University of California Berkeley Review (46)

University of California Berkeley Review (46)

North America

University: University of California Berkeley

City: Berkeley

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: Summer Sessions

Since I’m just back from my summer session at UCB and I’m just thrilled, here is a small excerpt from my experiences in Cali. In total I was in Cali for 2 months and took a course in session A (6 weeks).

Application process:

Overall, it has to be said that the application process is really not rocket science. The whole process runs online with the help of a form and takes about 40 minutes. The application phase starts sometime in February and because we register via MicroEdu, we can register even before the actual public date. This in turn can be very helpful in courses that fill up very quickly. Visit to get information about University of Otago.

ATTENTION: At the end of the application process, you must also pay your course fees and fees with the help of a credit card. Make sure in good time that the credit card has enough money on it and that the high fees can also be debited from abroad (just ask the bank).
JAbout 4 weeks later you will get the confirmation (Confirmed class schedule, ccs for short) and you are there

I looked for a summer sublet (room in a shared flat for temporary rent) on Craiglist and paid $1500 for 2 months. Sounds like a lot at first (it is) but the prices for a room in Berkeley are all between $700 and >$1000.
I was lucky enough to stay with a friend in Berkeley while I was looking for a room, so I wasn’t in too much of a rush to find a room. Basically, I think it is quite possible to find a room in a short time, but you have to be quick. It’s best to call right away and ask if you can come by. I lived in College Ave and I have to say it was a great location because you can get to campus very quickly and that’s where life happens.;-)
The other possibility is of course the I-House, although that is quite expensive. However, the rooms are really okay and of course you get to know people really quickly, and YES you can find someone to celebrate with every day if you want. J

Campus / UCB:

The campus is just gorgeous in my opinion. The area and the buildings are impressive and exactly how you imagine a campus to be. There are green spaces everywhere to relax or to do sports. The class rooms are also in top condition as far as I can tell and the multimedia technology is up to date.
There is a $10 opportunity to get a Rec Center membership (Sports Center). The easiest way is if you go to the REC Center, register there directly with a form and pay the $10 cash. You can then use both the Rec Center and the gym at the stadium with your Cal1Card (student ID). You can also use the pools to swim or cool off on hot summer days.
The Rec Center offers everything you need: treadmills, cross trainers, sports halls, squash courts, weight rooms, and and and


I took the Marketing course and have no regrets. Since I usually study mechanical engineering, I had a few concerns, but because the professor (Karlinsky) was a really funny and sociable guy, I always enjoyed going to the lectures. The level of midterm and finals was relatively high, but nothing that you couldn’t master with a little learning effort. It’s purely multiple choice, means learning by heart. The final grade is not only determined by the 2 exams, but also by the participation, reports on cases and presentations.
I only took one course and therefore had more free time, but you also want to experience something when you’re over there. J

Berkeley and Surroundings:

Berkeley is a cool student town and because of its proximity to SF (approx. 20 minutes with the Bart) it is really nicely located. Unfortunately, there is not much to do in terms of celebrations (at least there are no clubs like you are used to in Germany) and the doors close at 2 a.m. like everywhere else in Cali. Still, Kips or Pappys are great places to fidget and the drinks are really affordable too (pitcher beer $10). And you always meet a few familiar faces. It’s also THE place to go to get invited to after-parties in frathouses or apartments.
Food-wise, Berkeley also has a lot to offer. For $10 you can eat really well. In my opinion, Thai Nudle II, Brasil Cafe, Burger in the Freehouse (a bit more expensive), and and and are recommended. And in SF of course In and Out Burger at Fishermans Wharf.  I think that San Francisco is one of the coolest cities in the world should be clear to everyone. Due to the good connection with the Bart, it is definitely worth several trips and even after 2 months I have to say that I have by no means seen everything and want to go there again!
But there are also nice destinations in the immediate vicinity. Yosemite was one of the most beautiful destinations, even if we only did a day trip there with a rental car. The theme parks Great America (below SF) and Six Flags United Kingdom (above SF) were awesome experiences too!
I can more than recommend a weekend in Santa Cruz, especially if you like to go surfing or just want to live the Cali lifestyle. I have seldom seen such a relaxed and casual town.

Cost point:

Now for the awkward part. The whole thing is of course not exactly cheap. Still, I have to say that I enjoyed spending every quarter and would definitely do it again. Even if you have to work hard for your money.
I think you have to calculate with around 5000€ in total. Then you really have a good time. And if you ever do something like that, you really shouldn’t pay attention to the money or turn every quarter twice. Just enjoy the time and have a good time. ONCE IN A LIFETIME!!

In conclusion, there is nothing left for me to do but say that it was by far the best 2 months of my life and I can only recommend it to anyone who can somehow find the time and money!

University of California Berkeley Review (46)