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Record Wired, The – Williams College

Find features, a section devoted to arts and entertainment, a sports page, and subscription details.

Website: http://record.williams.edu/

Williams College

Williamstown undergraduate college was founded in 1793, is coed and emphasizes the liberal arts. Includes a small graduate program.

Official: Website: http://www.williams.edu/

Williams College – African and Middle Eastern Studies

Provides a complete overview of the program. Includes faculty bios and a list of current students.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/african-mideast-studies/

Williams College – Alumni Association of Chicago

View photos from recent social events, or check out a calendar of upcoming activities. Also provides listings for Chicago-area jobs.

Website: http://wso.williams.edu/alums/chicago/

Williams College – Alumni Association of St. Louis

Events arranged by this Missouri club include local lectures by Williams professors. Get a list of the organization’s current officers.

Website: http://stlwilliams.hpp.net/

Williams College – Alumni Association of Washington, DC

Posts a large gallery of photos taken at social and charitable events in the area. Learn about the club’s other scheduled activities.

Website: http://wso.williams.edu/alums/dc/

Williams College – Alumni Association, New York City

Take a photographic tour of this clubhouse located in midtown Manhattan. Find out how to become a member, or read about reciprocal clubs.

Website: http://www.williamsclub.org/

Williams College – Alumni Club, Boston

Send an email to the officers of this regional chapter, or find a calendar detailing the club’s upcoming events. Includes Williams-related links.

Website: http://www.keyinfoinc.com/williams/

Williams College – Alumni Relations Office

Visit the homepages of several graduating classes, or find out about several special-interest alumni clubs. Includes instructions for donating.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/admin-depts/alumni/relations/

Williams College – American Studies

Posts major requirements, course information and faculty bios. Includes news and related links.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/acad-depts/AMST/

Williams College – Asian Studies

Check out the faculty bios and course descriptions for this program. Find out about endowments and careers.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/Asian/

Williams College – Athletics

Click on a sport to view schedules, results, statistics and team rosters. Includes a coach directory and departmental contact information.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/News/SportsInfo/index.html

Williams College – Biology

Find an introduction to the biology department at Williams College. Check out faculty bios, research and related projects.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/Biology/

Williams College – Chemistry

Use its periodic table to locate details about chemistry students, faculty and facilities. Also find research opportunities and related links.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/Chemistry/

Williams College – Dept. of Anthropology & Sociology

View photos of department events, find course syllabuses, and meet the faculty and students. Read news of job opportunities.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/AnthSoc/

Williams College – Economics Dept.

Check out the course offerings and programs for the economics department. Features recent honors theses, economic resources and faculty lists.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/Economics/

Williams College – English

Study the course offerings and degree requirements within the English department. Take a look at resources and related links.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/English/INDEX.htm

Williams College – Foreign Languages, Literature and Cultures

Study a foreign language at Williams College. Check out department information, faculty profiles and related events.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/CFLang/

Williams College – Graduate Program in the History of Art

Take a look at admissions information and program details related to this graduate degree. Includes faculty bios, resources, and contact information.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/gradart/

Williams College – History Department

History Department at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts furnishes details about course offerings and degree programs.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/history/

Williams College – Houston Regional Alumni Association

Regional chapter posts dates and venues for upcoming social events in the area. Register for the mailing list to learn of other local activities.

Website: http://wso.williams.edu/alums/houston/

Williams College – Japanese Language Program

Dept. of Asian Studies’ Japanese program offers various levels of courses in language writing, comprehension, reading and speaking.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/Asian/japanese.html

Williams College – Leadership Studies

Find out how and why leadership is studied. Take a look at an events calendar for the department or read about the curriculum.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/acad-depts/leadership/

Williams College – Libraries

Delve into FRANCIS, the Williams library catalog, or check out services and hours. Complete details on who may borrow materials are provided.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/library/

Williams College – Mathematics and Statistics

Peruse major and minor information for the mathematics department. Check out related links, resources, and research.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/Mathematics/

Williams College – Office of Admission

Located in Williamstown, this liberal arts college offers student and alumni testimonials, video clips of various classes and a list of majors.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/Admissions/

Williams College – Philosophy Department

Read the self-written faculty profiles, browse the BA degree overview, and look through the course listings. Has links to philosophy resources.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/acad-depts/philosophy/

Williams College – Psychology

Check out course descriptions and requirements for the department. Peruse faculty bios, links and facilities.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/Psychology/

Williams College – Religion

Check out the resources and programs related to the religion department at Williams College. Read faculty bios and details about the major.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/Religion/

Williams College – Theatre Department

Take a look at courses, faculty bios and a calendar of events for the department. Lists yearly production information and details about guest artists.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/acad-depts/theatre/

Williams College – Williams Mystic Seaport

Interdisciplinary program combines a Williams education with the environment of the Mystic Seaport. Includes an overview of the program and admissions information.

Website: http://www.williamsmystic.org/mystic_hm.html

Williams College – Williams/Oxford Program

Learn about the academics and student life at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Includes FAQ and an overview of the program.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/admin-depts/dean/oxford/

Williams College – Women’s and Gender Studies

Features the history, concentration details, courses and syllabuses for the women’s studies program at this college in Williamstown.

Website: http://www.williams.edu/WomenStudies/