Pomona College

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Pomona College

Prestigious member of the Claremont Colleges details its arts and sciences curriculums. Learn about shared Claremont programs.

Website: http://www.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Administrative Offices

Directory lists locations, email contacts, phone numbers, and Web sites for administrative departments from Admissions to Student Affairs.

Website: http://www.pomona.edu/Welcome/AdministrativeOffices/Director

Pomona College – Admissions

Overview for prospective students describes the academic philosophy and quotes from college guides. Check out applications and visiting suggestions.

Website: http://www.pomona.edu/Admissions/

Pomona College – Employment

Find out what jobs are available at this Claremont college, in terms of staff employment. Describes salary and experience requirement information.

Website: http://www.pomona.edu/ADWR/HR/staffjobs.html

Pomona College – Fellowship Listings

Provides a long list of fellowships and grants available to students. Posts eligibility requirements, and indicates the number of awards.

Website: http://www.pomona.edu/ADWR/cdo/students/fellowships/fellowsh

Pomona College – Financial Aid

Prospective and current students will find a guide to financing their Pomona education. Discover application forms, scholarships, and frequently asked questions.

Website: http://www.pomona.edu/ADWR/FinancialAid/

Pomona College – News & Events

Guide to happenings on campus features calendars and a media kit. Find official publications and press releases.

Website: http://www.pomona.edu/Events/

Pomona College – Office of the Registrar

Student records department presents course schedules, registration information, and instructions for getting a transcript. Check out rules for AP and transfer credit.

Website: http://www.pomona.edu/ADWR/Registrar/

Pomona College – Welcome

Introduction to this liberal arts college features links to maps, student and faculty data, and an administrative directory. Take a virtual tour.

Website: http://www.pomona.edu/Welcome/

Pomona College Events

Calendar lists past and upcoming events on campus. Find dates for alumni and museum exhibitions.

Website: http://www.pomona.edu/Events/Events/Calendar/

Pomona College Magazine

Publication appears three times each year and features news of the college’s campus, students, faculty, and alumni. Check out back issues or subscribe.

Website: http://www.pomona.edu/Magazine/