Samsung Galaxy S7

From the stage of Samsung Electronics 2015 Investors Forum, the Korean manufacturer has demonstrated some of the new technologies that will fit on your device over the course of the next year. Among these, Samsung has also unveiled BRITECELL, a new technology that will equip the photo sensor of the next Galaxy S7 .

Samsung BRITECELL promises una light management better in low light with less artifacts of color, thanks to smaller pixels. Although it may sound like a contradiction, since the principle should lead to the exact opposite, Kyushik Hong, head of marketing at Samsung LSI,explained that the revolution will pass right by this feature, smaller pixels but still greater sensitivity to light. Continue reading ‘Samsung Galaxy S7’ »

Sleeping Mat Buying Advice

What mat is suitable?

Air mats offer the best comfort at the same time a small pack size. Depending on the application area there as optional varying insulation of down or synthetic fibre. The air mats with foam core are good ALLROUNDER. That are relatively robust, fill up to 90 percent with air – only, two pump shocks are necessary to adjust the hardness. For that, the pack size is greater, and they offer not enough isolation for really low temperatures. Then there are still classic mats EVA foam. That are super durable, can lose no air, but relatively little comfort for large pack size.

How does a sleeping advice with you?

The best, the customer is looking for something for a specific purpose. Where’s it going? How cold is it? Is weight important? And at the end an asking price is of course useful. We have over 100 sleeping bags in the program, because it is essential to do a good needs assessment.

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Camping Tents

Tents: Information and product offerings to camping tents

Useful advices for the purchase and use of camping tents are in this category. The pros and cons and special properties of various types of tent will be pointed out. It also describes the key quality features of the tent.

Dome tents & igloo tents

Dome tents have a light weight & size, are quickly installed and available in different variants. They are but rather for the shorter camping holidays and for a smaller number of people. Continue reading ‘Camping Tents’ »

Old New Vintage Something for You

What speaks to you the concept of “second-hand”? Well “vintage”? It is interesting that at first still approach with dozens prejudices, and each has his own theory about the importance of the latter.


We met a great lady who explained to us the differences and similarities between the two.

Eka Bichinashvili graduated fashion design at Mirangoni, Milan, worked for Frankie Morello and Alessandro Dell’acqua, native bunch of companies and is currently one of the founders of the online store and plans own fashion collection.

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Bra Guide

They are in almost every woman is an indispensable part of the underwear: bras . Without a bra is hardly a woman out of the house. The bra is available in  different variations and designs. But how do they differ from each other? And which model best fits me? We give you an insight into the colorful world of different bra models.

Caveat: Very important for a beautiful neckline is choosing the right bra size, which is composed of a number (eg 75) and a letter (eg C). This is calculated as follows: The number describes the under bust of woman in centimeters, It is measured where the bottom edge (or bow) of the bra rests on the chest. The number thus provides information on the scope of the chest and not the breast itself. The bust, which is measured by the widest part of the chest, are ultimately information about the size of the breast and is included in the letter (cup size). To calculate the actual letter, drag the lower chest on the chest; is the result in 12 to 14 centimeters, you have an A-Cup. The cup size is changed every two centimeters by one letter, a result 14 to 16 centimeters is a B cup, etc. Warning: If after dropping the bra has red welts and cuts, wearing a bra too small. The best way for once at a store measure concretely the own measurements and read from a table the right bra size.
In general met each BH type with its sectional shape a specific function. Read here which model best suits you:

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Dresses Stories

It’s too hot and I verkrümle me in the kitchen in front of the laptop. On the way through Slow Fashion blogs, look books and online stores I get many cooling autumn and winter thoughts. But I sit in my favorite orange Hitzetag summer dress. And notice: because it is still waiting for a summer post from last year, which is to tell the story of this garment. Do you remember our dresses stories where there mainly to long-Already-favorites and rediscovered wardrobe keepers (Slow Fashion par excellence, so to speak, including-if available-already-long-forgotten clothes images) went? Voilà, here a More…

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Makeup Valentine’s Night

A tutorial to make a make-up for Valentine’s evening, elegant and romantic: the natural eye makeup and simple does concentrate all the attention of female lips and red.

Each day is made even more special by night. The darkness, the stars and the lights give a magical atmosphere to anything, and on a night like Valentine everything becomes even more unique. With this tutorial we make a make-up that makes it memorable a night like this.

Prepared quietly and carefully moisturizing the skin well, laying the foundation and covering our imperfections and dark circles with correctors special, but please, do not forget to fix everything with the powder otherwise you just lean on the shoulder of our partners to leave a alone not at all attractive.

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An Eye for Marc Jacobs Beauty

A tour of the new beauty and make-up in the Marc Jacobs store and we are ready to face the last two days of parades in the Big Apple!

New York, the sixth day of parades (and nights!), It’s time to renegotiate my usual style “natural” to hide the bags under the eyes, no, not because of jet lag, they decided to ( pro) break on my face and to monopolize the attention of the undersigned, alas, not too fitted on the situation.

Yes, I confess, I forgot my make up bag at home, but proud of my tan made ​​in Florida *, until now I had not noticed. To remedy the look a bit ‘asleep, (also seen that until now the time for the beautician always short supply), I decided to save face in the shop Marc Jacobs in Bleeker Street where the novelty of the season, that is, its new line of makeup Marc Jacobs Beauty, seems to work miracles in terms of fatigue and lack of brightness.

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The Right Lighting For Your Garden Shed

Your garden shed is your wellness oasis in the countryside. Every little detail around the purchase or construction and the device is an important part of the picture. Therefore, you should not forget in addition to the style and the materials, the garden house lighting. She brings in literally light into the darkness and makes the stay in the garden house more enjoyable. What is there anything to consider when it comes to lighting, goes in and around the garden shed?

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LED Lights with Changing Colors

The days when only simple, white diffuse lamps for lighting of the living room were used, are over. Long been known that the color of light for our well-being is crucial and significantly influenced the sentiment. Therefore holding colored light increasingly moving into the living rooms. A high quality LED with color changing function provides optimal light color for each situation. Continue reading ‘LED Lights with Changing Colors’ »

Handbags In Trendy Pastel Colors

I can not leave the house without pocket. Wallet, cell phone andSchminktäschchen I keep it in a pretty bag. Spacious shoppers are what the storage space concerns unbeatable, but can be a nuisance in a day’s shopping. Therefore, I have two bags of Category “means perfect size” tested in trendy Eistönen for you: A wonderful multi-compartmented handbag by Fiorelli in light blue and a pink handbag of Gerry Weber.

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Trendy Footwear for Every Occasion

Tamaris is undoubtedly one of the most famous shoe label in Europe. In fact, has, according to estimates in Germany even one in two women, at least one pair of Tamaris shoes and I count some of the stylish it-pieces to my personal treasures.

But what is the secret of email sandals, boots and sneakers and what great Footwear Trends presents you the fire to date? In the following article you can learn more values ​​around the popular traditional company!

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G-Shock or Edifice-Casio Watches Compared

Adventurer or Hero Of Everyday life-What Are You?

“The watch is the handcuff our time.” Said the statement by Sigismund von Radecki.For me, however, the watch is pretty only treasure that the modern man of today can always wear.

By diverse choice in the field of wrist watches , there is for each type of man the right watch.Two of them I want to introduce a little more detail in this article: the Casio G-Shock Gulfmaster GWN-100B-1BER and Casio Edifice Solar Bluetooth EQB-500 DC 1AER.

The chic timepiece both come from the house of Casio, could, however, not of their functions and of their design be more different.

So the G-Shock Gulfmaster GWN-100B-1BER would certainly be my first choice if I would be exposed in the jungle and home would be found. The Edifice EQB-500 DC 1AER other hand would come in everyday urban jungle for use.

Below I go a little closer to the practical a time indicator to the end to sum up, for whom what these watches is best suited.

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How to Choose Jewelry for Summer Days?

You rummage in a jewelry box and you do not know what to embellish? Revealed a tanned skin look beautiful luster of gold, a whirlwind of colors, decorations and unmissable size of their layering.

Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings. These women necessities are particularly indispensable in the summer. Can you but it is worn correctly?

Feel free to stratify!

Layering is perfect for summer. On top single layered necklaces of various different structures and lengths. “You can choose from a variety of styles, from gold chains and chains to the coral and small šňůrkovým necklaces with pendants. As well as layering necklaces looks at the bracelet. Stick to one style, and you can not dig next, “advises John Zbořilová of the portal

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Smartphone Market

For technology enthusiasts won’t be nothing new to learn that the smartphone market is going through a difficult period. The feeling is that, among the so-called “top”, if not all, have disappointed the expectations of selling.

This feeling was confirmed by Charles Arthur, the Guardian journalist responsible for the technology section, which analyzed the latest quarterly of the leading manufacturers of smartphones on the market. The gist of is very clear: apart from Apple, no manufacturer has managed to grow compared to the same period last year. Continue reading ‘Smartphone Market’ »

Have a Bathroom with Tablets

Bathrooms with pads provide beauty and originality to the environment.

If you are building or remodeling your bathroom, a great option is to invest in the placement of pads. Versatile, they are able to change the room decor. Walls highlighted, tracks or details are welcome in the transformation of the room. You can abuse give ideas as it comes to the material, which can be ceramic, glass, steel, among others. Bathrooms with tablets, as well as beautiful, are easy to clean. Also, if you want to avoid works, just bet on the self – adhesive pads!

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How to Clean Gold Jewelry at Home


Gold is definitely a valuable material that requires a certain amount of due care and attention to preserve its beauty and above all in order to be stored correctly as possible. You may perhaps think that being an extremely valuable metal, is in need of care and cleaning by a professional. There are many ways in which we can clean this wonderful metal at virtually no cost, safely and effectively. In this guide we will see how to clean gold jewelry.

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Wearing a Sports Watch

As we have learned, include matching accessories simply a real summer outfit with this, without this nothing works. One of the most beautiful accessories, just for men, is still a sizable wrist. But even here there is often spoiled for choice.

Especially in the summer, I personally prefer more sporty watches, these can be worn both during leisure time, as well as in the job.Assuming that you do not just shows up with a neon green wristwatch for classic suit.

Therefore, there is an initial three small tips on how to best wearing his sports watch before I different, imagine you my opinion interesting watch closer.

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Rebecca Minkoff Spring Handbags

The brand Rebecca Minkoff presented its new spring summer 2012 collection on the catwalk of New York Fashion Week , the event whose timing is becoming more interesting and promising, until the last day, to give us some really unmissable fashion moments. Yesterday it was the turn of Rebecca Minkoff, a brand has always been very attentive to technology so as to parade on the catwalk fashion blogger Leandra Medine that, during the parade, has unsheathed his iPhone as he was immortalized by flashing cameras. Moreover Minkoff is at the forefront when it comes to social networks and the profile Twitter of the brand is not much followed by bloggers. Continue reading ‘Rebecca Minkoff Spring Handbags’ »

LED Lighting Bulbs

EDIT (09/03/2014):  New Details / Tips for Securing and AC vs. DC Lamp control there in a new post

EDIT (30.12.2013) : Have a few more details on the demand of Markus added

We did not have to think twice when choosing the right lighting decency. We opted for LEDs and try now possible for all purposes a corresponding (affordable) solution to find with LEDs. Although it is not noted in the lamp business, the large LED invasion, but everything on the internet and so many options available. Specifically, the power-saving dimmable lamps have done to us. Together with the Loxone DMX control you get an inexpensive central light, color and dimming specifically for LED bulbs.

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Digg Disables Sending Link to Avoid the Fury of Users

Since last Wednesday (25), who can access the Digg is faced with a completely new layout and features that previously did not exist. A new version that is seemingly leaving users angry to the point that Kevin Rose have to determine that the manual insertion sending recommendations were suspended today. Continue reading ‘Digg Disables Sending Link to Avoid the Fury of Users’ »

We Tested: Silverlight for Symbian

Microsoft yesterday released the full version of Silverlight for the brand appliances Nokia. The plugin can now be downloaded through the Ovi Store, but as usual will only work on some devices – not at all. The company’s intention was to launch a full version of the technology for Symbian in 2008, but development was delayed … delayed … And here we are in the second half of 2010.
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Makeup Tutorials 20s Charleston Style

One trick dramatic and intense eyes, which emphasizes your eyes and lips to make up a sophisticated that comes straight from the roaring years of the Charleston dancers.

The 20s are the “Roaring Twenties”, the roaring Twenties we have seen in the limelight with the success of The Great Gatsby. We are in the years following the war and there is much energy in the air, we have the Jazz boom with Charleston and the silent cinema is about to give way to sound films. There being no sound all had to be emphasized, the facial expression was exaggerated, the same is true with regard to gestures: it is also why the trick ’20s is not so much a light makeup.

We can see that in fact the skin must be very clear, at the time used a large quantity of powder to give a marble effect almost to the skin. We have very little light and dark, the contrast is only searched the eyes and mouth are both very dark.

To realize a trick of this kind we need a foundation very clear, but if you do not own one, you can very well use talcum powder to lighten your base. After covering the imperfections and dark circles, respectively with a color tending to green and with a tendency to fishing, we go to fix everything with powder.

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Start Cycling

The Tour de France has been recently and you have followed on television. Then do it starts to tickle. I will also start cycling? Read all information about start cycling.


Why cycling?

Ask yourself this question. Why should I ride? Perhaps you want to build your fitness or maybe you can just hang out. Cycling is a very free sports, you are not limited to certain times and lessons. You can cycle along or just alone. You can also choose to join a union, but not every town has an association for cyclists.

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