Top 10 Countries With the Highest Cancer Rate in the World

Top 10 Countries With the Highest Cancer Rate in the World


Cancer is a terrible disease that contains irregular cell growth that occurs in specific organs and tissues of the body. And it metastasizes to different parts of the body, eventually causing organ failure, and ultimately, the death of the patient. There are many factors that result in this disease as carcinogens in food, contact with carcinogens such as those in tobacco smoke, contact with radiation that includes prolonged access to sunlight, hereditary factors, few viral infections, etc. In this selection are highlighted the 10 countries with the highest cancer rate in the world. Source:


Of all European countries, residents of the Czech Republic have the great burden of cancer. The most general form of this disease in the country is skin cancer, non-melanoma. It is analyzed that the total of 736 men and 648 women out of 100,000 people in this country is diagnosed with this disease. In this country, the overall death rate is around 263 deaths per 100,000 people, which is a major concern for its citizens. The categories of breast, lung, and prostate cancer have high rates here.


The main reasons that lead to the diagnosis of the disease are aging and interruption in diagnosis. In the past year, an estimated 102,900 Canadian men were diagnosed with cancer, while 41,700 men died of cancer. Looking at female patients, the total of 99,500 women was diagnosed with cancer, while 37,100 women died of this terrible disease.


In Norway, breast, lung, prostate, and colon cancer are very prevalent. It was noted that the total number of cancer cases in the country, recorded in the year 2012, was 30.99. Close to half the cases in this country are discovered at the age of 70 years. Breast, prostate and lung cancer and colon cancer are very common which account for about 45% of the total cancer burden in Norway.


Initially in the year 1954, the first breast cancer was monitored in Belgium. This is the most common form of cancer in the country, and its rates are growing rapidly and threatening the nation. After analysis, it was found that the rates of cancer in Belgium are higher in the age groups between 35 to 49, as well as 50 to 69. The Belgian Registry of Cancer has estimated that in the year 2025, there will be around 12,000 new diagnoses as compared to number in the year 2013.

6. U.S.

Most cancer patients in the United States are due to unreasonable lifestyle, unnecessary smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption. Recently, the government is increasing diagnostic services and noting the precarious increase in their numbers. Health professionals have mentioned that most of the cancer in the country is due to the unhealthy lifestyle of its residents. People in this country are more likely to be overweight, drink large amounts of alcohol, and have a sedentary lifestyle compared to other parts of the world.


In comparison to many countries, New Zealand also has the extreme amount of cancer patients. In this country, lung cancer has increased and almost 3,000 women are diagnosed with this terrible disease. New Zealand currently has the highest rate of melanoma skin cancer worldwide, obscuring Australia as the most insecure region to be open to the sun.


It is suspected that dietary supplements in this country are leading many to discover cancer; the additional causes of cancer are smoking and alcohol use in France. It is known that nearly 2% of women and 29% of men in France are facing the cancer problem. Of all, the main one is prostate cancer, the most common form of cancer that shakes French men, who observe a great leap from a survival rate of 72 to 94%.


Australia is also prone to cancer and almost 126,800 cases of this disease are to be analyzed this year, however, the number is reportedly likely to rise by 50,000 by the year 2020. The aging factor in Australia is vital to consider, since people who get older suffer from this disease in the country. It is verified that the most prevalent here is lung and breast cancer among women.


Ireland is in second place in the selection, because here the cancer is diagnosed mainly due to bad luck, and additional reasons are the generic bases, as well as the factors of lifestyle. However, the main reason in Ireland for prevalence of this disease is smoking and alcohol consumption. It is known that every 3 minutes in the country, a person faces a diagnosis of cancer, every hour a person dies of cancer. The reason for placing this country in the selection, is that here an average of 40,000 new cases of cancer is analyzed each year. The most prevalent cancer diagnosed in Ireland is skin, prostate, breast cancer, bowel cancer and lung cancer.


Although Denmark is a developed and civilized nation, it has the highest cancer rate in the world. The country is even named as the cancer capital of the world, having 326 people in 100,000, suffering from this deadly disease. The main reason behind this very high rate of cancer is that most Danish women are smokers, while the country is also even prone to high level of alcohol consumption. Another reason why Danish people are primarily susceptible to this disease is that their advanced diagnosis of disease identification is very good, implying more numbers of cases being chosen by doctors as compared to most other parts of the planet.

Top 10 Countries With the Highest Cancer Rate in the World