University of Winnipeg Review (9)

University of Winnipeg Review (9)

North America

The semester abroad at the University of Winnipeg was characterized by a lot of great people, good living conditions and a lot of wonderful experiences.

I have chosen to live in the Lions Manor dormitory. Sharing a kitchen with 20 other students wasn’t always easy, but today I would choose the dormitory again. The lounge offers everyone enough space to get to know each other and to cook together and since you have your own room for sleeping and studying, you have space to retreat. From my point of view, it is a great advantage that living in Lions Manor is not linked to a meal plan in the university canteen. (The McFeetors dormitory is tied to a meal plan. So if you choose a room in this dormitory, you have to pay the cost of the meal plan) So you can decide for yourself when and especially what you want to eat. The food in the cafeteria consists of many quickly prepared fast food dishes and is rather one-sided in the long run. For this reason I preferred to cook independently.

The University of Winnipeg is located in Downtown Winnipeg and all dormitories are in the vicinity. This means that you can easily reach the university in 5-10 minutes, even in icy temperatures. To get to the university you do not have to rely on public transport, but you can always use it at the university and near the dormitories. Visit to get information about 7 facts about Rome.

Studying at the University of Winnipeg as an international student was a lot of fun. During the first week, we were introduced to life in Winnipeg and at the university with city and university tours, welcome parties and dinners. Participating in these activities gives you a good insight into all the important processes at the university and gives you a first impression of Winnipeg.
I took three courses at the University of Winnipeg. The number is freely selectable, although one should bear in mind that each course means more fees. The workload in the Canadian university system is distributed differently than in the German system. Three courses may sound like little at first, but each course requires term papers, group work is presented and tests are written. With three courses I covered the requirements of my German university and still had enough time to pursue all activities outside of university. I also had only positive experiences with the professors at the university. They try to integrate the international students into the lessons and to be available to them with questions about studying. The university’s events are also different compared to the German system. Work is carried out in small classes with more student participation and a more personal relationship with the professor.

The international office of the university helps every international student with questions and ambiguities. The staff is always open to suggestions and suggestions to bring the students closer to Canadian life. As a student, you feel that you are in good hands at the university and you know who to turn to if you have any questions.

The city of Winnipeg is the capital of the province of Manitoba and is located in the heart of Canada. Depending on your interests, Winnipeg offers a large number of recreational activities. As an international student is not only in another country to study, getting to know the other culture shouldn’t be neglected. Whether ice hockey of the Manitoba Moose, clubs and pubs, a large culinary offer or skiing, Winnipeg offers something for every taste. Cars can be hired to reach nearby Lake Winnipeg and Riding Mountain National Park and set out on the Manitoba prairie.

Winnipeg is not considered to be the safest city in Canada, but the University of Winnipeg tries to do its best to protect its students. With a security service that offers students a safe walk home and monitors the entire university with cameras, those responsible at the university want to give the students a feeling of security. Keeping your eyes and ears open and moving around in small groups at night also protects you from bad experiences.

The semester abroad in Winnipeg had a positive impact on me in many areas. I have become more open and flexible because you meet many different cultures and people and learn to be considerate of other people. I really enjoyed living in a country that was foreign to me and getting to know so many interesting things, which is why I would recommend everyone to do a semester abroad at the University of Winnipeg.

University of Winnipeg Review (9)