Eastern Kentucky University

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How is Eastern Kentucky University abbreviated? It is commonly known as EKU. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of EKU. Just click the image to see all definitions of EKU.

Eastern Kentucky Univ. – Department of Mathematics

Learn about undergraduate and graduate degrees in math, statistics and computer science. Posts news, faculty information and alumni details.

Website: http://eagle.eku.edu/

Eastern Kentucky Univ. – Dept. of Physical Education

Offers teaching and nonteaching training options. Find program descriptions as well as degree-requirement details.

Website: http://www.hpe.eku.edu/PHE/Default.htm

Eastern Kentucky Univ. – MA in Elementary Education

Describes the degree requirements for this master’s with an emphasis in reading. Find a directory of staff and faculty.

Website: http://www.education.eku.edu/Curric/MAlisting.htm#readingspe

Eastern Kentucky Univ. – Recreation & Park Admin

Describes department goals, and lists course requirements for bachelor’s and graduate degrees.

Website: http://www.hpera.eku.edu/REC/Default.htm

Eastern Kentucky Univ. – School Psychology

Department of Psychology offers a PsyS in school psychology. Examine the course content of the program.

Website: http://www.socialscience.eku.edu/PSY/school/default.htm

Eastern Kentucky University

Richmond university provides a calendar of featured events, and presents its departments and services.

Website: http://www.eku.edu/

Eastern Kentucky University – Alumni

Find a calendar of events sponsored by this organization, a member registry, descriptions of benefits and a list of regional chapters.

Website: http://www.alumni.eku.edu/

Eastern Kentucky University – Clinical Laboratory Sci.

Check out the BS and AS degree requirements, meet the faculty and discover what careers await successful graduates.

Website: http://www.health.eku.edu/cls/

Eastern Kentucky University – Clinical Psychology

Outlines course work, admissions, and funding and field training for the clinical psychology MS and the certification in psychological services.

Website: http://www.psychology.eku.edu/clinical/

Eastern Kentucky University – College of Business

Introduces its MBA program and the courses available in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing and information systems.

Website: http://www.cob.eku.edu/

Eastern Kentucky University – Dept. of Health Education

Department of Health Education discusses career options and the program’s philosophy.

Website: http://www.hpera.eku.edu/HEA/commun.htm

Eastern Kentucky University – Employment Opportunities

Learn about EKU through its organizational charts, policies on recruitment and benefit packages. Search employment opportunity postings.

Website: http://www.humanresources.eku.edu/

Eastern Kentucky University – Scholarships

Richmond school posts scholarship details including available benefits and conditions. Awards are based on achievement.

Website: http://www.finaid.eku.edu/

Eastern Kentucky University – School Psychology

Offers an overview of the university’s doctoral program in school psychology and a description of degree requirements.

Website: http://www.psychology.eku.edu/school/default.htm

Eastern Kentucky University – Social Work

Provides an overview of the social work program, curriculum details and degree requirements. Learn about the admissions process.

Website: http://www.anthropology.eku.edu/docs/swkprog.htm

Eastern Kentucky University – Sociology

Describes the degrees and classes offered by the sociology program. Explore job opportunities for sociologists.

Website: http://www.socialscience.eku.edu/ANT/

Eastern Kentucky University – Statistics

Learn the requirements of the major and minor programs from the Dept. of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.

Website: http://www.math.eku.edu/degrees/staprogram.html

Eastern Kentucky University – Women’s Studies

View a program definition, courses, minor requirements and a faculty list for Eastern Kentucky University’s women’s studies program.

Website: http://www.arh.eku.edu/eng/bowling/isabelle.htm

Eastern Kentucky University -Special Education Program

Offers undergraduate, graduate and certification diplomas. Find degree requirements and a directory of faculty members.

Website: http://www.education.eku.edu/Sed/default.htm

Eastern Kentucky. Univ. – Recreation and Park Admin

Describes the degrees in recreation and park administration offered by this school in Richmond, Ky. Skim the academic guidelines.

Website: http://www.recreation.eku.edu/

Eastern Progress – Eastern Kentucky University

Take a look at awards, news, and a history of the university. Includes information for alumni, a weather report and employment details.

Website: http://www.progress.eku.edu/