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Local Community Colleges in California

Offers a list of all two-year community colleges and technical schools within California, including brief introduction and official website address.
  • Topschoolsintheusa.com: Intended to pursue an associate degree in the state of California? Here is a full list of both public and private community colleges within California.

Monterey, California

Monterey, United States, California, at Monterey Bay, 140 miles south of San Francisco; 29,200 in. (2005). Tourist center with many military schools and camps. Former port for sardine fishing.

Franciscan mission station from 1770, 1775-1846 capital of Alta California. Known from several of John Steinbeck's novels, including Tortilla Flat (1935) and Cannery Row (1945). Annual jazz festival, and a famous pop festival in 1967.

Los Angeles, California

According to Countryaah.com, Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States after New York, located in southern California, on the Pacific Ocean about 200 km north of the Mexico border. The city has 3,999,759 residents (U.S. Census, 2017).

In Los Angeles, people live in more than 140 different countries, and 224 different languages ​​are registered. 28.5 percent of the population is white (compared to 86 percent in 1940), while Latinos and Hispanics make up 48.6 percent and African Americans 9 percent.

The city is part of the metropolitan area of ​​Los Angeles - Long Beach - Anaheim (metropolitan area) with 13,353,907 residents (U.S. Census, 2017). The so-called Greater Los Angeles Area (combined statistical area) - also called The Southland - includes Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura counties.


Los Angeles has had several periods of very large population growth. Important reasons for this were, among other things, that a rail link was established in 1876 (Southern Pacific), the establishment of a stable water supply (Los Angeles Aqueduct in 1913), and not least that Hollywood became part of the city in 1910. The film industry was already well established here, and in 1921, more than 80 percent of the world's film industry was located in Hollywood and its environs. The industry greatly contributed to Los Angeles not experiencing the same dramatic decline as the rest of the United States during the 1930s depression. During World War IILos Angeles was a major center for the war industry with both shipyards and aircraft production. After the war, the city grew strongly, especially to a large extent, and gradually covered large parts of the San Fernando Valley. The development of the Interstate Highway system in the 1950s and 1960s further contributed to suburban development and the use of cars as the primary means of transport. The population trends in Los Angeles are shown below.

Los Angeles itself, which covers a land area of ​​1214 km 2, extends widely on the coastal plain between the San Gabriel Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Within the city limits are several independent cities, including Beverly Hills, Culver City and Santa Monica. The city is surrounded by a number of suburbs, and the area extends about 150 km west-east, from the San Fernando Valley to the San Bernardino Mountains, and about 75 km north-south from the mountains down to the Pacific coast.

The Los Angeles area has a sunny, semi-tropical Mediterranean climate. The average temperature in the coldest month (December) is 14.8 C, in the warmest month (August) 24.1 C. The modest rainfall (379 mm) falls mostly in the winter. The high vehicle density and low average wind force lead to frequent serious air pollution (photochemical smog), which causes eye disorders, among other things.

Transport and Communications

Los Angeles is the endpoint for a number of freeways and three transcontinental rail lines, and is a significant air traffic hub. In 2017, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) handled 84,557,968 passengers, making it the nation's second busiest airport after Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta. The city's port is in San Pedro with a large container port. The local transportation in the Los Angeles area is almost entirely based on private motoring. However, the construction of one of the world's most comprehensive motorway systems has not been able to prevent huge traffic problems with queues and congestion on the main roads. Now, however, one is planning to reintroduce the tram - in the light rail version, separate from other traffic.

Drinking water is sourced from the Colorado River, among other things, through the 385-mile Colorado River Aqueduct, completed in 1939, but drinking water supply remains a problem, and Los Angeles as well as the state of California still has litigation going on with neighboring states, especially Arizona, Colorado River water.


Los Angeles is the economic hub of Southern California and the city's business is diverse and covers a wide range, from agriculture that was once dominant, to oil production, manufacturing of industrial goods, banking and transportation. Los Angeles is the third largest industrial city in the United States, with a particular emphasis on manufacturing aircraft, cars and electronics. The city also has a significant engineering and mechanical, steel, confectionery, rubber and canning and petrochemical industries. The defense industry has been important throughout the post-war period. The film and television industry plays a big role, and the tourism industry also brings big revenue. In the vicinity, oranges, peaches and other fruits are grown by artificial irrigation.

The city is the seat of a number of universities and other higher education institutions. Best known is the State University, the University of California, which has a department in Los Angeles (UCLA), and the Methodist-Episcopal University of Southern California. In the suburbs is the state university's department in Irvine.


Los Angeles is a sprawling city with wide avenues and large parks and with predominantly detached houses outside the central districts. The city center is less developed than in most other major U.S. cities, and Los Angeles has often been jokingly referred to as "a thousand suburbs in search of a city center." The city center consists mostly of office and bank buildings. Prior to 1958, building height was limited to 13 floors, but after that time a number of high-rise buildings have been built in the downtown area, including First Interstate Bank (62 floors), Security Pacific National Bank (55), Crocker Center (53) and Atlantic Richfield Plaza (52). Here is also the city's Music Center, with the Walt Disney Concert Hall (designed by Frank Gehry) and the convention center.

North of the city center lies the movie city of Hollywood and a number of elegant villas (Beverly Hills), in the west seaside resort of Santa Monica. The San Fernando Valley (including Burbank and Glendale), on the other side of the Santa Monica Mountains, also belongs to the affluent areas of the city, with a predominantly white population. The ethnic minority groups are concentrated in specific areas. Thus, the numerous Hispanic population is particularly concentrated in East Los Angeles, while the black population mainly lives in Los Angeles' southern neighborhoods (including Watts). In 1965, Watts was haunted by serious riots, and in South Central, in 1992, there was rioting with major destruction, triggered by a video recording of police violence (the Rodney King case). Black residents and Oriental groups, especially Koreans, have also been spiteful, owning many stores in the poor areas. Otherwise, the oriental groups often live in their own enclaves (Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Little Saigon). Immigration from Mexico (chicanos) has created many Spanish-speaking barrios or colonias. Most of the industry is located in the south around the port city of San Pedro and Long Beach.

Allan Hancock College
Community college is located in Santa Maria on the central coast. Find departmental and admission information, or access student resources.

Allan Hancock College


Allan Hancock College - Italian Courses
Santa Maria, California community college shares news of its few Italian courses taught by the Department of Foreign Languages faculty.

Allan Hancock College - Italian Courses


American River College
Read the course schedule or find a list of the programs of study offered at this community college in Sacramento.

American River College - Scholarships
Learn about scholarship opportunities at this college. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more details.
Antelope Valley College
Lancaster community college serves students who live in northern Los Angeles County and eastern Kern County.

Bakersfield College
Community college offers resources for prospective and current students. Find out what courses it offers and access a faculty directory.

Barstow College
Public community college in Barstow discusses admissions, student services, employment opportunities, and academic programs.

Butte College
Survey this Oroville college offering campus info and links, a distance-education program overview, and course listings. Includes faculty pages.

Cabrillo College
Two-year community college in Aptos offers class lists, an admissions overview, student resources, news and events, and a profile of the school.

Cabrillo College - Employment
Institute serving the Santa Cruz community exhibits specifics pertaining to opportunities at its campus. Find job resources and contact details.

Cabrillo College - Engineering
Guide to this Santa Cruz county community college's comprehensive engineering program which prepares students for transfer. View the courses and meet the faculty.

Canada College
Small community college is located in Redwood City, just south of San Francisco. Learn about its academic programs and affiliated schools.

Cerritos College
School in Norwalk provides links to faculty, staff, administrators and students. Find campus photos and maps, and an information-request form.

Cerritos College - Architecture
Architecture program is offered through the Technology Division. Describes the program and lists classes.

Cerritos College - Poetry & Arts Club
Student group at the California college describes its history and goals. Check out photos, view a meeting schedule, or sign the guestbook.

Cerritos College - Scholarships
Take a peek at on-campus and off-campus scholarships for students. Includes awards by major and links to related sites.

Cerro Coso Community College
Member of the three-school Kern Community College District is located in east central California. Find details on the courses offered.

Cerro Coso Community College - Online Classes
Read notes on the required course prerequisites and submit the form to enroll.

Chabot College
Community college is located in San Francisco's East Bay region in the city of Hayward. Review its programs and find counseling information.

Chaffey College
Rancho Cucamonga community college serves the Inland Empire. Access career services resources or the course schedule.

Citrus College
Community college is situated in Glendora, in eastern Los Angeles county. Read about its regular classes and distance education programs.

Citrus College - Campus Security
Find recommendations and statements pertaining to campus safety and security from the crime fighters here. Displays traffic codes.

Citrus College - Disabled Student Program & Services
Locate accommodations such as assistive computer technologies, adapted testing, note takers, readers and interpreters. Includes contact numbers.

City College of San Francisco
Community college offers courses in more than 50 academic programs and over 100 occupational disciplines. Read about its programs and services.

Coastline Community College
Southern California school located in Fountain Valley details its courses, programs and admissions policies.

Coastline Community College - Scholarships
Find details about scholarships to outstanding students. Includes contact information and application deadlines.

College of Alameda
Find out what courses this small community college located in the San Francisco Bay Area offers.

College of the Canyons
Community college in Santa Clarita in Los Angeles county offers degrees in 42 disciplines and as many certificates in various areas.

Columbia College
Part of the Yosemite Community College district, this school describes its courses, student services, admissions policies and the local area.

Columbia College - Federal and State Programs
Provides a table of awards and scholarships to inform college students of available aid. Includes gift amounts.

Compton Community College
Provides online-course information, lists of campus departments and services, and a calendar of events. Includes contact information.

Contra Costa College
Find out about the certificate programs and associates degrees offered at this community college in Martinez in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contra Costa College - Scholarships
Investigate details about scholarships at Contra Costa College. Includes facts about merit and need-based awards.

Cosumnes River College
South Sacramento County college offers class schedules, FAQs, fee information, a payment coupon and an academic calendar.

Crafton Hills College
Learn about this two-year school's admissions, academics, student services, and administration. Located in Yucaipa.

Cuesta College
Just outside of San Luis Obispo, this community college offers resources for current and prospective students. Learn about distance education.

Cuyamaca College
Public community college in El Cajon features downloadable class schedules, a catalog, student-services info and a faculty directory.

Cuyamaca College - Scholarships
Find scholarships available to students sorted by category and date. Provides eligibility requirements, deadlines and award amounts.

Cypress College
Community college in Orange county describes its academic programs and offers access to separate sections for each of its divisions.

College of the Desert

Explore the resources of this community college in Palm Desert. Access sections about academic departments and how to apply.

De Anza College
Read about the academic programs, campus services and calendar of this San Francisco Bay Area community college in Cupertino.

De Anza College - Distance Learning
Cupertino college describes its undergraduate and vocational classes. Investigate the classes and resources for distance learners.

De Anza College - Programs for the Physically Limited
Cupertino, Calif., school offers a list of services and facilities, plus links to adapted physical education and career development.

De Anza College - Technical Communications
Peruse this complete overview of the program in technical communications at Deanza College. Includes curriculum, FAQ, bulletins and resources.

Diablo Valley College
Member of the Contra Costa Community College District has its main campus in Pleasant Hill and a satellite campus in San Ramon.

East Los Angeles College
College offering both academic transfer courses and occupational programs includes online enrollment, department homepages and related links.

El Camino Community College
Los Angeles-area college is located in Torrance. Learn about its degrees and certificates, as well as online tutoring and distance education.

Evergreen Valley College
Visit the central Web resource of this San Jose community college to get academic, admissions, financial aid and student services information.

Evergreen Valley College - Scholarships
Sift through details about scholarships available to college students. Includes a list of awards and an application package.

Feather River College
Public, two-year community college in Quincy provides a campus photo tour, a student-housing overview and program profiles.

Foothill College
School serving Silicon Valley and its surrounding communities presents an application, a program list and an academic calendar.

Gavilan College
Campuses are located in Gilroy, Hollister, and Morgan Hill. Check out class schedules, current events, admissions, and financial aid.

Glendale Community College
Access various resources provided for prospective and enrolled students of this community college in Los Angeles. Check which areas it serves.

Glendale Community College - Art History
Profiles art history instructors and describes departmental courses. Find out about course requirements.

Golden West College
Huntington Beach community college describes its academic programs, which include associate degrees and technology training courses.

Grossmont College
Scan this East San Diego County school offering class schedules, course listings, a campus-life overview and job opportunities.

Hartnell College
Located in Salinas, just a few minutes drive from the Monterey coast, this community college serves about 8,000 students.

Imperial Valley College
Community college situated in the Southern California city of Imperial provides resources for current and prospective students.

Irvine Valley College
Orange county community college provides access to its course catalog and details options for distance education.

College of Marin

Located in Marin county, this community college has campuses in Indian Valley and Kentfield and offers traditional and distance courses.

College of Marin - Financial Assistance Services
Provides a list of grants and scholarships available to college students. Posts award amounts.

Kern Community College District
District includes Porterville, Bakersfield, and Cerro Coso Colleges. Learn about courses, programs, and job opportunities.

Lake Tahoe Community College
Homepage of this South Lake Tahoe junior college describes its academic departments, class schedules, and employment opportunities.

Laney College
School located in Oakland offers student-services information, a calendar of events, and a campus map and directory.

Laney College - Labor Studies Department
Read about this community college's labor studies classes for the coming academic term. Includes links and a calendar of events.

Las Positas College
Access numerous resources for current and prosepctive students of this community college in Livermore in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lassen Community College
Comprehensive, two-year, public college is located in Susanville in Northern California. View a list of its educational programs.

Long Beach City College
Two-year school offers programs in business, social science, creative arts, applied sciences, language arts, and physical education.

Los Angeles City College
School located in the heart of Hollywood offers a campus map, instructional-television information, and a faculty and staff email directory.

Los Angeles Harbor College
Consists of enrollment information, campus news and events, a course list, student services and a college overview.

Los Angeles Mission College
Community college in Sylmar details its liberal arts, business, computer and engineering curriculums. Find out about online enrollment.

Los Angeles Pierce College
Campus in the LA community college system is located in Woodland Hills. Learn about registration, faculty, and sports.

Los Angeles Southwest College
Community college presents admissions and registration information, the school's mission and goals, a schedule of classes, and a school history.

Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
Provides college catalogs and class schedules, department pages, academic calendars, and information for international students.

Los Angeles Valley College
Provides catalog course descriptions, a phone directory, admissions information, a FAQ and contact details.

Los Medanos College
Northern California community college features student services, a course schedule by department, and sports schedules.

Maric College
With campuses in Vista and San Diego, this community college offers career education in nursing, allied health, and information technology.

Marymount College
Two-year college in Rancho Palos Verdes provides its mission and goals, community info, application form and overview.

Mendocino College
View the academic programs offered at this community college north of San Francisco, the students of which often continue on to Sonoma State.

Merced College
Serving the communities in and around Madera county, this community college describes student and college services and policies.

Merritt College
Community college in Oakland provides class schedules, a list of educational opportunities, contact info and a brief overview.

Mesa Community College - Architecture
Architecture and Environmental Design program prepares students for careers as technicians, architects, construction managers and draftspeople.

Mira Costa College
Public community college in Southern California is located in coastal Oceanside. See admissions details.

Mira Costa College - Architecture
Architecture program offers drafting and technology certificates as well as preparatory courses for a bachelor's degree.

MiraCosta College - Police Department
Find out about the missions, services and reach of authority retained by this school's agency. Details its community-oriented projects.

Miramar College
San Diego junior college provides pointers to admissions, academic programs, student services, and news and events.

Mission College
Prospective students of this Santa Clara community college can find out about tuition and admissions requirements. Includes an academic calendar.

Mission College - Degrees
Details the degrees available, and the requirements for each, from this Santa Clara, Cal. college.

Mission College - Financial Aid Programs
Get a brief overview of scholarship programs at Mission College. Includes contact details for more information.

Mission College Office of Admissions
Prospective students of this Santa Clara, Cal. college can find out about tuition and admissions requirements. Includes an academic calendar.

Modesto Junior College
One of the oldest community colleges in California offers a college catalog, course schedules, financial-aid information and campus highlights.

Monterey Peninsula College
Community college serves about 10,000 students details its academic programs for returning students and those headed to four-year institutions.

Monterey Peninsula College - Photography Department
Obtain news and workshop announcements from this photography education program in Monterey, Calif. View the instructors' online portfolios.

Moorpark College
Located in the foothills between Simi Valley and Moorpark, the school offers admissions information, class schedules and an academic calendar.

Moorpark College - Campus Police
Guardian outfit for this campus shares location information and outlines its recommendations for parking. Check fees and contact logistics.

Moorpark College Reporter
Moorpark College newspaper provides campus news, an entertainment guide, opinions and sports coverage.

Mount San Jacinto College
Institution with two campuses features degree information, campus organizations, student services and instructional departments.

Mt. San Antonio College
Mt. SAC is a community college located in Walnut in eastern Los Angeles county. Offers associate degrees to fulfill UC and CSU requirements.

College of the Redwoods

Coastal Northern California community college has three campuses in Eureka, Crescent City and Fort Bragg.

College of the Redwoods - Mathematics Department
Check out a catalog with class schedules and descriptions. Includes links to faculty web pages and department information.

College of the Redwoods - Plant Science
Read over the curriculum for the plant science option in the agriculture program. Lists course descriptions and links to the college newsletter.

Napa Valley College
School offers an application form, employment opportunities, student activity information and news. Also available in Spanish.

Napa Valley College - Criminal Justice Training Center
NVC furnishes details about its in-service and advanced training classes for law enforcement officers. Located in Napa, CA.

Napa Valley College - Public Safety
Contains information regarding security and services at the college's two campuses, and explains parking logistics. Check driving speed limits.

Napa Valley College - Scholarships
Take a look at information about scholarships and grants from this college. Includes a page on the foundation itself.

Ohlone College
Register for classes at this Fremont community college, check the course schedule and view sections on each of its instructional programs.

Orange Coast College
View the resources for prospective and enrolled students of this Costa Mesa community college. Read about its academic and vocational programs.

Orange Coast College Library
Access two searchable databases, Academic ASAP and Business ASAP, and link to Books-In-Print.

Oxnard College
Community college is located in Ventura county north of Los Angeles. Find out what associate degrees and certificate the school awards.

Palo Verde College
Blythe college offers its directory email list, a virtual library, academic-senate information, contact details and related links.

Palomar College
Two-year community college is located in San Marcos, in central California.

Pasadena City College
Los Angeles community college is situated pretty close to Carl's. Jackie Robinson, the Brooklyn Dodger great, attended classes there.

Porterville College
Southeastern Tulare County school describes its admissions policies, faculty members, athletics, and current events.

Rancho Santiago Community College District
Search for academic and campus-wide information about two community colleges in Rancho Santiago. Posts details about the district.

Reedley College
Learn about admissions, academic programs, athletics, and student services at this community college in the Central Valley.

Rio Hondo College
Community college is located in the Los Angeles city of Whittier. Learn about its traditional and online courses.

Riverside Community College
Two-year community college in Southern California's Inland Empire introduces its three campuses in Riverside City, Moreno Valley and Norco.

College of San Mateo
Community college is located halfway between San Francisco and the Silicon Valley and offers classes for traditional and adult students.

College of San Mateo - Engineering Department
Check out this California community college's lower division engineering program. Includes advice on engineering transfer schools.

College of San Mateo - Italian
Brief profile of the Italian section of the Department of Foreign Languages. Offers career ideas and reasons learning Italian can help students.

College of the Sequoias
Visalia, California, community college describes its academic divisions and offers resources for current and prospective students.

College of the Siskiyous
Northern Calif. community college is located in the city of Weed. Access the library catalog, learn how to apply and view course descriptions.

College of the Siskiyous - Library
Connect to a guide to English and American literature, to a scholarship guide, and to advice on how to buy a book.

College of the Siskiyous Upward Bound
Upward bound program provides tutoring, financial aid, counseling and assistance to motivated high school students.

Sacramento City College
College open since 1916 provides class schedules, off-campus-class info, an overview of student services and a list of instructional divisions.

Saddleback College
View the associate degrees, courses and certificates offered at this Southern California community college in Mission Viejo.

San Bernardino Valley College
Community college provides its course schedule, access to student support services, info on vocational education and registration details.

San Diego Community College District
District has three campuses in Southern California. Check out courses, a calendar of events, and degree or certification courses.

San Diego Mesa College
Two-year, accredited community college is located in San Diego proper near Mission Bay. Find out what courses it offers.

San Diego Mesa College - Financial Aid
Find out about awards and applications available to college students. Posts eligibility requirements.

San Diego Mesa College - Library
Find school hours, contact numbers, and links to the catalog. Includes a photograph.

San Diego Mesa College - Museum Studies
Fine Arts Department offers course descriptions and requirements for the Associate of Arts degree in museum studies.

San Joaquin Delta College
Community college in Stockton offers access to its course schedule, academic division info and admissions guidelines. Register online.

San Joaquin Delta College - ESL
Stockton, California-based school offers beginner to advanced-level classes in English as a second language.

San Joaquin Valley College
Private junior college offers its mission statement, campus locations, financial aid information and graduate placement overview.

San Jose City College
Those thinking of attending this junior college can find out how to apply, what courses to take and what student services are offered.

Santa Ana College
Two-year institution in this Southern California city discusses admissions, academics, student services, and upcoming events.

Santa Barbara City College
Community college displays for users academic and continuing education information and financial aid details. Register online.

Santa Barbara City College - Scholarships
Learn about the scholarship application process, or dig into a list of awards. Includes contact information.

Santa Monica College
Community college prides itself in offering a diverse environment for learning. Find resources for current and future students.

Santa Rosa Junior College
Community college north of San Francisco has campuses in Santa Rosa and Petaluma. Find out about its associate degrees and certificates.

Santa Rosa Junior College Library
Provides access to its catalog, to magazine articles and other databases, and to a collection of Internet references.

Shasta College
Community college is located in Redding and Provides materials on admissions, faculty, and financial aid.

Sierra College
Northern California community college serves residents of Nevada county. Find a course schedule and community education information.

Skyline College
Community college in the San Francisco Bay Area city of San Bruno details its academic programs for associate degrees and certificates.

Solano Community College
Access this Suisun, California, school's course catalog, job listings, financial aid office, library and counseling center. Meet the faculty.

Southwestern College
Public community college features an events calendar, student publications, campus resources, community links and its contact information.

Taft College
Member of the West Kern Community College District is located in Taft. Details its traditional and distance courses.

Ventura College
Accredited two-year institution presents a president's welcome, an athletic-program overview, class schedules and student activities information.

Ventura County Community College - Police Department
Office oversees laws, security and parking on the campus grounds. View statistics, contact information and staff lists.

Vista Community College
Downtown Berkeley college prepares its students to transfer to a four-year institution and also offers continuing education.

West Los Angeles College
Comprehensive community college in Culver City offers a range of courses of study, including dental hygiene and computer science.

West Valley College
Prospective and current students will find useful resources from this community college in Saratoga in Silicon Valley.

West Valley College Library
Search the catalogs and learn about the services provided to students, faculty, and the general public at this campus library in Saratoga, California.

West Valley-Mission Community College - District Police
Read about the programs, services and people that coalesce to keep this school network secure. Find a FAQ, contact data and a lost and found.

Woodland Community College
Two-year college serves the city of Woodland and other Yolo County residents. Check out the academic calendar, courses, and programs.

Yuba College
Marysville, California, community college offers its course catalog and schedule and department information. Includes a fire academy.

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