GEMA Fees Make The Iphone Even More Expensive

The a or the prices at the Apple online store may have noticed others. The prices for the year 2016 are increased. We tell you now why Apple is doing this and what has to do with the GEMA.


Both this iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s plus than even the Apple iPads are not conveniently become but increased in price. While the 16 GB iPhone 6s cost by 2015 739 euro 2016 744,95 euro are due now. The iPhone 6s plus is similar: the 16 GB iPhone 6s plus 2015 gabs for 839 euros, the iPhone 6s plus price 2016 starts at 854,96 euros. But why is that? And why is only the

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2016 Presented LeTv Le Max Pro at CES

LeTV may be for many an unknown brand, but slowly but surely also this brand will come to us to Germany. With a magnificent flagship, it should work.

With some smartphones, LeTV has attracted attention in the last year. This is the most featured devices to high-end smartphones. This line is continued with the Le Max Pro this year. Right, this can present renovations in 3 categories, which have it in themselves. First of all we come to the design.

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Huawei Mate 8 Available In Europe In January

The flagships of some manufacturers are already on the market. Huawei has sent already the P8 and P8 Max, as well as the mate S, incorrectly regarded as the successor of the 7 mate, in the race.Now, the next high end Phablet was finally officially presented.

Huawei S the mate has presented at the IFA in Berlin. A great device to learn everything here . But incorrectly regarded this flagship as the successor of the successful mate 7. After we had asked Huawei at the IFA in Berlin we were told that the successor of the mate 7 is yet to come. Now it has finally come, the mate 8 was introduced to us after a long wait, and we show you here what it has on it.

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The Samsung Gear s2

With the gear S, Samsung brought its first Smartwatch with your own SIM card. This should be also the case for the successor, the gear S2. The gear S2 should however provide interest due to its round design.

The Smartwatch market has ever since initial Apple’s got a certain momentum and can attract more attention. Many manufacturers put in the past rather on a rectangular watch, rather than to orient themselves to the classic watch design. Few like Motorola with Moto 360 or Huawei of Huawei watch awaken the interest many, because it builds round Smartwatches. Now, wants to go the same way Samsung and brings a corresponding model on the market with the gear S2. It was already abundantly geteasert, so we are officially see the clock by 2015 at the IFA. We check on the information so far.

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HTC one A9-New Colors Available [Update]

With the release of the one M9 HTC not overly convinced. HTC signed a very disappointing revenue situation for April 2015. The sales of the Smartphone manufacturer broke by nearly 39 percent. This downward trend should be stopped with a new smartphone.

Something new must be

The HTC one A9 is the next top Smartphone of the Taiwanese group and should pave the way out of the crisis for HTC : HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang has already hinted that it seeks a breakthrough from the currently poor economic situation with the in the autumn 2015 expected device.

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Huawei Mate S [Update]

In the run-up to the international radio exhibition in 2015, Huawei has unveiled a new flagship on his press event. The mate. Here you read all information about the new device.

“We have the Huawei Mate S designed with the goal to provide the user with a personalized experience and not a Smartphone out of the box. Human interaction plays a major role for the Huawei Mate S. Above all the sense of touch is a natural action that we have in the development process flow. “, said Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei consumer business group.

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The Surface-Killer of Lenevo: ThinkPad X 1 Tablet

Lenovo had a strong presence, also showed up finally in the number of new products at CES in 2016. The ThinkPad X is 1 tablet here probably most interesting for the Tablet market to see what more a hybrid of Tablet and notebook and should stand up to the Microsoft Sorface Pro 4. We go so far and think that you can beat even the surface with the ThinkPad X 1 tablet. Because in terms of modularity and functions you have quite a bit in the store.

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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Presented

With the Galaxy TabPro S, Samsung wants to win this time also shares with Windows tablets for themselves. The concept of the Microsoft surface was accordingly taken over and can have similar success. Notebook/Tablet hybrids are on the rise.

Samsung finally brings a new tablet on the market, which is however very different from earlier models.The biggest difference lies in the use of Windows 10 as operating system, instead of Google’s Android. The second difference concerns the strong

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Faulty Battery Indicator Of The Iphone 6s / 6s Plus

The complaints around the battery meter of the new iPhones are piling up for a long time. Now it seems the California company to finally show a reaction.

In September came the iPhones in the trade and middle of the month the Apple support forums began already with user complaints to fill. Thus the display of the Akkustandes remains just during the Smartphonebetriebes value. However, only the current models of iPhone 6s are affected and 6 s plus.After 4 months, Apple finally responds. An official Support.

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Apple Search-Attack On Google And Other Search Engines

After the first rumors, Apple’s plans for a custom search engine are always concrete. We tell you what want to reach Apple with its new search engine and how the California companies want to make Google flat, here.

As many already know, Apple is a company that places much value on their own “ecosystems”. This means that all the home Apple products work seamlessly with each other. But how can be this so effectively implemented? A decisive prerequisite for uncomplicated interacting of devices is the origin of hard – and software. Apple developed both the hardware and the operating system of products. It is the company possible on technical components to adjust the software and to ensure a fluid user experience.

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Cashback Action For Samsung Galaxy tab S2

Samsung has once again a new cashback action underway, this time is S-series to the current tablets from the Galaxy tab. Similar to Huawei or Sony, you want to stimulate so the purchases.

Samsung has carried out some cash back promotions in the past and wants to stimulate sales with this.This time, the current Tablet Galaxy tab S2 8.0, and 9.7 (WiFi-only and LTE) are affected. The Tablet is a high-end device that can convince with its performance and mobility (more on that here). At the time of purchase.

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Chinese New Year At Huawei

To the Chinese new year, Huawei would give potential buyers and will launch a cashback action, as she have often carried out by Samsung. This can be kept neatly in particular at the top Smartphone, the Huawei Mate S.

Who has, taken for a long time to buy a Huawei Smartphone, should do it soon. Huawei wants to start the appropriate action in the coming days and thus stimulate the sales of its high-end smartphones. As action devices that are available to Huawei Mate S (here our article), which until 2015 was presented at the IFA, the Huawei P8 and the GX8/G8. There’s a repayment of €100 S for the mate, while other devices €50 will be paid back. There are certain conditions that must be respected:

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Bad Mood Despite Record Sales For Apple

Apple is not only one of the largest companies in the world, but also second-largest Smartphonehersteller. The infamous iPhone is the product with the most turnover. Despite record sales in the fourth quarter of 2015 the good times may be but soon over.

The early demise was predicted Apple often, but every time they showed critics that they are wrong. The published figures have actually other manufacturers are envious, because Apple with its smartphones makes more profit than the rest of the
industry. Why should a bad mood but now prevail in these records? Quite simply, Apple is too dependent on the iPhone, which

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HTC one X 9-soon in Europe Available [update]

Mid-range Smartphone With 3 GB RAM and 3,000 mAh Battery. All information is Available Here.

Short after HTC’s one A9 has seen the world, there’s been news about a new device for the one series. The new smartphone is to listen to the name X 9 and will probably come with high end equipment. Learn here all about release, price, hardware and design.

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Commodore is Back, But This Time With a Smartphone

Commodore may be still a concept home computer fans and nostalgics. In the 1980s up 1990s that dominated the market for home computers of this company. Now, Commodore is back with a Smartphone that has something to offer.

Commodore international dominated the market for computer for many years, until the company went bankruptcy in 1994. But even today is the Commodore brand name exist. In March 2015, Italian entrepreneurs could register the name Commodore

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Sony Xperia C6-Comes a new Phablet at MWC?

Last year präesntierte Sony at MWC the Xperia C5 ultra. This year, there could be the sequel of C6. What the new Phablet next to a rimless display still have will tell you we here.

Long, it was unclear what will show Sony at Mobile World Congress, the most important event in the field of mobile communications and multimedia. Of course you can’t say is against the presence of a Galaxy S7, but it’s not about also. It would be extremely disappointing if Sony, which is not a small manufacturer, would show nothing on the MWC 2016. The joy of the first emerged rumor is now greater. As Phonearenareports now that the Japanese manufacturer will show a new middle-class device. This it will be probably the Xperia C6.

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OnePlus 3 Comes With Top Hardware

Each year a new flagship Smartphone. So, it makes any company on the market. So we see every year a Galaxy S, an LG G and an HTC one Smartphone. Two years ago, a new company has been added: OnePlus 2014 is the first Smartphone, the OnePlus one, and since.

Carl Pei, founder of OnePlus, said in an interview, that the fourth Smartphone of the Chinese company will be presented in the year 2016. The OnePlus 3 come with high probability this year on the market. Even if this is such a thing at OnePlus with “on-the-market be”. Therefore, the question arises:

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Rumor: Is The Apple Car 2019?

Recently, new rumours about the possible electric car from Apple are circulating. New rumors and conjecture says that the car from the giant company from Cupertino to come in the year 2019. All the rumors to the Apple car with us for future reference.

Apple to work on an own electric car already for a long time and now the team should be enlarged strongly by 600 employees, so that the in-house car as soon as possible is ready for sale. Also the domains “”, “” and “” should have been supposedly secured. We have summarised all the rumors to the Apple car for you so that you are always informed about the car from California.

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Switching From Iphone To Android-How It Works

A change of the operating system is perhaps a little complicated, but not impossible. We show how it goes and what you must consider when the apps, photos, iTunes, mail, contacts, etc..

Apple is known to bind its customers particularly sent to its closed system. It feels a little like a golden prison. There are certainly users who thus have no problem at all and feel comfortable in the Apple world. There is also one or the other who has desire to try out an Android phone. Finally the Smartphones with the operating system Google have evolved gradually. But still many are reluctant to leave because they want to also continue to need their whole data, files and familiar apps and use from their iPhone. However, there are ways to realize the transition smoothly. We have the instructions, as opting out of the Apple world.

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Champions League Final 2015 Live on TV

On Saturday, June 6, 2015, the final will be played in the UEFA Champions League 2014-2015. The competition takes place at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. The finals will be between the Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Italian club Juventus. The match will be televised live by NOS Studio Sport. What time the finale? Which station sent the CL final? What is the history of the UEFA Champions League expired?

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