San Diego State University Review (6)

San Diego State University Review (6)

North America

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: Business

Study type: semester abroad

Advice and application process

MicroEdu’s advice was absolutely helpful. After a pre-selection on the website, I made an appointment for a personal consultation in Münster, where a lot of time was taken for me and all my questions were answered in detail. After I decided to go to San Diego State University, I downloaded the application forms and the associated explanations. Even though everything was explained very well, MicroEdu was always available for questions and answered very quickly. Before sending, the complete application was checked again and then forwarded to the SDSU. A few weeks later, the confirmation of admission came to the house. I wanted to jump for air when I read it. Then it was all to make preparations such as B. Book flights. Visit to get information about San Jose State University study abroad program.


The studies at the SDSU started with a Welcome Week for the so-called Internationals. It was a bit of a shame that the event was only for Europeans and all the other Internationals had their own introduction. However, it was a very good opportunity to make contacts, after all, I also got to know my roommates there.

The course in general is very different from that in Germany. In the USA, a lot of value is placed on attendance and participation in lectures, which is reflected in the fact that this is also graded in almost all courses. In addition to the exam, there are also some additional services, such as B. homework or group projects to provide. I did n’t know campus life from Germany either. During the semester, the campus is packed with students and there is something new to see around every corner.Especially at the beginning of the semester there are numerous booths from student associations and other organizations on campus. The events of most sports, such. B. basketball, take place on campus, to which the campus is jam-packed.


The courses can be divided into special sessions, which are only offered to internationals, and on-campus courses with Americans. The range of special sessions is limited, especially for Master’s students in the Business Program. These are occupied during the Welcome Week. You should come to the appointment very early, as some courses can be fully booked. Despite the limited offer, I was able to get credit for all the courses I had taken at my home university without any problems. Those who value good grades without too much effort should take the courses “Entrepreneurship” with Prof. Sloan and “Seminar in World Business Environment”.consider at Lily Zhou. Every student gets an A, unless they have been absent too often or made other mistakes. The “Strategic Brand Management” course with Prof. Copic was more demanding. Here, homework had to be written and case studies worked on, which were graded strictly but fairly. However, the weekly effort was very high compared to other courses. But no student graduated worse than a B or B- here either. However, the level of the lectures cannot be compared to the German standard and is significantly lower in some courses.


Rental costs in San Diego are considerably higher than in Germany. Especially in the popular areas of Pacific Beach and Mission Beach, the rent here is at least $700 for a shared room (exceptions prove the rule). However, I can absolutely recommend staying in this location. You have the beach and the bay right in front of the door. So just grab a beach towel and enjoy the sun on the beach. The area is also ideal for jogging, cycling or playing beach volleyball.The way to the university is a bit longer (approx. 20 minutes by car), but since there is hardly any way around a car, this is not a problem. In PB or MB you will also meet many other internationals, which affects the frequency of parties has a positive effect. There are also some bars and clubs especially in PB. Even if you want to discover other clubs, you always end up in the Backyard.;-) The only pity is that everything closes at 1: 30 am.

However, if you prefer to live near the university, you should assume that although the rents are lower, the contracts often have a term of one year and you have to find a new tenant after the semester.


There is a lot to do and experience in San Diego and the surrounding area alone. Those interested in sports can attend games of the SDSU Aztecs or the San Diego Padres. Tickets to Aztec football and basketball games are free at the University. There are many museums to visit in Balboa Park, Downtown. A little tip on the side: On every third Tuesday of the month, these are free for students. But even so, Balboa Park is worth a visit. In addition to the beaches, there are other day trips in nature. Here the Sunset Cliffs, Potato Chip Rock, Mt. Soledad, La Jolla Cove, Point Loma (Cabrillo Monument) and Torrey Pines were very nice to spend a few hours there. Downtown, Little Italy and Seaport Village including the USS Midway can also be explored very well in the city. Those who want to go shopping should visit the Las Americas Outlet Center just before the Mexican border or Fashion Valley.

Since you spend enough time in San Diego, you naturally want to discover other destinations. Tijuana in Mexico is suitable for a day or night trip. However, you should stay on the tourist roads and be prepared for a longer waiting time when re-entering the USA. Los Angeles is also not far (depending on traffic) about 2.5 hours by car and is very well suited for a weekend trip. We also took a trip of about a week to San Francisco, Yosemite National Park and back via historic Highway 1. San Francisco is a beautiful city with so many different things to explore. Even for those who are not as nature-loving as me, Yosemite National Park is a real highlight and one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. If you want to spend a weekend in Las Vegas, you can fall back on the party promoters, who regularly organize bus trips with accommodation to Vegas. Other worthwhile excursion destinations are Palm Springs with Joshua Tree National Park, but also Dessert Valley.


The semester abroad at SDSU was probably the best experience I have had in my life. Even if the months in the US were very expensive, it was definitely worth the experience. I met a lot of nice people on my trip and made new friends. The stay also helped me to improve my language skills, especially since I didn’t only live with Germans, so only English was spoken at home. From the consultation and the application process to the end of my stay in San Diego, I was completely satisfied and happy.

San Diego State University Review (6)