Top 10 Countries that Have Invented the Most Things in All Human History

Top 10 Countries that Have Invented the Most Things in All Human History


What is an invention? An invention is the result of any idea, device, method or composition of a process. And it could be a new development or other improvement of the existing design. For the selection, there are many countries that claim to be among the 10, but there are great disputes about the authorship and pioneering of several discoveries, so making the selection is a difficult task. To reach the final 10, forums such as Quora and CanadianContent were searched, with the support of Worldknowing and Eupedia sites, very useful. In this selection are highlighted the 10 countries that invented more things in all human history. Source:


In addition to being world leaders in body odor for centuries, the French are also one of the 10 countries that invented most things throughout human history, including, of course, perfume. Some inventions from France, pasteurizing, Braille, canned, hot air balloon, mayonnaise, metric system, sewing machine, refrigerator, electric plane, tobacco pipe, humanoid robots, hair dryer, triathlon, pencil sharpener, stethoscope , gothic art, oboe, gambling and card games, and cinema.


The non-violent half-brother, good-hearted and without malice in the United States, is responsible for some of the greatest inventions of all time. Insulin as diabetic treatment, superman, standard time, basketball, canola, AM radio, prosthetic hand, goalkeeper mask, sonar, instant replay, incandescent lamp, ziper, trivial pursuit, ice hockey, electron microscope.


From what is pointed out, and from history, it is safe to say that the main interests of the Russians depended on transport and war. Examples of Russian inventions are railway wagons of electric power, video recorder, radio, helicopter, solar cell, rifle, narcosis, heart-lung machine, first plane, passenger jet.


Just as Greece is presented here as a courtesy of its various ancient inventions that helped to found the whole of Western civilization, China worked miracles for Eastern development. Most of these creations eventually spread all over the world, modifying the rest of the planet in the most incredible ways. Examples are paper, gunpowder, fireworks, compass, alcohol, mechanical watch, tea production, silk, umbrella, acupuncture, cast iron, porcelain, earthquake detector, brass, toothbrush, paper money, menus of restaurant, tofu, and toilet paper.


Along with Greece, Italy has been the basis of Western society, and proof is right there in the city of Rome. It is possible to quote from inventions the jacuzzi, original telephone, jeans, newspapers, battery, radio, piano, benches, espresso machine, liposuction, ballet, ballistics, botanical gardens, carbon paper, dentures, cologne, glasses, film festival, herbarium , Latin alphabet, mafia, microscopic anatomy, nitroglycerin, nutella, opera.


The Germans are responsible for an incredible number of discoveries and creations that have benefited the world for hundreds of years, and this must be acknowledged. Some examples of the great German inventions, airbag, aspirin, automobile, bacteriology, beer, chip card, plastic ecoflex, helicopter, jet engine, MP3 format, nuclear fission, radio controlled clock, scanner, small format camera, social legislation, tape recorder, theory of relativity, pill, toothpaste and X-ray technology.


From the most physically tangible, to the most abstract, they are the cement of modern Western society. Some inventions alphabet anchor alarm clock automatic doors cartography catapult central heating clock tower coin crane ark democracy geometry historiography lighthouse math medicine odometer olympics philosophy physics plumbing , poetry, sinks, showers, spiral staircase, steam engine, topography tools, thermometer, urban planning, vending machine, water mill and wheelbarrow.


These people, although primarily responsible for the current technological world, are mainly recognized for their strange creations than for their daily creations. Japanese inventions, karaokese, pocket calculator, flat screen, digital SLR camera, video cassette, high speed passenger train, portable music player, floppy disk, compact disc, DVDs, walkman, electric rice cooker, flash memory, card memory, video games platform, karate, blu-ray disc, android, katana, jet ski, LED lights, fiber optics, cell phone camera, and an insane number of martial arts.

2. U.S.

241 years and a few cents ago, the United States reached the emancipation of the homeland England, and did not waste time since time. Examples of inventions of the United States are the modern suspension bridge, condensed milk, machine gun, phonograph, electric light lamp, photographic film, skyscraper, disk recorder, mousetrap, cotton candy, electric light, liquid fuel rocket. Still modern digital computer, nylon, microwave oven, nuclear bomb, credit card, disposable diaper, nuclear submarine, integrated circuit, first laser, magnetic tape card, light-emitting diodes and picture displays, email, Internet, personal computer, video game and the first cell phone.


Even though all of Britain, not just one, has authored over 50% of the world’s inventions throughout history, England on its own, as a country, is still the champion without a doubt. Examples of inventions from England telescope reflector, marine chronometer, seeder, spinning reel, gaseous water, hydraulic press, steam engine, glider, Football, Cricket, Rugby and Tennis. And voltage wheel, can, modern fire extinguisher, electric motor, waterproof material, passenger rail, lawn mower, photography, electric telegraph, bar of chocolate, toothbrush, hypodermic syringe, synthetic dye, linoleum, sewage system , modern torpedo, telephone, steam turbine. Plus pneumatic tire, thermal bottle, electric vacuum cleaner.

Top 10 Countries that Have Invented the Most Things in All Human History