Senegal flag vs map

Senegal Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Shopping Overview Trading is common. Souvenirs include wooden carved game boards, masks and statues, musical instruments and metalwork, traditional fabrics, embroidery and clothing, pottery, ceramic necklaces and wooden jewelry. Opening hours of the shops: varies, mostly Mon-Sat 08.00-12.00 and 14.30-18.00. Some shops also open on Sunday mornings, others are closed on Mondays. Usprivateschoolsfinder: Offers description […]

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South Africa flag vs map

South Africa Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Shopping Overview Gold, diamond and semi-precious jewellery, leather, velvet, ceramics, African handicrafts, safari suits and feathers. Shop opening hours: Mon-Fri 09.00-18.00, Sat 09.00-13.00. Nightlife Introduction In the big cities there are theatres, cinemas, opera houses and concert halls. Some nightclubs and discotheques stay open until the early hours. Live dance music is often played in […]

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Somalia flag vs map

Somalia Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Shopping Overview Gold and silver jewellery, woven fabrics, basketry, meerschaum and wood carvings. Shop opening hours: Sat-Thurs 08.00-12.30 and 16.30-19.00. Nightlife Introduction Ritual dances, music and folk songs are integral parts of the numerous festivals. Usprivateschoolsfinder: Offers description downloadable image of national flag for the country of Somalia. Also includes prehistory and history of this […]

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Tanzania flag vs map

Tanzania Attractions, Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Attractions The national parks The 11 national parks of Tanzania cover an area of ​​33,660 square kilometers. In addition, there is the unique Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a sanctuary where the Masai continue to herd their cattle, and ten other game reserves. The world-renowned Serengeti National Park covers an area of ​​14,763 square kilometers. Wildebeest, gazelles, […]

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Nigeria flag vs map

Nigeria Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Shopping Overview Popular souvenirs include adure (patterned and indigo-dyed fabrics), southwestern batiks and ceramics, northern leatherwork and kaduna cotton, and eastern carvings, spices, beadwork, basketry, ceremonial masks, and traditional instruments. The design is very different depending on the region, many towns have their own characteristic style. In recent years, more and more modern shopping centers […]

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Madagascar flag vs map

Madagascar Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Shopping Overview Among the most popular souvenirs are handicrafts such as lamba (traditional squares of woven fabric with different patterns), zafimaniny wood inlays, silverwork such as Mahafaly crosses and Vangavanga bracelets, gemstone or shell jewellery, handmade paper, Malagasy musical instruments and folk embroidery. Hand-painted pictures, carvings and small sculptures are also nice souvenirs. Materials such […]

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Guinea flag vs map

Guinea Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Shopping Overview You can find good deals in the markets. Popular souvenirs include the typically brightly colored clothing, wood carvings, leather runners with simple black and white designs, metal jewelry, native vinyl records, gourds and jewelry. Shop opening times: i. A. Mon-Sat 09.00-18.00. Nightlife Introduction Entertainment options include nightclubs and cinemas. In the streets you […]

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