Top 10 Countries With Highest Rate of Food Wastage

Top 10 Countries With Highest Rate of Food Wastage


In this selection the 10 countries with the highest rate of food waste are highlighted. Food is one of the most important parts of people’s lives. As much as it is a necessity, it is a significant part of the culture of nations. There are countries in the world where people have to work hard to put food on their plates even once a day, and countries like this one squander tons of food on a daily basis. As studies confirm, around one third of the food produced in the world is wasted and the highest level of waste comes from developed countries where people are educated enough to understand its effects.┬áSource:


Singapore is also known as Lion City and consists of 63 islands, including Pulau Ujong which is the main island. One of the major environmental problems you have faced for years is the waste of food. Each year, more than 788,600 tons of food is wasted. Of the total food wasted, only 13% or 101,400 tons of it is recycled. During the new year, according to the Chinese calendar, food wastage increased by 20%.


Malaysia is located in southeastern Asia and is a federal constitution. It consists of 3 federal territories and 13 states. It has an estimated population of 31,165,000. Each year, around 540-560 kg of food is thrown away, which mainly includes bakery, fruit and vegetable item. The necessary measures are being taken to reduce waste by the Malaysian government.


Located in the Pacific Ocean, it is an island nation with a population of about 4,708,160. One of the environmental issues facing the country is that of food waste. According to one study, 122,547 tons of food waste comes from the family, which is enough for 262,917 people. The cost of food was estimated to be $ 872 million per year.

7. U.K.

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Britain is one of the Sovereign States in Europe. According to an estimate of 2016, it has a population of 65,110,000. 40% of UK food supplies are imported each year. Waste is one of the biggest concerns in the country. Each year around 6.7 million tons of food is wasted, which costs about 10.2 billion pounds per year, this mainly includes potatoes, apples and slices of bread that are wasted. Salads are played to a large extent as well.


According to a recent study, around 80 kg of food is played per person each year, of which more than half comes from the domestic sector, 20% from retail markets and 17% from restaurants and cafes. The necessary measures are being taken to reduce waste.


Waste is also a cause for concern in Norway. Around 60,000 tons of waste comes from the food industry, 68,000 from retailers and 231,000 from households. The food wasted is around 620 kg per person every year. According to a survey, 90% of retailers’ waste is the food they won, including breads, bakery items, vegetables and fruits, fresh seafood.


Although Canada is a developed country, it has faced the problem of food waste. Each month, a total of 17.5 million food is played by residents of Toronto. Each family plays around 275 kg of food each year in Toronto. In the country as a whole, 51% of the waste comes from households, 11% from retailers, and 18% from food packaged and processed.


It is a Scandinavian country with a population of 5,707,251 in Europe. Food waste has become a very critical issue in the country, after several studies have shown that around 700,000 tons of food is wasted each year, costing about 11 billion Danish kroner annually. And 260,000 tons of waste came from the domestic industry and 133,000 tons from the food industry.


Australia as a country consists of main Australia, Tasman Island and a few smaller islands. According to the area, it is the sixth largest in the world with a population of 24,166,800. Each year, 400,000 tons of food is wasted, which costs about $ 8 million; 345 kg come from each family, which is equivalent to 3 medium sized refrigerators. The wasted food includes 33% fresh food, 27% of leftovers, 15% of packaged and long-lived products, 9% of beverages, 9% of frozen food and 7% of food for travel.

1. U.S.

Commonly known as America or United States, it is a federal republic comprising 50 states and 5 territories. The territories are spread across the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. According to an estimate in 2016, it is the third most populous country in the world with 324,099,593 inhabitants. Agriculture constitutes 1% of its GDP and yet is the largest producer of corn and soybeans. America’s fast food industry is the largest in the world. According to a recent survey, almost 50% of all the production is thrown away, around 60 million tons, that is, a third of the food. Food wasted is the single largest occupant in America’s landfills. The annual waste per family is $ 1600. When the food is discarded, it produces methane, a greenhouse gas with greater potential for global warming, carbon dioxide.

Top 10 Countries With Highest Rate of Food Wastage