San Diego State University Review (62)

San Diego State University Review (62)

North America

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego:

The city is beautiful. Beautiful beaches, lots to see and always good weather. I can only recommend the beach in Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach to everyone, the first impression is not deceptive. Pacific Beach is known for many bars and smaller clubs, so it’s a great place to go out in the evenings and during the day the bars broadcast lots of American football and even almost all European soccer games. However, if you are more of a club type, you should also look around downtown. SDSU itself regularly offers party tours where students pre-party with other students and then head to a club or bar together. Also, don’t miss La Jolla; I can only recommend everyone to visit the coast and go diving with the seals and, with a bit of luck, sharks and dolphins at least once. I can also advise everyone to hit the waves with a surfboard and maybe check out Seaworld or the San Diego Zoo. However, you should not necessarily rely on public transport, rather rent a car or even buy one. At this point I would like to recommend the Car Dealer Point Loma Pre Owned, cars can be bought here, which are then bought back by the company after X months under guarantee at a fair price. I bought a car here with a friend and never had any problems, on the contrary as soon as something went wrong. Visit to get information about California State University Chico.

There are plenty of accommodation options on the campus itself, but they are really not exactly cheap for the service offered. It’s also worth looking around on Craiglist (http: // for shared rooms, WGs or apartments. If you want to go to the beach, you probably can’t avoid the local vacation rentals. Unfortunately, many things are only rented out for a minimum period of 12 months, patience is required here. I can only recommend to everyone not to limit themselves to internet research! Especially if you are looking for an apartment on the beach, you should just go there and ask around, after all you can’t lose much and the people, especially the private landlords, are usually extremely friendly and happy to help. They even negotiate prices for you with other landlords over the phone. I can only advise against companies that make a profit from renting out the holiday apartments. Mission Beach Management in particular, which rents out numerous holiday apartments on the beach, is not really fun. They know very well that you need an apartment. In the end, I ended up in a (not yet a legal) dispute with my landlords, in which unfortunately the last word has still not fallen.

San Diego State University:

Oh well…. So if you think you can get a corresponding course offer for your $7000 tuition fees, you will quickly learn otherwise. Unfortunately, at this university you literally pay yourself stupid. The first few weeks of class crashing are quite stressful and unfortunately in almost all lectures places are given preferentially to American students, which means that in the first few weeks you try in vain to get a seat in a lecture every day. In the end, however, it works somehow! Whatever the reason, it works somehow in the end, so don’t give up in frustration and go home, somehow a not-so-bad timetable comes about in the end. The newly introduced special sessions, of which at least 2 unfortunately have to be booked, take a bit of the burden off your shoulders, but then you only sit in a lecture with international students. International means German. It really feels like 95% of the international students are German. So you fly around the world to sit with German students for 4 months in a lecture for indescribably high tuition fees, which is given by an international professor in semi-good English – well. But the tuition fees themselves are not the end of the story. The costs are piling up: you should calculate at least another 100 – 200 $ for books, calculators, etc. per lecture. All in all, everything costs extra anyway. You need specific pens, you need specific paper, you need specific scripts, etc. At the end of the day, you can also easily download your transcript as a PDF – for $7. The level of the lectures is also very limited, but that is by no means a disadvantage.  You have plenty of time to explore the west coast! Admittedly, besides all this, there is also a big plus point for the ENS courses that are offered by SDSU. If you take a surfing, sailing or other water sports course, you will receive an optional 1 unit. I can really only recommend everyone to attend the courses, they are really very entertaining and where else do you have the opportunity to learn surfing or kayaking! You also get to know other students very quickly here.

What to see:

Around San Diego there are numerous possibilities for tours, weekend trips or short vacations. I can only recommend seeing San Francisco and driving down Route 1 to San Diego. Short trips to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon or Mexico are also quite entertaining. Since LA is also only a stone’s throw away, it’s worth taking a look here as well, but I was rather disappointed with the city, because there really isn’t much to see there. But there is really a lot to see around California, you definitely won’t get bored!


All I can say is that I don’t regret coming to this city. The really paradisiacal atmosphere cannot weaken the sometimes exhausting time at the SDSU.

San Diego State University Review (62)