UNSW Sydney Review (2)

UNSW Sydney Review (2)


How so?

If you really feel like leaving your old life and environment for a while and want to build up a small, six-month exchange paradise bubble, then you are spot on. First of all, UNSW is in Sydney, Australia on the other side of the world. And then of course everything else comes on top of that: The Australian joie de vivre and surf culture, getting to know Sydney as a city, traveling and discovering Australia and the surrounding area and, last but not least, a top university where you can study and credit everything, so to speak.

Preparation and living

You can register for the university quickly and easily via the MicroEDU agency (https://www. MicroEDU. com). The agency’s staff are very nice and helpful and also help you with the student visa for Australia.┬áVisit andyeducation.com to get information about San Diego State University study abroad program.

You can credit yourself to anything at UNSW, so to speak. The university has an incredible number of fields of study and courses. Concerning housing, there are many on- and off-campus opportunities. I lived on campus at Philip Baxter College myself. I just wanted to live at a huge university on campus in a college and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. There are dozens of social events from hip parties to whole week games (e. g. Assassins Week or Love Week) where you never get bored. Alcohol is high, but so is the university. There are free tutoring lessons from senior college members (which I doubt you will need). In terms of age, the locals (around 2/3 from college) are a bit younger and the exchange students (around 1/3) about your age. Coogee Beach is pretty close Well suited for swimming and chilling and Bondi / Maroubra Beach also nearby (very good for surfing) The food is okay, the living is first class – for this price. For more information about college life, feel free to contact me and I will bombard you with a lot of information and stories.


I have selected the following four courses:

FINS1613 Business Finance A very easy course at the beginning, which gradually becomes more demanding. The midterm was kindergarten and the final exam was one of the most difficult exams to date. Still a very good grade can be achieved.

ECON2102 Macroeconomics 2 Really arduous course in which you should really attend the lecture, otherwise you understand the train station. No midterm, but four different assignments and a semester exam, which was quite difficult.

ECON2101 Microeconomics 2 A fairly simple course that doesn’t involve attending a lecture. The tutorials should be overgrown and the homework should take a long time and should be done as they are good preparation for the two exams.

MSCI0501 The Marine Environment (counted as Reko) I only took this course because it was suggested by previous students. I didn’t enjoy it at all: The excursions (three of them) are boring and always on weekends when you actually want to travel. If you miss an excursion, they’ll give you a one for it.

All in all, my courses were not bad (I still had to do three of them anyway) and are worth doing at UNSW. Each of the subjects gave me four local credits, which corresponds to 7. 5 HSG credits. You can find the grade conversion scale in all other reports on this university. In relation to the timetable, I made sure that I only have Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at university and then each have a four-day weekend.

Sydney, trips and general impressions

Sydney is a cosmopolitan city in paradise. Many call it the most beautiful port city in the world and it is meant to be for me. From hip clubs, bars and restaurants to the chilled out beach / surf scene, there is something for every taste. Australia is also very suitable for traveling and I would definitely recommend that to you. Not only during the semester, but also afterwards, for a few months. For me it was an incredibly enriching time, during which I discovered a lot of new things. Some personal highlights: snorkeling and diving on the Great Barrier Reef, starry skies in Uluru, outback, the scene and people in Melburne (either you’re a Sydney or a Melbourne guy. I was more of the Melbourne guy, I realized there), nature in Tasmania and New Zealand. New Zealand, a must – a month – at least

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to write.

UNSW Sydney Review (2)