University of California Berkeley Review (5)

University of California Berkeley Review (5)

North America

University: University of California Berkeley

City: Berkeley

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: Business Administration, Economics

Study type: Summer Sessions

I attended the UC Berkeley Summer Sessions in the summer of 2010, taking an eight-week Session C course and a six-week Session D course. In retrospect, I can say directly that I have never regretted this decision! After arriving at San Francisco Airport, we first went to the accommodation for the next 8 weeks: The Residence Halls directly on campus. International students are also free to move into International House, where only international students live, or to look for accommodation on their own. The advantage of the Residence Halls is that you get so-called Meal Points, which you can use to buy food etc. anywhere on campus. Visit to get information about Study Abroad In California State University Los Angeles.

After a few formalities have been completed (handing over your university ID card, etc.), you are a registered student at the university and can access the same amenities on campus as regular students.

This includes, among other things, a membership in the university’s own fitness club (swimming pool, outdoor pool, fitness studio) for the sum of $10 for 2 months – all in all, more than fair. Unfortunately, the university sports are on the summer break during the summer sessions, so watching games and experiencing the university competition (e.g. with Stanford) were not on the program.

After we all registered there, we went shopping – of course, the signature shirts that are obligatory for US universities could not be missing.

After I had settled in at home, the first course soon started. This was absolutely feasible in terms of the claim. I chose an economics course for which I would have had to complete another US course first. However, my German basic courses were absolutely sufficient to be able to follow the material. The instructor himself was a doctoral student, but technically absolutely qualified and was also regularly available to answer questions outside of office hours. I changed my second course on site, which went off without any problems. Instead of taking a business course, I then took politics on site. Since this course included one more unit, I paid the outstanding amount using the university’s online tool and was immediately enrolled in the other course.
The examination performance differs from course to course; regular problem sets are common, but these can also be worked on in groups. In the economics course, there were also unannounced “pop quizzes” in which mainly definitions of technical terms were asked. In addition, of course, there are no exams, these take the form of mid-term exams, term papers and final exams. Of course, the effort required for these exams varies depending on the course, but in my courses the effort was absolutely manageable, leaving enough time for the attractions of the Bay Area.

San Francisco can be easily reached by bus and train from the university in Berkeley. Trains are free for enrolled students, so there’s nothing to stop the occasional trip. San Francisco itself is very reminiscent of European cities and is also considered the most European city in the USA. If destinations further away are to be headed for, there are general agreements with car rental companies through the university, so that if you are 21 years old you can also rent a car at a reasonable price. However, it is cheaper than the university agreements if you use the Alamo’s young driver PEP package with an international student identification card (ISIC). In this way we explored a large part of the Californian coast on the weekends.
If you don’t want to organize such trips yourself, there is always the option of attending one of the numerous events in the Residence Halls or the International House. There were regularly organized trips to outlets, amusement parks or other sights.

┬┤ A large proportion of the students are only in Berkeley for the summer, so that one can benefit from the cultural diversity and make many new contacts, which may also last beyond the period of study. At a German university you will rarely be able to enjoy such an inspiring environment. In addition, the quality of life in California and especially Berkeley is very high by American standards, which is also reflected in the weather, for example (a factor that should not be underestimated). Therefore, a clear recommendation for participation in the summer sessions or a regular semester!

University of California Berkeley Review (5)