10 Variations of the Dress: the Dress That is Comfortable Right at All

Opens the summer season with a dress, very clever model that works with all physical, even those more into meat. For you 10 models to try and copy.


Cutting short-sleeved shirt and knee length. To be held at the waist with a belt. Margaret Howell Spring summer 2016


The fitting is spacious and comfortable, with or without waistline featured. The extra length, instead, helps to hide his bony knees. Cedric Charlier spring summer 2016


As a doctor, but with an extra processing on the chest. Ideal for those who don’t have much breast. Wear it over leggings or skinny pants to hide too many curves of the side b. Lutz Huelle spring summer 2016

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Plus Size Bikinis

Most women wear bikinis – especially younger women today for swimming and Sun gangs prefer. A bikini is feminine, sexy and modern, because it shows plenty of skin and reveals the entire stature of a woman. While wearing bathing trains during the bath walk was still of course for our grandmothers, our mothers already enjoyed the sexy swimwear revolution of the skimpy two-piece.

Because every woman is built differently, there are also a number of different bikini models. There especially bikinis in XXL with wide back cut and large cups like C, D or E, but also the combination of far back section with smaller cups, to do justice to each character. At the panties there slips with higher or lower leg and slightly stomach lined waistband depending on the figure above.

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Drew Barrymore and Kate Middleton Had the Same Dress

In two different continents, on two separate occasions, but that night, Drew Barrymore and Kate Middleton wearing a dress the same. Ah, talk about coincidences!

In two different cities, in two different continents, in two parallel worlds, but the same evening, Drew Barrymore and Kate Middleton have found themselves wearing the same, identical, looks just like the dress.

Ah, talk about coincidences.

Drew was in New York for the ASPCA’s Bergh Ball, one of the most important events in New York that brings together all star animal lovers to raise money, while the Duchess of Cambridge was in Thimphu, Bhutan, having dinner with the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and Queen Jetsun Pema. Continue reading ‘Drew Barrymore and Kate Middleton Had the Same Dress’ »

Models Beautiful Short Dresses and Long for Day to Day

If you have a piece that highlights all the female value, this piece is the dress. Early in the history of fashion, people (both men and women) wore robes, which are like our long dresses today. With the passage of time and the rise of pants, the dress was assigned to the female wardrobe.

It is true that there are some women who do not like to dress, and others claim that they find beautiful dresses to be used. So here are some tips for beautiful dresses for you to use.

 Beautiful Strapless Dresses

The dress strapless model is quite jovial. This neckline enhances the lap, which, depending on the situation, you can leave the sensual woman. With this neck you have the freedom to wear a cardigan, a bolero, a jacket and if it is hot or the environment permits, you show your shoulders.

Beautiful Tanks Dresses 

The handles can be thin, thicker, straight, cross, double, and it makes a huge difference in the look. If you want to wear a dress with tanks (thin) to work, the ideal is that you put a bolero or jacket on top.

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Tips for Selecting Appropriate Evening Dresses

Today, evening dresses are becoming increasingly important that people should use them when attending some special occasions in their social lives, and most of the women want to one or more of these dresses to their wardrobe. But do you know how to choose the kind of evening dresses? Do you know what fits you the most? Here are a few tips.

First of all, we should know the basic classes of evening dresses. In general, people tend to classify them into two categories: long dresses and short. Short tend to be shorter than the long and people like to call them “little dresses,” and usually models of such dresses are simpler than they are tall objects. You can use them to walk freely without feeling any problems, which is why, in such clothing is suitable for most cases.

Little dresses people look more youthful, energetic, elegant and sexy. They are widely liked young women. Another advantage is that such dresses are not dirt, since dirt on the floor, so that they can be worn especially in the presence of an outdoor party or a ceremony. If you are attending a party, saloon or ball, which is not so formal, you can wear such dresses to become official, luxurious but not so aggressive. Sometimes some of these dresses is designed for slightly aggressive, in such a case, what should be of such a suit, depending on what kind of parties you attend. You should choose the festive dresses According to the parties.

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HTC One A9: Most Attractive HTC Terminal

Who don’t have a smartphone? Of all smartphones sold, the most powerful or popular are the most demanded? The answer is no. The mid-range is the one that has more pull among all audiences.

Either for the most affordable price, or because, in reality, is enough to the vast majority of people with a smartphone that yield well and meets as necessary, HTC has ventured to release a proposal in the middle range: the interesting HTC One A9 – (stand for a cell phone).

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10 Problems That Only Understands Those Who Dress in Black

Black is the color that makes you feel better, sexy and with a size smaller. When go shopping the contracts offer only black leaders and your pants seemingly all look the same. See how much can be tough defend your faith in Mr. Black.

  1. You mistake it for a girl dark, bleak and nihilistic heart.Even though inside you shines the Rainbow
  2. Getting dressed in the morning under artificial light bulb puts a strain on the diopter: we want to talk about the effort to distinguish black from another?

3. 50 shades of black. Already, every black brings with it its own nuance. Black red, greenish black, bluish black. Depending on the composition and the color black, dye under natural and artificial light, reveals unexpected nuances … Do you know perfectly that twinge in your stomach when, on the way to work, on a coffee break or reflected in a shop window, you realize you wear a fake black total look because broken by a green bottle, a purplish-red and a black grey. You haven’t qualified for! Continue reading ‘10 Problems That Only Understands Those Who Dress in Black’ »

Evangelical Dresses

Like evangelical dresses? Each person has an opinion about something. People disagree about politics, football, music, books and even religion. Brazil is a country with a great diversity of religion, and religions that have a greater number of followers are Catholicism and Protestantism, both Christian.

Religion and Evangelical Fashion

When you attend a church you learn that God does not judge you for your sins and much less by his clothes, but what you do after you decide to follow it.

The point is that in the Bible (the book left by God to guide us in life) there are some passages that speak of how we should behave before God, including how they should be our hair and our clothes.

Taking into consideration that the Bible was written long ago (it began to be written before the coming of Jesus and finished being written after his death), times have changed since then. Even with the changed times, respect for their faith has not changed and still there are certain ways to behave when going to church.

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Dresses Models with Lace Short and Long Fashion

Every woman loves to feel beautiful and some even do everything to be always praised. Diets (some are accompanied diet, others do crazy diets), exercise, fitness, everything to be with the body days, receiving praise and consequently feel beautiful. But hardly know these women that there are other ways for a woman to be beautiful without many follies or many sacrifices.

The Female Beauty

The female beauty goes far beyond what is imposed by the media. Women can (and is) very beautiful when wearing a jeans and a white shirt, with her hair in a ponytail. The woman also shows all its beauty when it is washed face, without tons and tons of makeup.

Of course, we women should get ready and stay beautiful. We should be beautiful to the point of looking in the mirror and like what you see, and there are clothes that facilitate this “work”.

The Dress and Income

The dress is one of those pieces. Many men say they think the woman is even more beautiful when she wears dress. That’s because, they say, when a woman wears pants, it’s like she resembled the man, losing all her sensuality. Another piece (not quite one piece) that gives beauty to the woman’s income.

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Dresses Fashion in 2016

Meet the fashionable dresses that will bombing in 2016? The fashion has within itself several subdivisions. One of these subdivisions is the fad, fashion and style. It is based on these three concepts that the fashion pieces (whether clothing, footwear, accessories) are produced and sold us. The fact is that they are not produced randomly.

Fashion, Style and Trendiness

These three concepts define how fashion is imposed on us, buyers. The style is all that is part of the individual’s personal taste. Generally, the style is composed of parts that do not have the time, as in the fad and fashion. We can cite as an example jeans, white shirts, little black dress.

Fashion is the fashion pieces that are planned, where there is a trend of research that makes the piece is created. Usually they have a period of rise, peak and decline. The collections that brands create (monthly, semi-annual) is a fine example of fashion. But the fad has this period of rise and decline, only has the summit and when people sicken of such product, discard it. Usually they come up with soap operas, movies, singing, among others, such as tiaras flowers “emerged” with the singer Clarice Falcão or asymmetrical Chanel court that “came” with singer Rihanna.

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