University of Winnipeg Review (8)

University of Winnipeg Review (8)

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Hello prospective customers,

I did a semester abroad at the University of Winnipeg in “Fall 2011” and I had a great time, so I would like to share my experience with you in a few sentences.


Manitoba is a flat country, but covered with many lakes. One could now think that without mountains the country is only good for “driving through”. No! I have had pretty cool experiences and therefore recommend everyone to take a closer look at the “flat land”. It is ideal for excursions, especially in summer. The “White Shell Provincial Park” or the “Grand Beach” are ideal destinations for relaxation. The car journey is a maximum of 2 hours, which is why such a trip is absolutely no problem during your studies. I can also recommend overnight stays in a wooden hut in the forest. Having the experience of spending a certain amount of time in the middle of nowhere (sometimes without running water) is simply sensational. This creates a certain group togetherness and great conversations accompany your adventurous day:-). Visit to get information about 3 best neighborhoods in Madrid.


Winnipeg is a pretty pleasant city in terms of size (you can google data on Wikipedia, for example), which is also very pleasant to live in thanks to the citizens. The two longest streets are Portage Ave and Main Street, but that’s not the only reason why you should spend a lot of time there. Restaurants and grocery stores, as well as shopping arcades and the great MTS Center (venue for the Winnipeg ice hockey team “Jets”) adorn these two main streets splendidly. The “Osborne Village” and the “Exchange District” are also worth a visit. There you will mainly find the extravagant side of Winnipeg, as well as cute cafes and second hand shops. Not to be forgotten is the “Polo Park” with all its facades.

Depending on the season, you can do a variety of things, it is definitely great to hang out in “The Forks” in warm temperatures or to do a few laps of “ice skating” on the frozen Red River in winter. If you get hungry afterwards, you could treat yourself to a hot chocolate to warm up and later enjoy the well-known poutine.

This is just a glimpse of what to expect in Winnipeg. Unfortunately, Winnipeg cannot be compared to Toronto or Vancouver. But my tip is: After your exam phase, add another 2-3 weeks of vacation so that at the end you have explored Canada quite well and can tell everyone in Germany about it.


The university and university life in Canada are (as expected) quite different from those in Germany. The system (e. g. there are mid-terms and final-terms) and the composition of the grades are different. In my “Kinesiology and Applied Health” course (see: Sports Science) I had to take a test every week and submit numerous “evaluations”. Ultimately, however, I think it’s good because if you get a bad grade, you don’t have to expect a bad overall grade. I also liked the way the lecturers and students interacted with each other. Conversations were very pleasant and short small talks were not uncommon. This nips any language blocks and fears in the bud. I was particularly pleased that I always received a friendly, precise (and quick) answer to questions that came up, be it by email or directly after the lesson. Also worth mentioning are the campaigns organized by the university such as “Free Food and Drinks” as a starting aid for all first-time students. The university also has a great training hall (for all sports students), a delicious kitchen (for all hungry students) and a cozy Bibo (for all hard-working students). Friendly fellow students also make the difficult start of the “semester abroad” adventure easier.


The university facilities (Balmoral House, Lions Manor, McFeetors) are ways to enjoy campus life to the fullest. The following link gives you an insight: http://uwincampuslife. wordpress. com/prospective-residents/housing-options/. However, there is a risk that you will meet students who speak their own mother tongue and thus no English conversations can take place. So I made a conscious decision to work in an entirely English-speaking environment so that I chose accommodation in a “homestay family”. This is probably the perfect solution for all those who want to improve their English even more. I could only draw positive things from it, as I was taken to family celebrations, was allowed to experience Canadian food and the lifestyle and got to know students from South Korea and Turkey, among others. Which accommodation you ultimately choose is entirely up to you. The fact is, no matter which “accommodation” you tend to go for, I promise you a great time, in which you will meet numerous friends and have an unforgettable time. In my opinion, a semester abroad belongs in every CV and it also strengthens your own personality.

University of Winnipeg Review (8)