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  • Intended to pursue an associate degree in the state of Kentucky? Here is a full list of both public and private community colleges within Kentucky.

Frankfort, Kentucky

According to, Frankfort is a city and state capital of Kentucky in the United States with 27,621 residents (U.S. Census, 2017). The city is located on both sides of the Kentucky River, 80 miles east of Louisville. Frankfort is the fourth smallest state capital in the United States.

Business and culture

Frankfort is a trade and tourist center in the Bluegrass region. It produces bourbon whiskey, tobacco, furniture, textiles, electronic components and machines. The town is known for breeding thoroughbred horses. Kentucky State University was founded in 1886.


In 1780, a group of indigenous peoples attacked some early settlers at a riverbank in the Kentucky River, and pioneer Stephen Frank was killed. The crossing point in the river was later called Frank’s Ford which became Frankfort.

The town was founded in 1786 when General James Wilkinson bought a land on the north side of the Kentucky River that developed into downtown Frankfort. Frankfort became the state capital in 1792 and gained city status in 1839. The separate settlement of South Frankfort was annexed in 1850. During the American Civil War, Frankfort was briefly occupied by Confederate troops in the fall of 1862.

The Kentucky State Capitol was inaugurated in 1910. A flood caused great havoc in Frankfort in 1937. In the 1960s, the city’s economy and population grew rapidly. The skyscraper Capital Plaza Office Tower opened in 1972 and was a landmark in the city center before the building was demolished in 2018.

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Southeast Community College

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