Pomona College Academics

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Claremont Colleges – German Language, Lit. & Culture

Offers courses and degree requirements. Find details on classes and locations, faculty and study abroad programs.

Website: http://www.german.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Academics

Guide to academic departments and programs at this liberal arts college features links to the curriculum and general education requirements.

Website: http://www.pomona.edu/Academics/

Pomona College – Anthropology

Read an overview of faculty interests, and learn about the research facilities available to students at this California institution.

Website: http://www.anthropology.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Art & Art History Department

Learn about studio art and history courses offered by this department and on-campus exhibitions. Overviews of the faculty and curriculum are provided.

Website: http://www.art.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Asian Languages and Literatures

Department offers courses and majors in Chinese and Japanese. Learn about links to the Intercollegiate Asian Studies Program.

Website: http://www.asian-language.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Astronomy

Check out courses, major requirements, and news about astronomy. The department also presents its faculty.

Website: http://www.astronomy.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Athletics

Physical education department is shared with Pitzer College. Check out courses, club sports, and Hens news.

Website: http://www.physical-education.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Biology Department

Students interested in this science can learn about Pomona’s biology major requirements. Browse a list of faculty members or check out the course schedule.

Website: http://www.biology.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Classics Department

Students can take courses in ancient Greek, Latin, and Hebrew through this department. Find major requirements, faculty profiles, and research materials.

Website: http://www.classics.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Computer Science

Program is offered jointly with fellow consortium member Harvey Mudd College. Check out courses, faculty, staff, and requirements for majors.

Website: http://www.cs.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Department of Chemistry

Claremont college provides the curriculum and research programs in chemistry. Contains a staff and faculty directory and the seminar schedule.

Website: http://www.chemistry.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Department of English

Literature program describes its classes, major requirements, and faculty members. With materials to help with college-level reading and writing.

Website: http://www.english.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Economics Department

Find an overview of this program as well as course and faculty profiles. Major requirements and department news are also available.

Website: http://www.economics.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Environmental Analysis Program

Interdisciplinary major examines the relationship between humans and the environment. Read about the faculty, courses, and the minor option.

Website: http://www.ea.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Geology Department

Geology department presents its faculty, resources and interest areas.

Website: http://www.geology.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – History Department

Find a list of courses offered by this department, get degree requirements, or access a directory of faculty members.

Website: http://www.history.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Math Department

Shows degree requirements, course offerings, awards, prizes, alumni information and math activities.

Website: http://www.math.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Music Department

Program offers courses in music theory and history. Discover major requirements, private lesson schedules, and performance groups.

Website: http://www.music.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Neuroweb

Department takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the nervous system. View course descriptions, departmental news, and a directory of research materials.

Website: http://www.neuroscience.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Philosophy Department

Check out the courses, major requirements, and faculty of this department. Special programs offered include Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and Cognitive Science.

Website: http://www.philosophy.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Physics & Astronomy

Meet the physics department’s instructors, staff and students. Find overviews of research projects, a list of classes and an interactive map.

Website: http://www.physics.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Politics Department

Political science and public policy program presents its major, minor, faculty, and student representatives. Check out course schedules and descriptions.

Website: http://www.politics.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Program in Molecular Biology

Interdisciplinary major is offered jointly by the Biology and Chemistry departments. Discover concentration requirements and faculty bios.

Website: http://www.molecular-biology.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Program in Public Policy Analysis

Students in this major combine public policy with the study of a natural or social science. Discover courses, faculty members, and internship opportunities.

Website: http://www.public-policy.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Psychology

Department presents its courses, faculty, and research materials for students. The official catalog entry includes major requirements.

Website: http://psych.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Romance Languages and Literatures Department

Students can major or minor in Spanish or French through this program. Read about courses, faculty members, and graduation requirements.

Website: http://www.romance-languages.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – Russian Program

Offers classes in Russian language, literature, and culture. Check out degree requirements and learn about grant opportunities.

Website: http://www.russian.pomona.edu/

Pomona College – School of Economics

Introduces the faculty members teaching in the economics department. Email the department to receive additional information.

Website: http://gsmith.pomona.edu/geninfo.html

Pomona College – Sociology

Check out courses, the major, and faculty profiles and research. Students can also take classes at nearby Pitzer College.

Website: http://www.sociology.pomona.edu/