozilla was not the one who chose this Tuesday as the D-Day to launch a browser. The Norwegian Opera Software also graced the Internet with two new versions of their browsers for smartphones, Opera Mobile and Opera Mini. They have been updated to versions 11:06, respectively, and brought several improvements over earlier.
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Face Mask for All Skin Types

Tips for a great skin here is 10 beauty masks do-it-yourself really good and without chemicals.

The beauty masks that are on the market are not always effective for the care of our skin.
Often, despite the high cost, are rich in chemical compounds at all healthy .
So here we want to give you 10 recipes to improve your appearance, completely natural and do-it-yourself.
Just have a little ‘more time.

Treat yourself to a Friday evening of rest, all for you. Continue reading ‘Face Mask for All Skin Types’ »

Yahoo Aviate Purchase, a Smart Launcher for Android

The Yahoo is moving again by domains Google Android. The web giant announced the purchase of the launcher Aviate, an interesting software that purports to be a “smart homescreen” for all mobile phones with this platform. To celebrate, anyone can download it directly from Google Play. You must enter the promocode “YAHOO” to activate the application.

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Lip Plumper Home Remedies

Soft lips and of course great?! Here it comes to our aid the lip plumper.
The lips are a weapon of incredible seduction, especially for us women.Getting them soft and fleshy is the dream of all but Mother Nature was not kind to anyone.
Every woman can use though infallible and natural methods to enhance the appearance and make them more fleshy and soft.
A great help comes from the lip plumper, inexpensive cosmetic that plumps lips precisely. Continue reading ‘Lip Plumper Home Remedies’ »

“Psychotic Comics” are Successful on Facebook

More than eight thousand “tanned” and almost 20 000 shares in the social network Mark Zuckerberg. A comic series created by a Brazilian has made ​​the most successful Facebook, to the delight of thousands of people accompanying the first saga of “Comics Psychotic “, called “Dialogues of Death.” Bruno Marafigo, 22, says he is starting now. “I have some short stories and comic books in the drawer, but nothing yet published.” Continue reading ‘“Psychotic Comics” are Successful on Facebook’ »

Olympics Ensures Record Tweets and Audience on the Network

Ended the Games Olympic (pure technology, as said), time to make the final balance. I leave the question of Brazilian participation in this Olympiad for those who have background and can speak more properly the subject. In terms of audience and participation is another story: it gives to say that were the games most successful in history. The British network BBC revealed that hit record audience of sporting events and Twitter confirmed that a certain athlete received all the attention on the microblog.

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How to Wear Coloured Mascara

Have you ever thought about colored mascara? They are probably still not as fashionable and the impact damage is strong enough. The last time he was seen was 90 years, and today women avoid it because they have the fear of appearing “dated.” Maybe it’s nostalgia, or just the effect of the fashion week in New York, but to me are returning to enjoy these colorful mascara: do incredibly out the color of the eyes, makes it the widest eye area and is an extremely fun way to play with colors. Here are three tips to use this product without mixing the colors too. Continue reading ‘How to Wear Coloured Mascara’ »

Google Maps Transit Covers Five Cities in Brazil

Convenience is one of the reasons that make Americans use Bing in the United States has a number of cool features that the all powerful Google has not – not the same, at least. Here in Brazil the chat is another: Google announced this week that five cities will have live traffic information on Google Maps. Passersby in the cities of Brasilia, Campinas, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre and Salvador have a good reason to celebrate. Continue reading ‘Google Maps Transit Covers Five Cities in Brazil’ »

Pretty Ballerinas Shoes Review

The slippers are slippers bon ton chamber, a unisex model that is now mainly used by the wealthy middle-aged men, but several years ago was present in all homes. The slippers are back in vogue thanks to Miuccia Prada which puts them in the fashion proposed version for the’ autumn winter 2012-13. We are a bit ‘skeptical, we can not hide it, what do you think? I like these slippers by day? Continue reading ‘Pretty Ballerinas Shoes Review’ »

Satin Ribbon Mannish Shoes

The in mannish style shoes are trendy Autumn / Winter 2015-2016 which is marking successful collections of brands specializing in the sector and those of the luxury fashion house that the proposals of the more commercial brands and low cost. Let’s talk about lace, brogues, Chelsea and biker boots, combat boots and slip on made ​​in very similar forms to those of men’s shoes. How to resist? Continue reading ‘Satin Ribbon Mannish Shoes’ »

Bing Starts Using Traffic Data in Real Time From Nokia

Microsoft partnership results with Nokia still showing up and not limited to Windows Phone. On Thursday (24), the Finnish announced the arrival of traffic information and the Nokia paths algorithm Maps to Bing, dramatically improving Microsoft’s map service, especially in Brazil.

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Nike Shoes for Sporty Women

Nike presents the new 2014 collection of comfortable and trendy sneakers, suitable for sporty chic look

The trend of the moment wants a sporty look with a chic twist on well-designed outfits. A woman who likes to be trendy, but that does not renounce to the comfort of a nice pair of sneakers.

A party trend by some high fashion runways as the case of Chanel with its oversize sweatshirts worn over a bon ton skirts and stiletto sandals. With a sporty chic look women search and create an outfit that mixes together slacks with glamorous details such as rhinestones or ladylike skirts with sneakers and running shoes defined on Shoe-wiki.

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Pirate Bay Goes Down After Attack, But Promises to Come Back Stronger Than Ever

The torrent site most used by everyone, Pirate Bay, is inaccessible since the night this Tuesday to all Internet users around the globe. Although some countries have actively blocked domain that gives access to the site, this list has not increased yesterday, including the rest of the nations: The Pirate Bay is just inaccessible due to a DDoS attack on the site. Continue reading ‘Pirate Bay Goes Down After Attack, But Promises to Come Back Stronger Than Ever’ »

How to Set the Time on a Digital Watch for Children

Give your children a watch, it is a good way to teach them to read the time. If it is analog or digital, the clock exposes the advancement of numbers, giving them a reference point when it comes to learning time appropriately. Before giving your child the clock, you must first set the time. Because each watch is different from the exact instructions may vary depending on the model.


Place the watch in time mode, if the clock is digital, has multiple functions. This is usually done by pressing one of the buttons on the side of the watch.


Press and hold the “Set” button. The exact location of this button varies according to the clock. It is in the upper left corner Baby G Casio watches, for example. The hour or minutes start flashing on the screen.


Touch buttons advancing time, normally found on the right side of the watch. Stop when the correct hour and minute display.


Press the “Set” for the last time, the watch will exit the setting mode and displays the correct time.


Gmail is Further Integrated with Google+ (or Vice Versa)

Today Google announced what it says is “a better experience notifications by email Google+”. In its official blog, the company shows what it meant: from now on Google+ will have a custom interface for those who choose to receive notifications in their inboxes. Through it you can answer direct posts in Gmail without even opening the Google+.

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How to Change the Time of a Casio Watch

Do you have a Casio watch and do not know yet how to change the time or day ? Do not worry because it is a very common situation is that although it only has three buttons, the fact is that it can be a bit confusing. Therefore, in unComo we want to help and we explain graphically, quickly and easily changing the time of a Casio watch. You’d be very useful!

You may also be interested in: How to set the time on a digital watch for children.


First, we note that throughout this article we will build on the A164W CASIO watch model and, therefore, the procedure may vary for other models. So the first step to change the time or day of your watch Casio will press the lower left button, ie, the MODE button.

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Google Includes Automatic Translation in Gmail and Disable Items Underused Labs

The Google has continued to work on the holiday and took the opportunity to launch some new features in Gmail. The main one is the automatic translation of messages, which before was only an experimental item Gmail Labs and was “graduated” on Tuesday (1). One of the drivers for change, according to the giant search, were companies that use Google Apps and working with teams of other nationalities. For them, this is an indispensable function.

From the next day, all messages received on a different default language set by the user will be automatically translated (with the option to disable the translation or view the original message at the very top). In addition, other items in Gmail Labs as Title Tweaks(amending the title of the tab where Gmail is open) and Smart Mute (marking messages of a topic as read, if you turn) also received improvements and became options service.

But not all the news is good. Gmail also had some of the Labs features disabled as they failed to garner as many users as well. Among them are the gestures of Mouse, Inbox pre-view (I was wearing and dug! :() And Mail Goggles, which offered a mathematical challenge for people trying to send messages on Friday night and so would potentially drunk.

Get ready then for more drunken emails of your friends in the future.


How to Choose a Man’s Watch

From digital models of plastic to the luxurious Swiss brands, the options watches are endless and the prices of these models can be amazing. Male watches are very practical accessories for day to day but also now have become an accessory to enhance the attractiveness of our image. If you’re thinking about buying a watch but tend doubts and do not know why decantarte model, pay attention to the advice in this article unComo on how to choose a man’s watch.

How much to spend on a watch

The clock is one of the few accessories with a man who has to improve his style. It gives a special value to a man trying to change or improve its overall appearance. It has transcended its purpose originates, as well as being a functional accessory, it is an extension of the personality and style of the wearer.

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iPhone Must Win Gmail App Soon

The Google will launch very soon a special app Gmail for iOS. Who gives information is MG Siegler on your particular blog. Even the application would already be in the hands of the App Store reviewers to approve or not your approval publication. If so, perhaps Google is the first major company to offer an app email in the iPhone.

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H & M Store Las Vegas

Measuring more than 5,000 square meters and is spread over three levels the new H & M store, as the simple definition of shop in this case is not sufficient, which opened at the Forum Shops inside the luxurious Cesars Palace in Las Vegas, Forum which already hosts over 160 different boutiques. So it is no coincidence that the new store H & M is the largest in the world. In Las Vegas are already active two more H & M stores, one in the Town Square and the other and miracole Mile, this is the third, and then start with a bang. Continue reading ‘H & M Store Las Vegas’ »

How to Spot a Fake Rolex

Rolex is one of the most famous brands of watches in the world. Partly because of its high quality has led the flag of Swiss watchmaking and partly by their glamorous and luxurious designs. Rolex watches have been synonymous with high social status, basically “stay on top”.

Like almost all material things, a symbol is not necessarily the same for all people. For many it is “just a nice watch” and thousands of dollars not spent on something to see the time (I’m with them). For other people have a Rolex is a challenge, it is to “achieve something in life,” and many times this need fall into traps by believing that make business life and end up buying a fake Rolex.

That is why in this article unComo, let’s see how to detect Rolex and so to differentiate Rolex “copies” or “phony” and to prevent ripped off.

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