Singapore flag vs map

Singapore Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Shopping Overview The wide range of goods and the unrivaled low prices have made Singapore internationally known as a shopper’s paradise. Popular souvenirs include Chinese, Indian, Malay, Balinese and Filipino antiques, batiks, photographic equipment, Chinese, Indian and Persian rugs, imported and bespoke clothing, jewellery, silks, perfumes, silverware and wigs. Orchard Road is the city’s main […]

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United Arab Emirates flag vs map

United Arab Emirates Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Shopping Overview Shopping is one of the Arabs’ favorite pastimes. Shopping festivals in Dubai, huge shopping centers and numerous souks make the United Arab Emirates a true shopper’s paradise. The Dubai Mall ( and the Mall of the Emirates ( in Dubai are among the largest shopping centers in the world. The Galleria shopping center […]

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Philippines flag vs map

Philippines Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Shopping Overview Popular souvenirs include Barong Tagalog (hand-embroidered men’s shirts made from fine Jusi fabric), Tiffany lamps made from Capiz shells, weavings, southern island brassware, wood carvings, wickerwork and rare shells, rattan furniture, baskets, grass mats (banig), antiques Wooden figures, garments embroidered with the traditional callado, women’s Filipino dresses (made of banana or pineapple leaf […]

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Oman flag vs map

Oman Attractions, Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Attractions Jebel Akhdar Picturesque terraced villages are scattered across the slopes of the »Green Mountain«. Qurum The National Museum has a collection of silver, jewellery, weapons and ancient stone objects. From here you can cruise the coast in dhows. There are fascinating rock carvings to see in Wadi Sahtan. Top-engineering-schools: Provides detailed population data for […]

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Malaysia flag vs map

Malaysia Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Shopping Overview Malaysia offers a premier shopping experience with futuristic malls, unique cultural shops and bustling street markets. Trading is allowed in the markets. Shops and department stores set prices but have special offers during seasonal sales from July to September and November to January. Electronics, cosmetics and perfumes are all available duty-free throughout Malaysia, […]

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Kuwait flag vs map

Kuwait Attractions, Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation

Attractions Failaka Failaka, located 30 km from Kuwait City, is the most beautiful of Kuwait’s islands. There are some interesting archaeological excavation sites here. The large resort complex in the south of the island offers beaches, swimming pools, sports fields, restaurants and accommodation options. Kuwait City Kuwait City is a bustling capital with skyscrapers, luxury hotels and manicured gardens […]

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