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Flint, Michigan

Flint, city of USA, Michigan, 95 km northwest of Detroit ; 114,600 inbound (2007), is part of the greater Detroit – Ann Arbor –Flint metropolitan area with 5,405,900 inbound (2007). Large automotive factories (General Motors), steelworks and chemical industry. University (1954), several other higher education institutions.

Flint emerged in 1819 as a station for the fur trade, called the Grand Traverse. Gained city status as Flint in 1855. Later on, the manufacture of wagons and carts started. The first car factory (Buick Motor Company) opened in 1904, and today the city is the most important hub for the U.S. auto industry after Detroit. Is the seat of one of the country’s largest foundations, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, founded by a magnate in General Motors.

Detroit, Michigan

According to Countryaah.com, Detroit is a city in the state of Michigan in the United States, located on the Detroit River, opposite the city of Windsor in the province of Ontario, Canada. Detroit itself has 672,662 residents, 79.7 percent of whom are African Americans (U.S. Census, 2018). The city is part of the Detroit-Warren-Dearborn metropolitan region, the 14th largest metropolitan area of ​​the United States with 4,313,002 residents.

The name Detroit is of French Detroit,strife, strike, ‘ after the strait between the lakes of Saint Clair and Erie.


Detroit was early an ethnically diverse city, with great immigration from England, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Canada and later from countries in Eastern Europe: Russia, Hungary and Poland. After 1960, the city has been haunted by serious racial contradictions, including in 1967, and periods of high unemployment. The influx of unskilled labor, especially blacks from the southern states, along with the white middle class’s relocation to the suburbs have created major municipal economic problems, and in 2013 Detroit went bankrupt. income tax are required both residents and commuters to counteract the declining tax rate.


The downtown area has been subject to extensive urban renewal since 1950, with construction including the Civic Center complex, which houses both public offices, congress and exhibition facilities and concert halls, and the Renaissance Center, opened in 1977, comprising four office buildings on 39 floors that surround the 73-storey Detroit Plaza Hotel.


Detroit is built around the automotive industry and produces a significant portion of the United States cars. Transport equipment accounts for almost half of the city’s industrial production. The city is also an important center for the steel industry, and manufactures a variety of metal products, machine tools, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

The American auto industry started in Detroit. In 1899, the Oldsmobile factory was built, in 1902 Cadillac, in 1903 the later Packard company and the same year the Ford Motor Company, which became the most important of them all. The three largest groups are now General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

The business base has become more versatile in recent years, but economic life is still highly dependent on the automotive industry. The city is therefore vulnerable to fluctuations in economic cycles, and has at times had high unemployment. The city is struggling heavily in the current recession, and parts of the city are characterized by strong decay and emigration.

Since 2007, gaming casinos in Detroit and Windsor in Ontario, Canada have developed into a significant industry. The area is America’s fifth largest gambling resort (2015).


Detroit is the seat of a number of universities and colleges, including Wayne State University, founded in 1911, and the Catholic University of Detroit. Among the most important cultural institutions are the Cranbrook Academy of Art and the Detroit Cultural Center, with its large library, art gallery and several museums.

In the Dearborn suburb is the Henry Ford Museum, with exhibits of all kinds of transport equipment, as well as Greenfield Village with old American houses. Belle Isle is a park and recreation area with a zoo and aquarium.

Transport and Communications

The location between Lake Huron and Lake Erie has made Detroit one of the major ports of the Great Lakes. After the Saint Lawrence Seaway was completed in 1959, the city has also become a significant international port city. Bridges and tunnels lead over to Windsor, Canada. There are seven rail lines leaving the city, which is also an important hub for air traffic with Wayne County International Airport, 29 miles southwest of downtown.


Detroit was founded by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac in 1701 by order of Louis 14, as part of the ring of fortified support points that would protect Louisiana. The city came under the United Kingdom in 1760, under the United States in 1796. In 1805, the city burned and was rebuilt according to a new city ​​plan with Washington DC. as a pattern, now as the capital of the territory of Michigan. The construction of the Erie Canal (completed in 1825) led to strong growth, with the shipment of wood, iron and grain to the eastern states.

The American Civil War stimulated the development of the iron and steel industry, with the construction of railway wagons and steam engines and casting of furnaces. A new era began in 1899 with the establishment of the first car factory, and the city soon became known as the ‘Motor Capital of the World’, the ‘car capital of the world’. The need for workers in the automotive industry promoted immigration, especially from Eastern and Southern Europe, and in 1920 Detroit was the fourth largest city in the United States.

The depression in the 1930s hit the city particularly hard, with high unemployment and bitter labor conflicts. However, the city flourished during World War II, when it was named “the arsenal of democracy” because of the extensive weapons industry. With the increasing competition from Japan and other Asian countries, but also from Europe – as well as the OPEC oil boycott, the automotive industry faced great difficulties in the second half of the 1970s. In 1979-80, Congress rescued Chrysler from bankruptcy through a gigantic loan guarantee, against workers accepting major cuts in wages and the loss of 50,000 jobs. In 1998, Chrysler teamed up with German Daimler-Benz. In 1999, the company had a huge surplus, but in 2001 management announced a cut of 26,000 positions over three years and a desire for new pay cuts. Similar measures were taken by the other car manufacturers.

Detroit is also known as Motown (Motor Town) in music circles. The record company Motown was established by Berry Gordy Jr. in 1960 and made Detroit a center for a new record industry in the United States, focusing primarily on African-American music and black artists. Groups like The Supremes and The Miracles, with Smokey Robinson, were among the pioneers. Motown is still a driving force for production and publishing across several music genres in the United States.

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