San Diego State University Review (8)

San Diego State University Review (8)

North America

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: psychology

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego.

The city is rightly called America’s Finest City. If you are considering doing a semester abroad in the USA and, in addition to the university, want to learn to surf, sizzle in the sun and meet nice, relaxed people, then SDSU is the right university for you. The weather is great even in January, in San Diego itself there is so much to see and experience that you never get bored and yet the city is not as confusing as other metropolises.┬áVisit to get information about San Francisco State University.


Before my arrival, I had secured a room in a 4-person flat share in the Piedra del Sol Apartments on campus. On the one hand, that was of course great, because I didn’t have to run out and look for a car and an apartment right away and was always able to get to my lectures quickly. On the other hand, if I could choose again, I would probably move closer to the beach. In Mission Beach or Pacific Beach you are definitely in good hands. The rents here are a bit more expensive on average, but you live right by the sea and have no problems finding your way back to the college area at night, which costs around 40 dollars by taxi. Luckily I had many acquaintances in PB/MB and I could always crash a couch.


A car is definitely a must in San Diego. At first I tried it without a car and believe me, it’s not fun. You don’t get very far in California with public transport, the networks are not well developed, the trolley only runs until 12 o’clock in the evening and you often meet strange characters on the buses. So get a car. Driving in America is totally relaxed anyway, petrol costs a fraction of the price in Germany and you are independent. Highly recommend Dirt Cheap Car Rental. Even if the cars are dirt cheap in the truest sense of the word, I never had any problems with them.
Buying a car is always something like that. You never know what kind of cart you’ll get turned on. I first wanted to buy a car with a roommate, but then we totally broke in and decided to rent one instead. It’s cheap ($350/month), convenient, and hassle-free when repairs need to be made.

Campus & course crashes.

The campus itself is beautiful, palm trees everywhere, a turtle pond and even a campus pool facility that is free to use. There’s a huge gym, the Aztec Arena, and tons of fast food places. Since I’m studying psychology in Germany and most of the exchange students chose something in the direction of business administration/management, I didn’t have any problems with the course crashing. In addition to Career Opportunities in Psychology (201), Developmental Psychopathology (333) and Psychology of Human Sexual Behavior (355), I have also taken a surf course and Spanish 101 with Roberto Plancarte. Totally recommended, very funny dear old man!

Party Party.

There’s always something going on in San Diego. Taco Tuesday takes place every Tuesday. Highly recommend the Typhoon on Garnet Ave in PB. This place has good music and the best chicken tacos I’ve ever eaten. Wednesday Wings Wednesday at Bub’s Dive, where you can get the wing for 25 cents. Thursday Thirsty Thursday at the Beachcomber in Mission Beach with long drinks for 1-2 dollars from 9am. Friday/Saturday you can go downtown, where it’s a bit more expensive and fancier. But if you put yourself on the guest list via Facebook beforehand, you often save the 20 dollar entrance fee. Since I lived right next to Fraternity Row on campus, I often went to a frat party. Admission is usually only granted to women, and the party is ended by the police at midnight at the latest. So be there early. :

What else to see.

Since I didn’t get credit for courses at my home university anyway, I had enough time for excursions, road trips and other activities. In San Diego itself you should have watched a basketball or football game. In La Jolla you can dive for leopard sharks and with Coronado Island you have the beach on your doorstep, voted several times the most beautiful beach in America.
There are also very nice beaches in Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and Surf City USA Huntington Beach, about 1 hour north of San Diego. Los Angeles is about 2 hours away. Calculate a bit more, on the route and within LA there is actually always traffic jams. San Francisco is about 9 hours from Diego but well worth a visit. Be sure to check out Vegas, the city is amazing. I’ve been there four times and it never got boring. Otherwise I was in the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Seattle, at the Hoover Dam, in Tijuana and at the very end in Hawaii.


So dear people, enjoy your time in America’s finest city. It will definitely be the best of your life! I haven’t regretted going to San Diego for a moment!!!

San Diego State University Review (8)