University of Winnipeg Review (3)

University of Winnipeg Review (3)

North America

I haven’t regretted the decision to spend my semester abroad at the university in Winnipeg for a second and even consider myself very lucky to have chosen this very place in Canada for my exciting stay abroad. Even if Winnipeg does not convince with its sights and international reputation, the residents do it with their incredible friendliness and incessant optimism. As is so often the case there, the beautiful is not recognizable at first glance, the city only reveals the interesting cafés, (dance) bars and the well-attended festivals after a long look. The winter also impressed me with its glittering snow and frozen rivers, which make the path of the longest ice rink in the world possible. Whoever gets involved with the city and the people can certainly make friends and impressions for life.

Application / registration / accommodation

The application process turned out to be easier than I would have thought at first. A few forms had to be filled out and signed. The required signatures from the professors could also be obtained faster than expected, because after all, nobody wanted to stand in the way of this unique experience. So I was able to send my application within a few days. I only had a bit of difficulty transferring the registration fees, but thanks to the MicroEDU staff, this was also quickly resolved. In general, all of my questions were always answered promptly, and even at the university in Canada as needed. After the confirmation of admission, an email came from Canada a few days later with a contact person on site who could be turned with even the most unimportant questions. I couldn’t have wished for better supervision and so nothing stood in the way of the semester abroad. Visit to get information about University of California San Diego study abroad program.

For the accommodation, I have chosen a host family. In the end, it was not only the cheapest, but also the most convenient solution. The contact person from Canada was always at my side, making the entire application process easier for me.

I applied for a family directly to the university at very short notice by filling out a single form. A week later I received an acceptance and a short profile of the family with the contact details. However, if you don’t feel comfortable in your family, you can change without any problems, as I was able to experience myself. After two weeks I moved in with an elderly lady who lived much closer to the university and who cooked three times a day for me and my roommate from Japan. It was a very pleasant atmosphere and so we three girls often had nice evenings and discussions. Especially on Thanksgiving and Christmas, I was more than happy with my decision to live with a family.

Arrival / settling in

The first days in Canada were very interesting and exciting. My family picked me up from the airport and a tour of the city made me familiar with all the shopping centers. The university’s orientation week began on the second day and you suddenly got to know an incredible number of people from all over the world. During the semester, excursions and various events were often organized by the International Student Office, so that you could quickly make friends and feel at home in a foreign country. In addition, the students at the university were very open to students from abroad, so that you could quickly build up a whole circle of friends.

University / classes / professors

The university is not only a place for studying and examining, but also the place where people meet and where occasional parties are held for students. Since many international students live in a dormitory right next to the university, it is a central place where you can relax and have a coffee in the cafeteria. In general, the university with all its buildings is located in the heart of the city, from where you can easily reach any interesting district by bus or even on foot.

Most, however, were happy to see the newly built fitness center. We were allowed to use this as students and thus shed our extra pounds.

The courses I chose (art history / history) were very interesting and complemented my studies in Germany with their subject areas. There were 10 to 30 students in my courses. The professors always made sure that every question was answered and that every student was able to contribute their part to the class. All of my lecturers were happy to have someone from Europe in their class and saw my different points of view more as enrichment and less as a burden. This gave me the confidence to take part in the class.

I was particularly pleased when one of my professors invited all of his students to a bar for a beer at the end of the semester and another professor even found me an internship at the Art Gallery.

A successful stay throughout!

University of Winnipeg Review (3)