Where to Go on Vacation with a Child in August

Where to Go on Vacation with a Child in August


I want to spend the last summer month unforgettably, have a good rest with the child, charge him with positive energy in front of the kindergarten, school for the whole year. Therefore, the question: where to go on vacation in August with children is quite acute for parents.

Inexpensive countries for holidays with a child

The most visited resorts for the whole family are Turkey and Bulgaria. So, August is the peak tourist season in Bulgaria.

This month you will enjoy your vacation. Warm and gentle sea, healing springs, rose plantations, vineyards, palaces, monasteries – all this never ceases to amaze vacationers.

The air temperature on the coast is +28 degrees, the sea is warm – +26 degrees, rains are rare and short-lived. Your child will benefit from mineral springs rich in calcium and iodine. In addition, a trip to Bulgaria will cost you less than to other countries.

Turkey occupies a special place among the tourist resorts. Summer there lasts longer than the calendar. In August, air and water temperatures reach their maximum. If you are worried about the question: where to go to the sea with a child in August, then here pay attention to the resort of Kemer. This is a very popular holiday destination in Turkey.

The hotels of this resort are located relatively close to Antalya Airport, which is a plus when traveling with children. So, in 30-40 minutes you will reach your hotel and the whole family will be able to enjoy your vacation.

The mild climate and picturesque nature of Kemer contribute to excellent rest and recovery of your child. The hotels provide a lot of children’s entertainment, in the canteens there is a children’s menu. Parents can leave the child to a professional nanny and spend time together.

There is also a resort in Turkey, which has the status of a family – this is Antalya. The beaches are clean sand, clear sea. Near the shore, the sea is shallow, which is important for the safety of young children.

Introduction to Europe

If you want to see Europe, pay attention to France. According to topschoolsintheusa, a trip to France is a great choice for you and your child. At this time, the climate is moderate, the temperature does not rise above +27 degrees. You have the opportunity to visit Disneyland – the dream of every child. It is impossible to see the entire territory at once.

It occupies over 1800 hectares of land. Trips are carried out by special transport, making stops at each of the five republics. Everywhere you can see figurines familiar to children of fairy tale characters. This wonderful world will take you and your children to the land of fairy tales.

With children in August, Croatia will be a good option, where the climate is mild and dry. The sea is warm +26 degrees, air temperature +27-30 degrees. So, you and your children can enjoy the sea and not languish from the unbearable heat.

Whichever country you choose for a family vacation, try to take into account the tastes of each, even the smallest, family member. If your child likes to pick mushrooms, walk in the forest, want to look at domestic or wild animals, give preference to holidays in the mountains (for example, the Carpathians).

If he likes medieval castles, you are welcome to one of the European countries. Well, if without the sea and pools, there is simply no way – plan a vacation in affordable Bulgaria or Turkey.

The water in the sea is clear. It is better to stay in South or Central Dalmatia, as well as Istria. Medulin is a wonderful place for families with children. There is a very healing pine air here, so you can not only relax, but also treat your children.

From the point of view of prevention and recovery of your child, a vacation in the Baltics is suitable. Although the weather here is changeable, the air near the Baltic Sea is heavily iodized and saturated with pine needles. In Latvia, it is better to relax in Ventspils.

There is an excellent beach here, in the center of the city there is a park with slides, swings, loopholes, you can slide down from the ice mountain. There are much fewer people here than in the famous Jurmala.

Where to Go on Vacation with a Child in August