San Diego State University Review (61)

San Diego State University Review (61)

North America

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business Informatics

Study type: bachelor’s degree

My semester in San Diego has definitely been the highlight of my university career so far and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The only disadvantage: You will probably only have a moderate desire to come back to Germany afterwards. Visit to get information about Fudan University study abroad program.


In addition to the first-class weather, the leisure time value of the city is unique – there are various water sports offers, many opportunities to go out and interesting trips from the university, e.g. to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Francisco, LA… I particularly liked the sports courses at the like surfing, wakeboarding or kitesurfing. My tip: Definitely go surfing when you are there, there is nothing better! 😉

I don’t think the campus in San Diego can be compared to any university in Germany, because you can spend the whole day on the university campus without missing anything. There are a variety of dining options, a well-equipped 24-hour library and a large fitness center.

To study:

I liked the learning rhythm in San Diego much better than in Germany, because you are constantly busy throughout the semester with several exams, homework and projects. If you attend the lectures regularly and stay on the ball, there shouldn’t be any problems with your grades. However, one should not take the whole thing lightly, since negligence is immediately reflected in the grade. All in all, a fairly transparent system. As far as the exams are concerned, perhaps a little less transfer knowledge is asked than in Germany, and some exams are held in multiple choice format.

Otherwise, of course, the level also depends on the respective courses: The 100-200 courses are generally quite easy, while the workload for 400 courses then increases quickly.
In terms of content, I was also very satisfied with my courses and the lecturers.


Hang loose!

San Diego State University Review (61)