Whitman College

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Whitman College

Points out admission guidelines and the college’s required courses. The small college is located in Walla Walla.

Official: Website: http://www.whitman.edu

Whitman College – Alumni, Parents and Friends

Institution located in Walla Walla, Wash., posts this alumni resource, which offers contact details, a list of services and a FAQ.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/alumni/

Whitman College – Anthropology Department

Offers a program description, course offerings, faculty bios and local resources for this school located in Walla Walla, Washington.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/anthropology/

Whitman College – Art Department

Informs those interested in art history about class topics and degree requirements. Submit an enrollment form for certain classes.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/art/history.html

Whitman College – Biology Department

Furnishes degree requirements, a career center, descriptions of biology courses, an event calendar and abstracts from student research projects.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/biology/

Whitman College – Department of German

Department bids the viewer “willkommen” and provides facts of interest. Check courses, requirements for majors and study-abroad details.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/german/

Whitman College – Department of Philosophy

Department provides a course schedule, profiles of faculty members, and requirements details for graduating seniors.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/philosophy/

Whitman College – Department of Physics

Discover courses, current research, and requirements for the undergraduate major. Faculty photos and bios are provided.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/physics/

Whitman College – Dept. of Mathematics

Take a look at local news and information regarding the math department at Whitman College. Includes links to math societies and associations.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/mathematics/

Whitman College – English Department

Browse a faculty list and read about department requirements for majoring and minoring in English. Includes a course catalog and news of events.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/english/

Whitman College – Environmental Studies Program

Features curriculum requirements and research projects for the Environmental Studies Program. Offers a link to environmental organizations.

Website: http://marcus.whitman.edu/Departments/Sociology/envshome.htm

Whitman College – French Department

Learn about the French House and the department’s resources and activities. Includes faculty information and class materials.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/french/

Whitman College – Gender Studies

View minor requirements, advisors, courses and student organizations for the gender studies program. Includes links to related sites.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/gender_studies/

Whitman College – Geology Dept.

Liberal arts school in Eastern Washington State describes undergraduate degree programs. Contact faculty, view photos and check for field trips.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/geology/

Whitman College – History Department

Read about internship opportunities, or find history course listings. Find a collection of history links.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/history/history.h

Whitman College – Music Department

Walla Walla, Washington school describes its degree programs in music. Learn about performance opportunities.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/music/

Whitman College – Penrose Memorial Library

Read news about the library, get copies of instruction handouts, and learn about renovation and construction of a new library.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/Departments/Penrose/

Whitman College – Security Department

Students can learn how to access escort, emergency, bike registration, and security phone services on the school’s grounds. Shares safety tips.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/security/

Whitman College – Spanish Studies

Read about the application and graduation requirements for the programs offered by this department. Peruse the school’s video index.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/spanish/

Whitman College – Speech and Debate Page

Director of Forensics Jim Hanson offers a guide to his highly successful program and discusses scholarship opportunities for debaters.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/rhetoric/000foren

Whitman College, WA – Department of Chemistry

Supplies a staff and faculty directory for Whitman College’s chemistry department along with details about courses, requirements and facilities.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/chemistry/

Whitman Univ. – Sociology Department

Take a tour of the course offerings and degree requirements at Whitman University. Learn about the department or connect to related links.

Website: http://www.whitman.edu/offices_departments/sociology/