University of Winnipeg Review (10)

University of Winnipeg Review (10)

North America


The University of Winnipeg is the smaller of 2 universities in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is located right in the city center, close to shops, supermarkets, bars and clubs. It is a young and modern university with a wide range of courses. Foreign students can choose courses from all of the faculties on offer. Since the course effort is quite high compared to Germany, especially during the semester, it is recommended to choose 3-4 courses. I took the Marketing, Canadian History and Urban Environment courses. The course level is roughly comparable to that in Germany, probably a bit easier. However, the course sizes are significantly smaller. In my classes we were between 30 and 40 students. The supervision by the lecturers is also much more intensive. Responses to e-mails were mostly returned on the same day and we students were always encouraged to come to the office hours or otherwise stay in contact with the teacher. In addition, evaluations of the lecturers take place at least once per semester. As already mentioned, the workload is very high during the semester. The lectures take place 2-3 times a week. In addition, at least one test is written in each subject during the semester. In addition, in 2 of my courses a term paper of around 10-12 pages was due, in Marketing we completed an online simulation followed by a presentation. And at the end of the semester there are the final exams. In Marketing we completed an online simulation followed by a presentation. And at the end of the semester there are the final exams. In Marketing we completed an online simulation followed by a presentation. And at the end of the semester there are the final exams.

Institutions that support international students are specifically the International Office and the Housing Office. The staff at the International Office are very helpful and you can contact them at any time if you have any questions. They also organize an orientation event before the beginning of the lecture period and various activities during the semester, such as a visit to a restaurant, visits to the Manitoba Moose ice hockey games or an excursion to goose watching. The Housing Office organized several parties for the residents of the residence, for example on Halloween. Visit to get information about top 5 MBA programs in the USA.

UWinnipeg offers 3 different accommodation options. I lived in the Balmoral Houses, which I can only recommend to everyone. I shared a house with 7 other students (Canadians and international students). Everyone had their own room; We shared the kitchen, living room, dining room and the 3 bathrooms. The Balmoral Houses are only a 5-minute walk from the university and you get to know other people very quickly and develop a sense of community. The houses are very comfortable and large, so that you never have the feeling of being in a dormitory. In addition, the common rooms were cleaned by cleaning ladies once a week. It is also possible to cook yourself and not have to use the overpriced meal plan of the university.


Winnipeg is not a beautiful city in the classic sense, but rather a North American city. As Canada’s seventh largest city, Winnipeg doesn’t get boring either. The 2 large malls “Polo Park” and “St. Vital Center “are great shopping opportunities, street parties are often held especially in late summer, and there are many student pubs and clubs in downtown. The districts “Osbourne Village” and “Exchange District” are very nice areas, with old houses, original shops, theaters and cinemas, vintage shops and cozy cafes. The area on the river “The Forks” offers a large market hall with beautiful shops (German chocolate !!), restaurants and souvenir shops. In winter, the sidewalks are turned into ice rinks and you can go ice skating. So you have to search a bit
About the weather: 2010 was an exceptionally beautiful summer and autumn. Even in October we could still enjoy the sun on the terrace. It got cold around the beginning of November. We had a lot of snow and sometimes icy temperatures. The lowest point during the day was -24 ° C for a few days, otherwise it was mostly around -15 ° C. The cold is definitely bearable with a good winter jacket and shouldn’t prevent anyone from going to Winnipeg! In addition, the university can be reached quickly from any dormitory, the shops are of course air-conditioned and downtown is easy to get from one place to another in the warm with the skywalks (covered walkways).


I had a great semester abroad at UWinnipeg and would recommend it to everyone to study there. It’s easy to get to know a lot of nice people from all over the world and also have a lot of contact with Canadians. Nothing stands in the way of a true Canadian experience in Winnipeg;).

University of Winnipeg Review (10)