Slovakia flag vs map

Slovakia Attractions, Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Attractions Kremnica, Banská Bystrica and Spis Mining and coinage played an important role in Kremnica. A stroll through the town takes in the Municipal Castle (14th-19th centuries) with Gothic and Renaissance buildings, the Plague Column of the Trinity (1767-72) and the small miners’ houses (18th-19th centuries). The Numismatics Museum contains a collection documenting the coins […]

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Switzerland flag vs map

Switzerland Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Shopping Overview There is excellent shopping in Switzerland, even if the prices are sometimes quite expensive. Popular souvenirs are Swiss watches, traditional handicrafts such as embroidery and lace, linen, Bernese wood carvings, mountain cheese and Swiss army knives. Chocolate comes in all sorts of shapes and many different flavors. In the Schweizer Heimatwerk (Internet: […]

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Poland flag vs map

Poland Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Shopping Overview Glass, enamelware, handwoven rugs, silverware, handcrafted jewelry, folklore dolls, wood carvings, and clay and metal sculptures. Shop opening hours: Mon-Fri 06.00-18.00/19.00. Nightlife Introduction There are discotheques in almost all major cities, and there are also nightclubs in Warsaw. With its 17 theaters and three opera houses, the capital reflects the great music and […]

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Moldova flag vs map

Moldova Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Shopping Overview Popular souvenirs are colorful traditional costumes, handmade carpets, embroidery work and Moldovan wine or brandy, especially cognac. There are numerous handicraft centers where wood carvers, enamel painters, weavers and instrument makers offer their wares. There is a wide range of locally produced fruits and vegetables in this agricultural country. Moldovans like to shop […]

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Ireland flag vs map

Ireland Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Shopping Overview Fabrics such as handwoven tweed or linen, handknitted woolen and cotton goods, sheepskin items, gold and silver jewellery, Aran knitwear, pottery, crystal, basketry, whiskey, pipes and antiques. Searchforpublicschools: Offers schooling information of Ireland in each level – compulsory, technical and higher education programs. Opening hours Mon-Sat 09.00-17.30/18.00. Supermarkets are often open until 9 […]

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