Highest Average Height

Top 10 Countries With the Highest Average Height


The field of science that is responsible for the research of human growth is called Auxology. A large number of interesting discoveries in the area of ​​human growth recorded through these surveys. The average height between different ethnic groups varies. It is also determined that men are on average taller than women. Genetics plays an important role in determining the person’s growth and height. If a family has a history of short stature, it is very likely that descendants will also carry this trait. The same goes for tall people. One study showed that the height of the parents is connected with the height of their children in an interesting way. The height of the mother is linked with the height of the male child, and the height of the father is linked with the height of the female child. That means that the mother is less than average, her child will probably be low as well. If the father is taller than average, the possibility is that the daughter will be taller than average as well. There are several abnormalities that can appear when it comes to human height, gigantism and dwarfism being the most common. Gigantism is usually characterized with above-average height , which is caused by growth hormone being produced more than it should. People with a height of 2.13 m to 2.74 m are considered to have gigantism. Dwarfism, on the other hand, is caused by the slow production of growth hormone and causes a person to have less than the average height. Adults with heights less than 1.47 cm are considered to have dwarfism. In relation to this selection, studies are used that show the mean of the male and female height classified by the countries. Using these studies, the mean height of the man and the average height of the woman in a country are combined to obtain a general average in the same country. Source: aristmarketing.com


Although Germany is in 4th place when it comes to the average height of men, at 1.81m, women have a mean low height of 1.65cm. The average height is 1.73 m, with Germany tenth in this selection of the 10 countries with the highest average height in the world.


The average height of men in Belgium is 1.78m, and that of women is 1.68m. So, when speaking of height of population, Belgium stands out with an average overall height of 1.73.35 m.


In Austria, men are 179.2 cm tall on average and women present themselves with an average height of 167.6 cm, the overall average height being 173.4 cm.


Croatia is at the top when it comes to the average height of men, which is equal to 1.80 m, but women are low, with 1.66 m. They place Croatia in seventh place in this selection, from the 10 countries with the highest average height in the world, with a general average of 173.41 cm.


The women in this country are among the highest with 167.6 cm of average height. But the men are not so prominent with their 179.8 cm, the overall average height being 173.7 cm.


When speaking of the Czech Republic, men registered a mean height of 180.3 cm, and women, 167.2 cm, with an overall average height of 173.75 cm. This country is considered developed, and advanced economy, presented high living standards. The UN classification for the Czech Republic is like the 14th in human development with adjustment to inequality.


The women in Slovenia register height of 167.4 cm, and men 180.3 cm. The average height of Slovenia is marked by 173.85 cm, in the fourth position in this selection, of the 10 countries with the highest average height in the world.


In this country the men stand out with an average height of 182.4 cm, and the women register in relation to the height, the average of 167 cm. So the average height of this country is 174.7 cm.


The men of Denmark, on average, stand out with height of 182.6 cm, and women with average height of 168.7 cm. Thus, the average overall height in this country is 175.65 cm.


The Netherlands is the leading position in this selection of the 10 countries with the highest average height in the world. There is something in this country that makes people grow a lot. And it has the average of superior height for men and women, respectively of, 183.8 cm and 169.9 cm, and being general average of height of 176.85 cm.

Highest Average Height