University of Technology Sydney Review (5)

University of Technology Sydney Review (5)



This city has a lot to offer, which is why a semester abroad in Down Under is definitely worthwhile! In addition to the most beautiful beaches (Manly, Bondi, Curl Curl, Fresh Water, Shelly Beach, Tamarama. . . ) there are fantastic brunch restaurants (Surry Hills, Chippendale, Redfern, Glebe), unique bars (Newtown), cool ones on every corner Weekend trips (Blue Mountains, Figure Eight Pool in Royal National Park, Palm Beach, kangaroos in Morriset Park, Glebe Markets on Saturday) and cultural highlights (Opera House, National Art Gallery. . . ). With the Opal Card, excursions on Sundays are only charged for 2. 70 AUD (2 CHF)!

As a student, you get the best seats in the opera house for 43 AUD (30 CHF). Usually go to the ticket box at 9 a. m. or an hour before the performance with the UTS Student ID. We got fantastic seats for the ballet Cinderella for $ 43 instead of $ 296!

University of Technology Sydney

Become a student at an extremely international university in the middle of Sydney. The university has eleven buildings with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities as well as a comprehensive range of courses. As HSG students, we are not used to running into engineering, art or medicine students, which is a good change. The campus is reminiscent of a start-up space with various learning oases and cafés. Visit to get information about California State University Chico study abroad program.

The professors and trainers are “refreshingly” different from what we are used to. On an almost collegial level, you will be recognized as an individual and all your questions will be respected and answered in detail. Since the university is very international, depending on the course you will inevitably write a thesis with students from different backgrounds. This is a very challenging job as their student job is a priority for Australians in particular. Very valuable, educational experience!


Either 18 or 24 Australian credits can be taken per semester at UTS. Each credit comes with a fee of AUD 400 (CHF 300).

Finance – UTS: Fundamentals of Business Finance 25300 6cp

Examination achievements : 2 x 10% online quizzes, 20% group assignments, 60% final exams


  • Lectures good and understandable
  • Trainer very interested and helpful
  • Do a group assignment with HSG students
  • Substance is self-explanatory

Grade: 6 possible

Recommend: Highly recommended, relatively “little” effort in the learning phase, as preparation was necessary during the semester

Macroeconomics ll – UTS: Intermediate Macroeconomics 23568 6cp

Examination achievements : 4 x 10% online quizz, 60% final exam


  • Lectures monotonous, content based on lecture slides
  • Trainer very interested and helpful
  • Online quizzes are rather demanding, but can be done in cooperation

Grade: 6 possible

Recommend: To be recommended, comparatively large effort for online quizzes and final exams, despite regular preparation during the semester

Research Methods – UTS: Business Statistics 26134 6cp

Examination achievements: 30% Mid Term, 20% Group Report, 50% Final Exam


  • Lectures good and understandable
  • Trainer very interested and helpful
  • Do a group report with HSG students

Grade: 6 possible

Recommend: Highly recommended, comparatively “little” effort, as preparation for the mid term and group report was necessary during the semester. (Tip: Don’t think too far, there are no tricky questions like we are used to)

Strategic Management – UTS: Strategy: Theory and Practice 21602 8cp

Examination achievements: 50% paper, 30% group assignment, 20% video

Content: Introductory course on strategy, with a few models (SWOT, Stakeholder Analysis, PESTEL).

Grade: 6 possible

Recommend: Unfortunately we could not choose the group ourselves. It is best to work with the Australians and plan in advance who will write what. You probably won’t meet, as many work alongside their studies. It is worth taking the lead and investing some time, as the motivation and performance are also included by the professor. The group gives individual feedback about the cooperation, which is then included in the grading.

REKO Latin America – UTS: Contemporary Latin (o) Americas 976502 8cp

Examination achievements: 30% Literature Report, 30% Group Assignment, 40% Final Exam


  • Exciting professor who loves Latin America more than anything
  • Interesting discussions about problems in the globalized world: racism, culture, nationality, history, sexuality, religion, oppression, dictatorships

Note: 5. 5 possible

Recommend: Anyone interested in Latin America and global contexts should definitely choose this course. Was the only European in the course. In the individual literature report, a 6 is very well possible with HSG effort (new citation method). The group assignment is very challenging because Australians have very different ways of working and communicating. 5. 5 would certainly be possible here, but the HSG student has to do most of the work (as well as the Australians’ English for proofreading or passing on. . . ).

REKO Sport & Society: UTS: Sport and Society 21655 8cp

Examination achievements: 20% essay, 30% presentation and 50% final exam

Content: Exciting professor who does Quidditch and other sports himself.

Note: 5. 5 possible

Recommend: Anyone interested in sports can learn a lot about the sports culture in Australia. In this class there are almost only Australians who play sports such as rugby, cricket and netball. The professor tries to organize a debate every week, preferably always to be there and express his opinion.

Registration process

September: Contact MicroEDU or Studyabroad

October: Registration TOEFL (USD 275)

December: Write TOEFL


  • Excerpts from grades (CHF 20)
  • Submit registration to MicroEDU
  • Registration with Swiss Mobility


  • Semester fees (AUD 10702 = CHF 7700)
  • Health Care (AUD 300 = CHF 225)
  • Book a flight (CHF 1450)
  • Timetable on mytimetable: choose courses and times early


  • Register Housing ($ 298 * 26 weeks)
  • Pay Housing Offer directly (Deposit AUD 1192, Fee AUD 120)
  • Student Visa (AUD 565. 50 = CHF 425)


  • During the semester (mid-July – end of October), our expenses were around 3200 AUD (2400 CHF). We spent around AUD 450 (CHF 300) per month, but we often cooked it ourselves at home. Among other things, we have benefited from the wide range of sports at UTS; a tennis lesson costs 19 AUD (13 CHF). During our semester abroad we spent 8,500 CHF (including travel, excluding return flight Zurich-Sydney, excluding university fees, housing and medibank HealthCare).
  • Surf camp for a weekend in the semester was $ 300.
  • Melbourne weekend trip (including flights) was 600 AUD.
  • Uluru four days (including flights) was 1200 AUD.
  • Tasmania a week (including flights and rental car) was 850 AUD.
  • Fiji a week (including flights) was 1500 AUD
  • East coast Australia (Cairns – Sydney with Greyhound Bus including flight) 3 weeks was 3000 AUD (with travel agency) or 1700 AUD (partly self-organized and Couchsurfing- Bus, Magnetic Island, Fraser Island and Whitsundays booked with travel agency).
  • New Zealand 3 weeks (including flights and rental car) was 2000 AUD.

Living arrangements

Yura Mudang Residences (UTS Housing)

https://housingapplications. uts. edu. au/yura-mudang/

We lived in a six share.

  • Advantages: excellent location, many parties, quick contact with international students, great rooftop, 24/7 support from reception and security, gym included
  • Disadvantages: poorly insulated walls so that the weather has a marked influence on the room temperature (but this is probably the same everywhere), extremely noisy rooms!!, many complicated security gates in the Yura, few locals.

Weekly rent was 298 AUD (CHF 210) but will now be 310 AUD (CHF 217). Semi-annual contract.

The UTS also has other student accommodations that have less security and are also nearby. Worth considering, because I personally liked the room layout in Gumal better than in the Yura.

PS: If you arrive between 8am and 8pm, you can use the free UTS shuttle at the airport. If not, just take the metro to Central and walk 5 minutes to the housing. The first few weeks it was pretty cold in Sydney. If you still have space in the suitcase, I would take a warm blanket with me. If you arrive during the day, I don’t recommend taking the Linen Pack for 130 AUD (150 AUD = CHF 105 on site). In the K-Mart, a 10-minute walk from the Yura, you will find duvets, pillows, covers, mattress protectors (be sure to use the larger one, as the Single Bed does not match the King Single Bed) as well as a towel and bath towel for 64 AUD (CHF 45).

Other living arrangements

www. flatmates. com. au: Rooms are regularly advertised here. The $ 25 “unlock” fee is worth it so that you can write to people directly. The best thing to do is to take an Airbnb first and then go looking for an apartment. Probably more expensive weekly rent as in UTS Housing, but you can cancel after three months. Notice period of 2 weeks for a furnished room.

www. urbanest. com. au/sydney/: Darling Harbor lodging, 5 minutes from campus

www. iglu. com. au: Accommodation in Ultimo, 2 minutes from campus


You should definitely explore the area during your exchange semester. It is best to plan and book all your trips independently and independently. Various travel agencies (Backpackers World Travel, Peter Pans, Happy Travelers) offer you complete packages. It is best to get advice so that you have an idea, but in no case book directly. We had an extremely bad experience with a German employee at Backpackers World Travel. We bought a Greyhound ticket with a 25% discount, but we didn’t get it until over a month later and in the meantime we have been manipulated by the extremely profit-conscious advisors. Furthermore, our wishes and needs were deliberately ignored.

Do not be blinded by winter deals or packages, these contain high margins for the agencies – why not make a “free” skydive (300 AUD) with this extra money. Book flights, hostels and activities as soon as you know your exam dates (around September 21, 2018). Also watch out for discounts on https://www. bookme. com. au for Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, where you can often find 50% deals.

University of Technology Sydney Review (5)