University of Technology Sydney Review (1)

University of Technology Sydney Review (1)


Application process

First of all: Kudos to the MicroEDU team and especially to Sabine, who supported me with all my questions! I always felt that I was in good hands. J Questions were answered in a very short time. Advice and support for the application is free of charge. I can only recommend MicroEDU!

The application process went smoothly for me. After the first contact with MicroEDU. com, all the necessary application documents were sent to me. To apply at UTS, you need a language certificate such as TOEFL or IELTS. The application is then first sent to MicroEDU , which then checks the application for completeness and then forwards it to UTS. After a few days, the UTS (Letter of Offer) received the preliminary approval. At the same time, I was informed that I had received a Study Abroad Excellence Award from UTS. This will reduce tuition fees by AUD 1,000. After you have signed the Study Abroad Acceptance Form and sent it back to UTS via MicroEDU. com, as well as the tuition fees has paid, you will receive a so-called “Confirmation of Enrollment”. You need this for the visa application, which will be confirmed after a few hours. I particularly recommend that you create a to-do list and work through it thoroughly. Unfortunately, it is often the case that one thing is crossed off the list, but three new ones are added. . .


Unfortunately for me I missed the actual Orientation Week because I still had to take exams at my home university at the time. So I arrived in Sydney on Sunday morning and on Tuesday I had my first lecture. Fortunately, there was a late orientation day on the following Saturday so that it was easier to make new contacts and get all the important information. Even a few weeks after the start of the semester, many volunteer students in orange T-shirts were still walking around, answering questions (UTS help). Visit to get information about Griffith College Dublin study abroad program.

80% of my postgraduate courses at the Business Faculty consisted of exchange students, almost all of them Asians. Since people of the same nationalities got together quickly, that didn’t necessarily make things easier for me. Nevertheless, I quickly made friends and felt really good at university. I honestly have to admit that I consciously avoided contact with Germans and other Europeans because I didn’t want to take the chance to get involved in multicultural Australia.

As an exchange student, you have the option of taking 3 or 4 courses per semester at UTS. One course corresponds to approx. 3 hours of lectures per week. The lecture is usually held in one piece with a short break in between. During the semester you can expect an assignment, a midterm and a final exam for each subject.


There is a good opportunity here to live in a student dormitory via UTS Housing. However, you have to apply in good time for this. I did not use this option, but looked for an apartment “on my own” because I came to Sydney with my boyfriend and we were able to share the costs. If you want to do the same thing or if you can’t find space in UTS Housing, I would recommend renting an apartment / room via airnbnb. com. au for the first two weeks. This is a site where people rent a room in their apartment quite cheaply and the kitchen and bathroom are shared. I then looked for an apartment on site via gumtree. com. au for the rest of the time. Generally everything in Australia is done via gumtree. ;

City and life

Otherwise, Sydney is definitely the most beautiful city in the world for me! Breathtaking backdrops, beautiful beaches and great hiking opportunities all over Sydney. J Simply an ideal mix of city and nature. The people I met were also super friendly and helpful!

As for the cost of living, I have to say that I had imagined it to be higher. Fortunately, my apartment was right next to Aldi and Coles. That was very practical as Aldi is the cheapest alternative in Australia. Vegetables and fruit were in some cases even cheaper than in Germany. What was noticeably more expensive was the alcohol (apart from the wine). So I would say that I actually ate more healthily than in Germany. 😉

If you are not yet very good at cooking, you will definitely learn it here. Eating out is really expensive and unfortunately there is no such thing as a cafeteria, at least not at prices comparable to those in Germany. . .

For public transport, the discount for exchange students unfortunately looks meager. For the normal tickets you have to pay the full price. The only discount is that you can buy a 90-day ticket for a discount that entitles you to unlimited journeys (MyMulti 2 or MyMulti 3). However, this 90-day ticket covers a fairly large area, as it includes both buses and trains and even some ferries, and is probably worthwhile if you live further out or really want to see a lot of Sydney by public transport. Here is a link to it: http://www. transportnsw. info/sites/en/tickets/ticket-types/multi-travel/index. page

The ticket then costs an impressive 425 € for 90 days. Since the UTS is quite centrally located, many of you will probably not need this ticket at all.


I could probably write a whole novel about traveling in Australia. . . 😉 There are many ways to travel to Australia (train, bus or car) and Sydney is an ideal starting point! I rented a campervan twice and once drove south to Melbourne. There I can especially recommend the Great Ocean Road and the Wilsons Prom. The other time I started in Cairns and drove down to Sydney. It was a really unique experience!

But there are also beautiful places around Sydney that should not be missed: Palm Beach, Manly, Blue Mountains, the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park and the Royal National Park are well worth the trip!

Final assessment

The semester abroad was an incredibly nice experience for me and I can only recommend everyone to have such a unique experience if the opportunity arises. I enjoyed my time in Sydney to the full and I am happy to have made friends from all over the world. Do it – it’s worth it!

University of Technology Sydney Review (1)