San Diego State University Review (3)

San Diego State University Review (3)

North America

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

Course choice

In advance, the American Language Institute (ALI) gives you the opportunity to choose so-called special sessions from home. You should be careful not to choose 4-unit subjects if you don’t want to pay more than the regular tuition ($6530) for 12 units.

I chose 2 special sessions from home, added a special session on site and “crashed” macro. The crashing sounds worse than it is – I just attended the course and at the end I was able to ask the lecturer if I could add the course and that worked without any problems. The books are relatively expensive, especially in the bookstore. It’s much cheaper to borrow books from Amazon or buy them used. Visit to get information about SSU study abroad program.

FIN 323 – Fundamentals of Finance – Dr. Kamal M Haddad
In my opinion, the course/lecturer was not very good, but I was able to use the book to prepare myself well for the exams in self-study.
In the end, however, the lecturer gave fair grades.
There are a total of 2 midterms and 1 final exam.

MGT 475 – Leadership in Organizations – Dr. Mark Nicholson
Very nice lecturer and fair exams. In addition to 1 midterm and 1 final exam, the students had to do a social project in teams (at the university or with the help of organizations) and give a presentation and write a short paper. Fair grading.

MGT 358 – Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship – Michael Sloan
In my opinion, the course was a bit chaotic at first. The aim of the course is to develop a startup idea and create a business plan. The lecturer seemed very demanding at first, but then gave quite good grades towards the end. 2 videos (5 minutes each), 1 final exam and a group paper of 20 pages were required.

ECON 320 – Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory – Robert Gordon
I think Mr. Gordon was a very pleasant lecturer, but there are no lecture slides. You only learn with the notes from the lesson, so you should usually be present, although attendance is not checked here.
Before each exam, the lecturer provides a study guide that precisely covers the exam content.
There are 3 exams in this course (2 midterms + 1 final).

Luisa: Pacific Beach!
I first booked a hostel for the first 5 nights and went looking for an apartment there. At first I had a bad feeling about coming to SD without an apartment, but it totally paid off! You can find a wide range of offers via Craigslist and all Facebook groups.
The location is perfect in my opinion, near the beach and near Garnet Ave (that’s where most of the shops, bars, clubs and restaurants are. I lived with 2 German and 2 Danish women, which was very good, especially for English. I would have I like living with Americans, but it’s very difficult because most US students live on campus, but it’s really isolated there and doesn’t have the real beach life (and that’s why you come to San Diego);).


Whether you live in the College Area or in PB/MB, a car is a must.
We rented our car from Dirt-Cheap Car Rentals for a total of 5 months. The three of us paid around $4,000 for the most expensive category, but we also got a 2012 Ford Focus and were very satisfied. The car is checked and cleaned once a month. In addition, we booked the “permission” to go to Las Vegas and San Francisco, which also drives the price up a bit. In hindsight, it’s not worth it that much. We only had one problem with the car but they immediately replaced it and were really helpful and friendly. Since there is no young driver fee (for under 25 year olds), it really is the cheapest option.


During the weekdays, Pacific Beach or Mission Beach is best. In Garnet Ave in PB you should definitely go to Typhoon or the Tavern on ‘Taco Tuesday’. On Wednesday and Thursday there are $1 or $2 parties at Beachcomber in MB. On Wings Wednesday you can also eat wings in various restaurants and pubs for very little money.
Downtown is better on weekends. The best clubs: Stingaree, Fluxx, Rooftop 600, Bang Bang, Sidebar,… Party buses run back and forth for the clubs at the weekend and also during the week from PB and SDSU.

San Diego State University Review (3)