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When to Introduce Fruit in the Diet of the Baby?

The fruit is the first food to be introduced in the feeding of the child. But you know when to introduce fruit in the diet of the baby? Find out in this article. The power in the first years of life has a fundamental importance in the growth and development of the baby.

Oat Flour: Recipes Nutritious

The oatmeal is an ingredient that is nutritious with the many uses of culinary and recognized health benefits. Taste bread, oats, flaxseed and dried fruits, banana pancakes and oatmeal, scones, oats, a cake of matcha and locust bean gum, muffins carob or carrot cake with oat flour. Good advantage! The consumption of oatmeal is beneficial for health due to… Read more »

How to Do a Massage Shantala

The massage Shantala is a massage specifically for babies that allows for the strengthening of the affective ties between parents and the baby. But there’s more! The massage Shantala is a massage technique of ancient origin in India.

Mask for Hair: The Secret to a Perfect Hair

A good mask for the hair, can guarantee you a hair silky, shiny and hydrated. But there is that you choose according to the type of hair. Shampoo, conditioner or conditioner, and mask for the hair are some of the products to be resorted to in an attempt to ensure a good hydration to the hair.

Sweets With Gelatine: 5 Recipes to Try

If you are preparing a Halloween party, these Halloween candy can not miss to scare and delight of all. Have fun and good scares. October is Halloween month and to celebrate this date with a lot of fun, costumes, decoration, creepy, we have several suggestions of Halloween candy can not be missed.

Duck Rice Light: 3 Revenue-Friendly Diet

Alternative light to the traditional recipe, these versions of duck rice light have all the flavor and half the calories. For those who tends to shy away from recipes rice-duck more conventional, not to put at risk the diet. But you don’t need to do that. We have selected for you some of the recipes of duck rice light,… Read more »

Foolproof Tips to Hook the Croaker

Whenever you go fishing, when we got to the beach, we assemble the equipment, checked the items and prepared baits with care. Then, comes the hopeless thought: “today is the day, that good will be if I catch a nice croaker”. The species (Micropogonias furnieri) you receive from us, passionate about their fishing, some nicknames loving. Particularly, I… Read more »

Drinks As Alternatives to Milk: What Are the Options?

Know the different beverage alternatives to milk that are there in the market? Read our article and get to know better each one of them. The lactose intolerance and allergy to cow’s milk protein are problems that affect the ingestion of the milkof the cow by the part of people of them suffer. And once the prevalence of these conditions is… Read more »

Avocado Recipes: Ideas for All Tastes and Occasions

Are you missing avocado recipes? We present 8 versatile, nutritious, healthy proposals with everything to be a success. Avocado is definitely a fashion food, but it is also much more than that: it is a health food, highly nutritious and very adaptable to all recipes. Recipes with avocado There  are more than many. Whether salads, starters, sweet or savory,… Read more »

MP10 M2 Dual SIM Cell Phone

The phones of the most generic brands are increasingly evolving. There are always models very similar to those of “official” brands, at least on the outside. Whoever buys MP10- style handsets and others in the category is not always concerned about the “durability” factor, but there is no denying that such devices are ever better.

Podcasts and Songs to Listen to in the Gym

Attending a gym with assiduity may be very easy for some people, but considering the huge dropout rate in the first few months of workout, I think most people prefer to exercise their mind. We are all thirsty for information, emotions, novelties and other things that generate pleasure. Working out and exercising physically also generates some… Read more »