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Aruba Facts and History

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Since the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles on October 10, 2010, the island of Aruba forms the Kingdom of the Netherlands together with Sint Maarten, Curaçao and the “Netherlands in Europe”.

According to Abbreviationfinder website, the islands of Bonaire, Sint Estatius and Saba in the Caribbean belong to the “Netherlands in Europe” – as so-called “special municipalities”.

Geographically, Aruba belongs to the “Lesser Antilles and is – along with Bonaire and Curaçao – one of the three so-called ABC islands.

Since October 10, 2010, the island state has been an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Mainland Venezuela is less than 30 km from Aruba. In the western part of the approximately 30 km long island, the visitor will find extensive, wonderful white sandy beaches.

It is worth mentioning that the island is home to the poisonous Aruba Island rattlesnake (Crotalus durissus unicolor).

In addition, the non-poisonous idol snake (Boa constrictor) can be found here, which reaches a size between 3 and 4 m.

Name of the island Aruba
Form of government Autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Head of state Queen or King of the Netherlands
Location The island lies in the Caribbeanand the Lesser Antilles

It lies less than 30 km from Venezuela away

Geographical longitude and latitude From 12 ° 24` to 12 ° 37` north latitudeFrom 069 ° 54` to 070 ° 04` west longitude
National anthem Aruba Dushi Tera
Population around 108,000 (Credit: Countryaah: Aruba Facts)
  • 90% black and mixed race
  • 5% whites
  • 3% Indian (mainly Tamils 2% Lebanese
Religions Catholics around 81%, evangelists around 4%Protestants around 2.5%

Jehovah’s Witnesses around 1.5%

as well as Jews, Methodists and others

Languages Dutch and Papiamentu
Capital Oranjestad with around 30,000 residents
Surface 180 km2
Highest mountain Jamanota with a height of 188 m
National currency 1 Aruba florin = 100 cents
Time difference to CET – 5 h
International phone code +297 –
Mains voltage 110 volts
Internet TLD (Top Level Domain) .aw

Aruba Facts