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Guinea Shopping, Culinary, and Accommodation




You can find good deals in the markets. Popular souvenirs include the typically brightly colored clothing, wood carvings, leather runners with simple black and white designs, metal jewelry, native vinyl records, gourds and jewelry. Shop opening times: i. A. Mon-Sat 09.00-18.00.



Entertainment options include nightclubs and cinemas. In the streets you can often find singing and dancing groups playing traditional musical instruments or homemade guitars. Conakry is a lively music center, with the singing of the Kindia tribe being particularly beautiful.

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The capital’s restaurants offer Western cuisine, while restaurants in other parts of the country offer local specialties such as Jollof Rice and fish dishes, which can be heavily spiced. Rice is usually served as a side dish. The staple foods are cassava, yam and corn. Locals like to eat a very spicy corn chowder served in bottle gourds. Drinks: There is a wide range of alcoholic drinks available in the restaurants of the capital’s larger hotels, including good West African beers, which are also available in bars.



In Conakry you can find some expensive hotels with reasonable comfort, there are also some hotels in Labé, Kindia and Dalaba. Accommodation should be booked well in advance and require written confirmation.


Camping is not permitted.



Mostly Muslim (85%); Christian minorities (8%) and indigenous religions (7%).

Social Rules of Conduct

Although Islamic customs are not strictly observed, customs and customs should be respected. Everyday clothing is appropriate. Street crime is rampant, valuables should not be displayed. Before starting a conversation, you should greet the person you are talking to and ask them about their well-being. Photography: Permission from the Ministère de l’Intérieur et de la Sécurité is required, which must be requested in advance. Public facilities such as barracks, police stations, airports, seaports, customs and fire brigades may not be filmed or photographed. Tips: 5% service charge is usually included in the bill.


Best travel time

Tropical and sultry. Rainy season from May – October, dry season with harmattan winds from December – May. Monsoon winds from June to November.

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13,132,795 (Source: homosociety)

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Guinea flag vs map