Longest Suspension Bridges in the World

This article presents the list of the 35 longest suspension bridges in the world, according to the length of their main span.

By suspension bridge is meant a type of bridge supported by cables or suspension rods. This list includes the bridges according to the length of the main span, that is, the stretch suspended between the two towers.

First place is occupied by the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, located between the island of Kobe and the island of Awaji, in Japan. This suspension bridge has a total length of 3911 meters, with a central span of 1991 meters. Its construction was completed in April 1998, after ten years of construction, during which no fatal accident occurred. In second place on the podium is the Xihoumen Bridge, built in the Zhoushan archipelago, China. The bridge was opened to the public in December 2009 and is 2600 meters long in total, with a central span of 1650 meters. Closing the podium of the largest suspension bridges in the world is the Great Belt Bridge. Part of the Danish road-rail network, the bridge connects the islands of Zealand and Fyon, crossing the Great Belt Strait. The main span of this bridge is 1624 meters long.

Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge

Note also for the presence of a Portuguese bridge in this list: the 25 de Abril Bridge . This suspension bridge connects the city of Lisbon to the city of Almada , crossing the Tagus River estuary . The bridge is 2277 meters long and the main span measures 1006 meters, thus ranking 33rd in the list of the largest suspension bridges in the world.

# Bridge name Span length bridge length Localization Country
1 Akashi-Laikyo Bridge 1991 meters 3911 meters Kobe Japan
2 Xihaoumen Bridge 1650 meters 2600 meters Zhoushan China
3 Great Belt Bridge 1624 meters 6790 meters korsor Denmark
4 Osman Gazi Bridge 1550 meters 2620 meters Gebze-Yalova Turkey
5 Yi Sun Sin Bridge 1545 meters 2260 meters Gwangyang-Yeosu South Korea
6 Runyang Bridge 1490 meters 35 660 meters Yangzhou-Zhenjiang China
7 Nanking Bridge 1418 meters 1576 meters India ink China
8 Humber Bridge 1410 meters 2220 meters East Riding United Kingdom
9 Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge 1408 meters 2164 meters Istanbul Turkey
10 Jiangyin Suspension Bridge 1385 meters Jiangyin China
11 Tsing Ma Bridge 1377 meters 2160 meters Tsing Yi Hong Kong
12 Hardanger bridge 1310 meters 1380 meters Hordaland Norway
13 Verrazano-Narrows Bridge 1298 meters 4176 meters New York USA
14 Golden Gate Bridge 1280 meters 2737 meters San Francisco USA
15 Yangluo Bridge 1280 meters 2725 meters wuhan China
16 Hoga Kusten Bridge 1210 meters 1867 meters Höga Kusten Sweden
17 longjiang bridge 1196 meters 2471 meters Yunnan China
18 aizhai bridge 1176 meters 1534 meters Jishou China
19 Mackinac Bridge 1158 meters Mackinaw City USA
20 Ulsan bridge 1150 meters Ulsan South Korea
21 Qingshui River Bridge 1130 meters Guizhou China
22 Huangpu Bridge 1108 meters 7016 meters Guangzhou China
23 Minami Bisan-Seto Bridge 1100 meters 1723 meters Sakaide – Shiwaku Japan
24 Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge 1090 meters 1510 meters Istanbul Turkey
25 Baling River Bridge 1088 meters Guizhou China
26 Taizhou Bridge 1080 meters 2940 meters Taizhou China
27 Ma’anshan Bridge 1080 meters Ma’anshan China
28 Bosphorus Bridge 1074 meters 1560 meters Istanbul Turkey
29 George Washington Bridge 1067 meters 1451 meters New York USA
30 Third Kurushima-Kaikyo Bridge 1030 meters 4015 meters Oshima Japan
31 Second Kurushima-Kaikyo Bridge 1020 meters Oshima Japan
32 25th of April Bridge 1013 meters 2277 meters Lisbon Portugal
33 Forth Road Bridge 1006 meters 2512 meters queensferry United Kingdom
34 Kita Bisan-Seto Bridge 990 meters 13 000 meters Sakaide Japan
35 Seven’s Bridge 988 meters 10 888 meters Bristol United Kingdom