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Offers a list of all two-year community colleges and technical schools within South Carolina, including brief introduction and official website address.

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Charleston, South Carolina

According to Countryaah.com, Charleston is a city in the state of South Carolina, USA, on a peninsula between the outlet of Ashley and Cooper River. The city has 134,875 residents, and forms the core of the greater Charleston – North Charleston (metropolitan area) urban region with 775,831 residents (U.S. Census, 2017).

Charleston is South Carolina’s most important industrial and port city. The industry is versatile, and the city’s many historical monuments attract significant tourist traffic. The shipping industry is particularly important: the city has a large port with export of commercial goods. Charleston also has a large naval base, founded in 1901, and is the seat of several colleges.


Charleston is South Carolina’s oldest city, founded in 1670. It became an important base for British colonization of the Southern States. In the 18th century, the city became an important cultural and commercial center, with the immigration of, among other things, Nuts, Jews and Irish. The city was initially called Albemark Point, but was renamed Charles Town after Charles 2. The city was the state capital between 1776 and 1786, when Columbia was built. Until 1812, the city was a center for slave traffic. The American Civil War1861-65 began with the bombing of the Fort Sumter Union Fortress at the entrance to Charleston 12-13. April 1861. Charleston was besieged by northern state troops for over two years before the city fell in 1865. The rebuilding after the Civil War was hampered by a major earthquake that struck the city in 1886. The economic growth of the 1900s was stimulated by major military installations, and the expansion of the hydroelectric power of the Santee and Cooper River (1942).

Aiken Technical College

Two-year college offers associate degrees, and both diploma and certificate programs. Offers a student handbook and registration information.


Central Carolina Technical College

Initially an “industrial training center,” this college now offers associate degrees. Serves the counties of Sumter, Clarendon, Kershaw and Lee.


Florence Darlington Technical College

Technical school serves over 3,000 students in Florence, Darlington, Dillon and Marion counties. View an academic calendar and a college catalog.


Greenville Tech College

Read about the Fast Track classes at this tech school, dubbed “the college that works.” Has campuses in Greenville, Taylors and Simpsonville.


Horry-Georgetown Technical College

School with three campuses offers program admission requirements, department Web pages, class schedules and library resources.


Midlands Technical College

School with multiple campuses offers a history of the college, an office directory, a course listing and campus maps.


Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College

Offers associate degrees, diplomas and certificates in vocational and tech ed. Campus is in Orangeburg on land that was once a dairy farm.


Spartanburg Technical College

Tech college describes its associate, diploma and certificate programs. Offers six programs of study.

Tri-County Technical College

Public, two-year, associate degree-awarding college is profiled. Offers continuing education info, tuition figures and an academic calendar.


Williamsburg Technical College

Two-year institution began in 1969 in Kingstree. Read about the programs of study, services and continuing-education programs.


York Technical College

Locate the campus in Rock Hill, and apply online. Offers degree, diploma and certificate programs in business, computers, and arts and sciences.


York Technical College