University of Technology Sydney Review (9)

University of Technology Sydney Review (9)


Organization / planning

I had wanted to go abroad for a long time. Almost at the end of my master’s degree, the decision was made, true to the motto: Now or never! Since I am taking a more specific course in “ Real Estate and Facility Management ”, it was initially not so easy to find a suitable university that offered corresponding subject-specific courses. Furthermore, only one country came into question for me, which has higher temperatures in spring or is warmer than here in Europe. So the search for a suitable university began, thanks to the filter system on the MicroEDU website, this was done pretty quickly and I finally chose the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) decided in Australia.

I recommend everyone interested in a stay abroad to deal with their personal wishes and goals as early as possible, if these are not yet clearly defined. So I started researching about the semester abroad about seven months in advance because my target country was not certain. When the application process began, it was very clear, thanks to the instructions I received from MicroEDU , which documents and evidence I needed or had to submit. This was very helpful, as was the team’s constant availability and quick response time. Visit to get information about California State University Northridge study abroad program.

The approval from UTS actually came within ten days, so that I had enough time to relax and take care of my visa and find accommodation. I was free to choose the courses because I didn’t want to have them recognized at my home university. I have received an acceptance for all courses that I had previously selected, but you could change these assignments until shortly before the start of the semester.


I decided relatively quickly for “UTS Housing”, as all costs were shown transparently there and there are no additional costs. There were several student residences to choose from, all of which are operated by the UTS. I decided on the Gumal Ngurang and paid around 670 euros per month for my room in the 8-person shared apartment. It is very centrally located with a rooftop, Security service, maintenance service and free gym membership. Which is very good for the rental price conditions in Sydney and the price-performance ratio was also very good. The application process was relatively simple and the acceptance came relatively quickly. If you want a room in one of the student dormitories, you should apply as soon as possible, as the cheaper rooms are quickly allocated. All UTS Housing locations are very centrally located and can be reached on foot within a few minutes from the university buildings.

Studies & Campus

The main building of the university is about five minutes walk from the main train station. All other buildings are also in the Ultimo district, which includes many new buildings, all of which are very well equipped and very modern. The teachers were all very friendly and helpful. The quality of teaching is comparable to that of German universities. At first it was not so easy for me to follow unfamiliar content in English and with the Australian accent, but after a few weeks it was no longer a problem at all. Unlike in Germany, the grades are given in percentages.

For the semester abroad at UTS, you can take a DAAD language test, which saves you the costs of the other language tests. In addition, the UTS tuition fees are cheap by Australian standards, which I also took into account in my choice. The tuition fees for three courses fall within the funding limit of the Auslands-BAföG, so that you advance the costs and then get reimbursed. The BAföG it is worthwhile to apply in any case, since you even if you should get little BAföG, the travel expenses and tuition fees get paid in full or partially in full. You can find more information here on the site or on the Internet, but it is definitely worth trying.


In general, the UTS and its housing hosted a lot of events or campaigns to welcome the new students and to get to know each other. This made it possible to make contacts quickly, as well as through many weekend trips or parties that were organized by the UTS Housing Team. Since I didn’t have to attend so many seminars and rather did a lot of homework, I had a lot of free time to explore Sydney.
Sydney is very diverse and an international metropolis. From famous beaches like Bondi Beach and activities like the Coastal Walk, nature reserves like the Blue Mountains,Sights such as the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge to the flair of the Big City are all represented. The city has everything and more to offer that you can imagine! Due to the internationality, I met people from all over the world in Sydney and made new friendships. In addition, Sydney is a very good starting point for other trips that you would not necessarily do from Europe due to the flight time or travel costs.


This semester abroad at UTS is the best I could have done. Everything went smoothly and I wouldn’t want to miss these experiences and this wonderful city. I can only recommend every student to do a semester abroad, regardless of whether the credits are credited or not, the life experience you gain alone is priceless. At the same time, of course, the improvement in English skills is incomparable. In addition, this international experience, the great English skills and the international know-how make your job search much easier (own experience).

I am glad that there are organizations like MicroEDU that enable young people to go abroad and support them in doing so! So thank you very much to the MicroEDU team and also to myself for having the courage to take this step. Because only you alone create your life and are responsible for your steps in life.

University of Technology Sydney Review (9)