The Price of Power Also Has Its Game in Google Play

We continue with another franchise, this oldest something, which is receiving a boom of popularity, and with the consequent all kinds of merchandising for owners of their rights. This time it’s Scarface or The price of power, well-known movie of Al Pacino who sees his arrival to Android in the form of game, and as it comes to be, without excessive complications.

The Scarface game you have to get have the power to city-based fights and money. To do this we fulfill various missions to get money and experience, among which are raiding establishments or to beat someone who us meddling in our path to be able to be owners in the shadow of the city. Continue reading ‘The Price of Power Also Has Its Game in Google Play’ »

Fitness Clothing Fashion

The fitness wave is getting bigger every day, infecting people who come by giving a new routine for their lives, ensuring through the practice of physical activity more quality and health. And to deal with the day to day at the gym or even exercising on the streets it takes the look and work. Continue reading ‘Fitness Clothing Fashion’ »

How to Style a Turtleneck Sweater


Casual dress is often the solution to the problem we set ourselves, in unfamiliar circumstances, with respect to the adequacy of our dress. The turtleneck is quell’intrigante middle ground, both for man and for the woman, able to meet the minimum requirements of elegance without appearing too formal (ie detached) nor sloppy. Certainly very important that we choose the combination compared to the color of the head and his pairing, but in principle the choice can reveal apt and, above all, as we shall see later, ductile. Then we face head-on the cabinet with the help of this guide that will explain how to match a turtleneck sweater. Continue reading ‘How to Style a Turtleneck Sweater’ »

LED Light Chain

Fairy lights are nothing new. Especially popular around Christmas or the Party dekartion lights are often used as a stylish decoration. There are lights in all variations and sizes. Of the really big fairy lights with Mr conventional light bulbs, like hanging over beer gardens, about the “wrong candles” for Christmas trees up to the fairy lights for the living room decoration. Continue reading ‘LED Light Chain’ »

Bags For the Office – All Trends and Tips

Must it be because always black? This question we confront or we hear again and again. The answer is: no! Although timeless classics are announced – for example the white blouse in the oversized look to the leather leggings, tube or Boyfriendjeans. Or what about our beloved pumps, of course in black (matte and lacquer) or in red, nude and grey, we love classics.  Continue reading ‘Bags For the Office – All Trends and Tips’ »

Fat Ninja Adventure, a Spanish Game Seeking Finance for Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding It has become our daily bread because it is one of the few methods that developers make sure that if you leave a project forward will be entirely yours and fans. This makes all try to take your idea forward, as in the case of Red Candle Studios, ranging to try their luck to finance his game Fat Ninja Adventure

It is not an adventure with a great hero, as the ninja Shuruyito It’s a simple boy who wants to live an adventure facing the clan of lizards. A simple arcade game with enough sense of humor. The game is planned for iOS, but if you get to 11,500 dollars of investment (9000 euros) the game would come to Android. As this is a crowdfunding, let’s go for the rewards for investing Continue reading ‘Fat Ninja Adventure, a Spanish Game Seeking Finance for Crowdfunding’ »

Shoe Guide, Part 2: Brogue

Already after the first part of the shoe guide managed to you readers figure out that part two will address the topic of brogue. For simple and clean shoes in all honor, the brogue is a wonderful way to give your shoes a little character and looks just as good with jeans as costume. The only question is what exactly is the brogue.

Continue reading ‘Shoe Guide, Part 2: Brogue’ »

Maternity Clothes: How To Dress According To Your Figure (Photos)

It does not matter that your pregnant belly is large, tall, low or small. With these tricks of the designers Alison Deyette, Amy Tara Koch and Leka Dobbs, you can better stylize your figure. (Clarification: the denomination of the prices is United States dollars).  Continue reading ‘Maternity Clothes: How To Dress According To Your Figure (Photos)’ »

Hestra Guide Glove Sale

After a period of yearning before I got to the end of a pair of Hestra Field Guide Glove, a purchase I am very pleased with. The glove has so far spent two winter tours where I’ve used it for skiing, hiking and the firewood collection. It is really durable, with sharp stitches but still feels smooth to use. Continue reading ‘Hestra Guide Glove Sale’ »

The Game My Little Pony Made Arrival at Android Thanks to Gameloft

If we move into the phenomenon of fandom, few franchises have achieved a worldwide success as surprising as that has been My Little Pony. In particular we refer to the latest version of the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, He ended up liking at an adult audience and creating a horde of fans that was not necessarily the public which was addressed series.

As any franchise, it is normal that exploited to the maximum which gives money, and how it could be otherwise, does it with a set of Android in which fans will be time and money. As usual, it is not that they have stopped back in the game, as it is the typical time management game with some mini-games using images from the series. Continue reading ‘The Game My Little Pony Made Arrival at Android Thanks to Gameloft’ »

See Tips On How to Organize Small Bathrooms

With creativity you can organize objects and even change the look of the decor. ZAP magazine shows tips on how to reuse pots and other materials

One of the big questions at the time of retirement or furnish an apartment is in relation to the bathrooms. Smaller, these spaces are essential in everyday life of a home and, accommodate different functions, it is essential to take advantage of the available space in the best way possible – always thinking in functionality and practicality. In this way, we will share with you some tips on how to organize small bathrooms.

Continue reading ‘See Tips On How to Organize Small Bathrooms’ »

Maximum Cavazzani, Creator of Bespoken, Confirms Android for Mezcladitos in December

If I say the name of the company, Etermax, many do not know which companies we are talking about, but if you add that they are the creators of the game Bespoken, the thing changes. Last night, in a new edition of The App Date, its CEO Maximo Cavazzani has announced some news regarding their next games, in particular Mezcladitos.

The Argentine company has in mind 5 games by 2013 after a year 2012 without removing news rather than Mezcladitos, although those games that are preparing none is a game with words as they have been with these games. Mezcladitos follows the footsteps of Bespoken, only instead of Board and alternating turn of moves, are now sit & go and both players at the same time. Continue reading ‘Maximum Cavazzani, Creator of Bespoken, Confirms Android for Mezcladitos in December’ »

Multifunctional Furniture Ideas

In a world where multitasking style is more and more present, even our furniture must adapt here is that every piece of furniture is made ​​in two for our homes, performing two functions that are essential to life in the home, but also work as mere decorations to embellish a little ‘rooms.  Continue reading ‘Multifunctional Furniture Ideas’ »

5 Reasons for Choosing Swimming

Hello swimmers!

Surely many of you are like me, with post holiday depression. Walks on the beach, ended the weeks of Sun, be up to the many terraces, not look at the clock, and hardly mobile! But no, unfortunately become routines, the starts, jams… but also the sport, yet you have not chosen, and you’ll help make the back more pleasant. Today I’m going to give 5 good reasons that you decant yourself by swimming. Continue reading ‘5 Reasons for Choosing Swimming’ »

Organ Trail, a Version of The Legendary’s Oregon Trail with Zombies

A good while ago we are talking about the game Organ Trail, a game originally for Facebook I wanted to make his arrival to mobile devices. In crowdfunding to take the game to iOS that if it achieved a minimum amount of funding would commit themselves to portal game to Android, and fulfilling his promise, the game has finally come to Google Play.

If anyone has played the legendary game Oregon completo Trail,where we had to manage a caravan to cross the country to reach Oregon live, and is a lover of the genre of zombies, no doubt this game will be happy. Here will go through the same route to the famous city, only instead of being some settlers will be survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Continue reading ‘Organ Trail, a Version of The Legendary’s Oregon Trail with Zombies’ »

How to Combine T-shirts and Jeans

If you combine well the t-shirts and jeans, you can improve your wardrobe and create a host of fun and flattering attire. All you have to do is pay attention to color, fabric and style of t-shirts and jeans, and find a style that goes well with you. Once you find it, you have to choose the perfect accessories, a belt and shoes that combine well with the style. Read the rest of the article so you get detailed directions. Continue reading ‘How to Combine T-shirts and Jeans’ »