A Wedding that Costs Up to 10,000 Reais

Marriage is the dream of many people’s lives, but it may end up being overlooked by one detail: the budget. Most of the time, parties like this can be very expensive, and not everyone has enough capital to hold a celebration with everything the couple is entitled to.

But that does not mean that these couples should put aside the dream of celebrating the union. With a few tips on how to organize a low budget wedding, your dream can come true! In this post, we list some of them. Check it! Continue reading ‘A Wedding that Costs Up to 10,000 Reais’ »

Sony Announces New Smartphone that Records Videos Underwater

Sony announced on Monday (13) a new smartphone with 4.6-inch screen and the ability to shoot with 13 megapixel resolution and shoot at high resolution (HD) underwater. Unlike the Xperia Z, Sony’s most advanced smartphone currently on the market, the Xperia ZR supports full immersion in water for a period indicated without damaging the internal parts of the product. Continue reading ‘Sony Announces New Smartphone that Records Videos Underwater’ »

Ben 10 Watch Models

Coming out of the cartoon to make a success in the wrist of the children, the watch of the Ben 10 really is one of the great attractions in watch recommended for the children that make great celebration with them in the pulse, because with the characteristics that present could not be different, already that children who admire the characters in the drawing can now carry an instrument reminiscent of their heroes. Continue reading ‘Ben 10 Watch Models’ »

App Overview: Play and Fun with the Camera of the Iphone

Colorful variety guaranteed…
Photos shot, videos shot, all contacts captured, business cards and texts scanned and slowly it gets boring? The camera of the iPhone or the current iPad touch allows even more variety away from the dreary business everyday. How about a round Sudoku and a few self-created 3D photos? With the help of the iPhone, it is even possible to safely deflect UFOs. Or rather sit comfortably in the good room and read the newspaper in a completely new way? Following is a list of some interesting apps. Continue reading ‘App Overview: Play and Fun with the Camera of the Iphone’ »

How to Make Christmas Decorations with Recycled

To meet your creative impulses and of your child that loves to do Christmas chores often spend a lot. All that is material for hobby has its price, those who love craft knows well. But he also knows that with a little imagination you can create decorations and Christmas gifts at little cost by recycling what we have at home.

Continue reading ‘How to Make Christmas Decorations with Recycled’ »

Safety Home Products Top 10 Buying Guide

asmag.com has the honor to disclose the TOP10 of July 2014, as the summer hit record high temperature all over the world!

Let’s go through the prize list in July quickly:

There are 7 manufacturers making it into the TOP10 ranking in July.Although this is not the first go to most companies, every product on the list is definitely new face in the city! Continue reading ‘Safety Home Products Top 10 Buying Guide’ »

Check Out Polly’s Toy Models

Polly toys is an item that may not seem like it, but it needs to be thought of with a lot of affection before being acquired, because nowadays people are so attached to materialism, few toy industries worry about child safety , and many parents, often a little careless, end up offering the child a toy that can somehow cause problems that may be simple but can also be very serious. Continue reading ‘Check Out Polly’s Toy Models’ »

Wedding Dress for Wedding Get Together Models

Among the fashion trends in wedding dress for 2015 wedding, we can check details and elements that arrive valuing every part of the woman’s body, guaranteeing beauty and good taste, for what will be the most important day of a woman’s life.

Wedding dresses are the most desired dresses in the world of women, as most of them dream of marrying a beautiful model that leaves her simply stunning and unforgettable on this day. Continue reading ‘Wedding Dress for Wedding Get Together Models’ »

Elf Spring Nail Manicure

If you love to take care of your nails and frequently changing nail polish to be Asempre fashionable products Elf are the right solution for you!

The Elf glazes are very popular among the beauty addicted, because they have a very low cost while being of good quality and are available in a wide range of colors that follow the latest trends.

For the spring 2011 Elf launched four new colors Nail Polish very bold, all extremely bright. Continue reading ‘Elf Spring Nail Manicure’ »

Apple Watch Sales Didn’t Take Off, Says American Press

While the iPhone continues to sell like hotcakes “– were almost 75 million units sold in the first quarter of 2015-intelligent Apple Watch watch continues drifting, according to materials published in the American press. Although Apple has not yet released official figures on the Apple Watch, u.s. consulting firms have made estimates based on the performance of retail chains and e-commerce stores that sell the appliance. And the results are not encouraging.

Continue reading ‘Apple Watch Sales Didn’t Take Off, Says American Press’ »

Westwing Garden Lighting Guide

To highlight your plants, trees and flowers preferred and cared for with so much affection is ideal to highlight the outside area of ​​the house and to make this one of the most welcoming places of the home, so our main tip is: invest without fear in garden lighting. In some cases this type of lighting can be only decorative and in other cases extremely functional, even for one to walk in it at night. Continue reading ‘Westwing Garden Lighting Guide’ »

Arm Party!

I’m sure you’ve heard the fashion Arm Party! The term was virtually created by blogger Leandra of The Man Repeller–great blog, with a point of view very disrespectful! She says that a woman is only happy if your arms are doing a fthis, i.e. full of accessories! And for that, you have a single rule: mismatched! Continue reading ‘Arm Party!’ »

Dresses for Work Get to Know the Outfits

The models of dresses to work in the summer are beautiful and arrive in very light fabrics and models that provide a lot of freshness and elegance.

The work environment is a place where you must be dressed with taste and discretion, and following the current fashion, you can choose beautiful pieces that will guarantee a sophisticated and tasteful look for any day.

Then you should bet on discreet but elegant and graceful models that bring cuts and cuts without exaggeration, but that mark the silhouette of the woman in a very feminine way.

And when it comes to color, be aware that if you bet on the discreet colors, neutral or nudes, and the lightest ones, you will definitely make good choices to complete your looks, betting on taste and elegance.

When choosing models for dresses to work in the summer, you should think about comfort, so you should bet on light fabrics, and leave it at ease, and the models should be about to give you full freedom of movement.

The fabrics that bring the elastane in their composition, are great for this. Continue reading ‘Dresses for Work Get to Know the Outfits’ »

All about Stem Cells from Umbilical Cord Tissue

For a long time, the umbilical cord was considered a labor surplus, but currently is seen as a major source of stem cells with high therapeutic potential. In addition to the blood that you can collect from the umbilical cord, and currently is used in the treatment of more than 80 diseases – from diseases of blood-cancer Forum the metabolic and immune system diseases – also the very fabric of the umbilical cord, which surrounds the blood vessels in your interior, Rico is stem cell research. These cells have potential different from that found in blood, having the ability to give rise to cells of different tissues. Continue reading ‘All about Stem Cells from Umbilical Cord Tissue’ »

The Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

The first wedding day is something special for every young couple. The couple may have just got used to talking about “my husband” or “my wife”. At the beginning it sounded a little funny and unusual, but of course very nice. Now the everyday life has come to an end. The first wedding day is just right. Time off from everyday stress and take time together. Many couples celebrate the first anniversary very special. We have some ideas for this. Continue reading ‘The Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas’ »

The Style of Body Chains Gds

This experience of Body Reading, seeking a rapprochement with the body, its transformations and the meaning of these transformations, besides enabling the awareness of desestruturas and compensation created by experienced environment, be it positive or not. And so the way to reorganization of your re-education and or body begins to open up, bringing new situations and possibilities. Continue reading ‘The Style of Body Chains Gds’ »