University of Technology Sydney Review (3)

University of Technology Sydney Review (3)



The application process for the UTS is relatively simple and can be done online. There is also a lot of information online about health insurance and accommodation. The university is very helpful during the application process. At this point, the further support from MicroEDU is very good. If you have any questions, you will be helped here and you will also try to get in touch with the UTS to clarify all questions.

The visa for the stay can also be applied for online and this process was also very straightforward. However, the procedure probably changed in the summer of 2016 and is now taking a little longer.

As far as living is concerned, we both decided to live in the UTS Student Housing. If you decide to do this, you should apply early as places are limited – this is also done online and does not take up much time. The housing is located directly at the university and the CBD is also not far away. It’s also not as expensive as other Sydney apartments. Visit to get information about Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona study abroad program.

There are several houses operated by the UTS, we both lived in the “Yura Mudang” house. This is the largest of the three houses and also the most attractive in terms of its location. In addition, there is a roof terrace on the roof of “Yura Mudang”, from which one has a view of the whole city. UTS Housing is ideal for getting to know new people at the beginning.


The UTS offers a shuttle service from the airport to the housing within a certain period of time. For this purpose, an email is sent to all students before the beginning of the semester, which contains further information about the shuttle service.

In addition, an orientation week is organized by the university in the first week, which is compulsory and offers a rough overview of university life. Things like the university’s intranet are explained here, campus tours are carried out and other university facilities are presented.

As for cell phones and bank accounts, we used DKB accounts. The DKB credit card allows you to withdraw cash free of charge. Those who prefer to pay cashless should therefore probably. consider opening an account in Sydney for the duration of your stay. Cell phone prepaid cards are usually relatively cheap compared to the rest of Sydney’s life. We both had a prepaid card from Optus, which offered sufficient data volume. In comparison, it should also be mentioned at this point that the Optus network is a bit better than that of Vodafon.

Course choice

Due to the different faculties of the UTS, you have a wide range of courses to choose from. So you can actually find courses for every area and every taste. The online course catalog of the university also helps for further description and selection, in which you can also see whether the respective course takes place in the selected semester. The exam formats and course content are also listed here.


Sydney is the largest city in Australia and there are always new places, cafes, shops and bars to discover even in one semester. If you decide to study in the south of Australia between July and December, you have to expect that the summer will need some time to start. From July to September the weather is quite changeable and windy between 15-20 degrees. The weather can be very changeable during this time and a thicker jacket should definitely be packed for this time. But when it starts to get sunny and summery in October, the many beaches and beach bars in Sydney can be wonderfully enjoyed.

The Student Housing is located in Ultimo, a 5-minute walk from the largest train station in the city center. China Town, Darling Harbor and Surry Hills are also around the corner.


Sydney International Airport is just 15 minutes from Student Housing. From there you can get cheap flights (with Tigerair or Jetstar) to every corner of Australia – from personal experience, Melbourne including the Great Ocean Road to the 12 apostles or the entire east coast to Cairns, where you can find beautiful beaches (and already in the August summer temperatures). Of course, the west coast of Australia or ‘the red center’ with the aboriginal landmark ‘Uluru’ (or earlier ‘Ayers Rock’) can be easily traveled from Sydney. However, it should be noted here that only one airline flies to this destination and it can therefore be quite expensive.

University of Technology Sydney Review (3)