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Offers a list of all two-year community colleges and technical schools within Indiana, including brief introduction and official website address.

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Gary, Indiana

According to Countryaah.com, Gary is a city in the United States in the state of Indiana, at the south end of Lake Michigan, 50 km southeast of Chicago. The city has 76,008 residents, of which 81.5 percent are black (U.S. Census, 2017). Originally, Gary was populated by immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe. Gary has been drastically vacated since the restructuring of the steel industry began in the 1970s; the city had 178,320 residents in 1960 and 152,000 residents in 1980.

Gary is part of the Chicago region and the main industry is still the steel industry. In addition to pipe steel, sheet steel, rail rails and other primary metal products, car parts, chemicals, plastics, cement and petroleum products are made. The city is the seat of Indiana University Northwest (1963).

The city area was purchased by the U.S. Steel Corporation in 1905, and the city was founded in 1906. The steelworks are located along Lake Michigan, while the city itself is further south. Extensive urban renewal work was initiated in the 1970s, with the aim, among other things, of improving housing conditions and reducing serious environmental problems. Attempts to reverse the decline in the city’s economy with major construction projects, including a Holiday Inn hotel, were unsuccessful. Today rains Gary Department of Redevelopment that ยน / 3 of all the city’s buildings are unoccupied / abandoned.

A port at Burns Harbor east of the city can serve seagoing vessels through the St. Lawrence Canal. Gary became one of the first major cities in the United States to elect a black mayor, Richard G. Hatcher (1967). By the way, the city is known as Michael Jackson’s birthplace.

Holy Cross College

Explore this two-year liberal arts transfer-intent Catholic institution, with campus ministry info, an academic calendar, and faculty pages.

Holy Cross College

Ivy Tech State College

Home site for this Indiana statewide college connects to the regional campuses. Read about the school’s Business and Industry Training program.


Ivy Tech State College Central Indiana

Study a class schedule, and link to a description of this Indianapolis school’s academic programs.


Ivy Tech State College, Anderson

Provides a calendar for and links to such organizations as Phi Theta Kappa and Vocational Industrial Clubs of America at this Indiana school.


Ivy Tech State College, Columbus

Indiana school describes its industrial-training program and offers links to its foundation and to publications using Acrobat Reader.


Ivy Tech State College, Lafayette

Indiana school with three Lafayette locations presents its academic calendar and descriptions of its student organizations.


Ivy Tech State College, Lawrenceburg

School in Indiana provides details about distance learning and a link to its virtual library.


Ivy Tech State College, Madison

Technical college in Indiana describes its programs and connects to its program chairs. Includes a tour of the school.


Ivy Tech State College, Marion

Read about the degrees available at this technical college in Indiana, and connect to financial-aid information.


Ivy Tech State College, Muncie

North central Indiana technical school describes its course offerings and student organizations.


Ivy Tech State College, Region 05

Kokomo campus of this Indiana college describes its student services and continuing-education courses.


Ivy Tech State College, Richmond

Read about this Region 9 technical school in Indiana, and link to its programs and its library.


Ivy Tech State College, Sellersburg

Visit the Ogle Library and Phi Theta Kappa while reviewing the facilities and programs of this Indiana technical college.


Ivy Tech State College, South Bend

Learn how to become a student at this technical school in Indiana, and examine the college services.


Ivy Tech State College, Southwest

Evansville and Tell City, Indiana, campus of this statewide technical college describes its Web-based courses.


Ivy Tech State College, Valparaiso

Read about online registration and education apropos this Indiana school. With links to admissions and financial aid.


Ivy Tech State College, Wabash Valley Region

Campus headquartered in South Terre Haute, Indiana, details its Internet classes.


Ivy Tech State College