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How is Wheaton College abbreviated? It is commonly known as WC. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of WC. Just click the image to see all definitions of WC.

Wheaton College

Founded as a women’s college, this institution in Norton has been coed since 1987. Find out how to apply.

Official: Website: http://www.wheatonma.edu/

Wheaton College – Alumnae/i and Friends

Link to any one of this school’s three publications, or access the alumni email directory. Includes programs for upcoming reunions.

Website: http://www.wheatonma.edu/Alumnaei/

Wheaton College – Club of Greater Boston

Local alumni org. discusses its upcoming and ongoing events. Read about its volunteer activities, or find out about related clubs in the area.

Website: http://marylyon.wheatonma.edu/Club/gbwc/

Wheaton College – Department of French

Study the overseas programs, take a French placement test or meet the faculty members. Includes links to French newspapers.

Website: http://www2.wheatonma.edu/Academic/AcademicDept/French/frenc

Wheaton College – Department of German

Find overviews of courses and news of on-campus clubs and activities. Peruse faculty profiles and related links.

Website: http://www2.wheatonma.edu/Academic/AcademicDept/German/Home.

Wheaton College – Employment

Scan a list of job vacancies, their requirements, qualifications and salary ranges. Includes an employee benefits summary.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/Admin/HumanResources/Employmen

Wheaton College – French Studies

Take a look at major and minor requirements for the French Studies program at Wheaton College. Check out course descriptions and details about study abroad.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/Dept/Fr/

Wheaton College – German

Check out language courses, major details, and study abroad programs. Then take a look at an overview of the department.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/Dept/Ger/

Wheaton College – Hispanic & Italian Studies

Get the basic information about this foreign language department of this Massachusetts college. Provides contact names and numbers.

Website: http://www2.wheatonma.edu/Academic/AcademicDept/HispanicItal

Wheaton College – Hispanic Studies

Peruse a description of the Hispanic Studies program at Wheaton College. Find minor and major information, faculty profiles, and a course schedule.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/Dept/Hisp/

Wheaton College – International Relations

Check out the international relations program at Wheaton College. View major and minor requirements, course information, and faculty bios.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/Dept/Int/

Wheaton College – Italian Studies

Check out Italian language courses, major and minor requirements, and department information. Peruse faculty bios or read a course schedule.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/Dept/Itas/

Wheaton College – Latin Studies

Peruse an overview of the Latin Studies program at Wheaton College. Check out faculty profiles, minor requirements, and a course catalog.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/Dept/Latam/

Wheaton College – Law Dept.

Posts an overview of the legal studies program. Includes faculty bios, course schedules, and minor requirements.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/Dept/Law/

Wheaton College – Math and Computer Science

Check out the math and computer science department at Wheaton College. Peruse faculty profiles, major requirements, and a course schedule.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/Dept/MathCS/

Wheaton College – Music

Features information about the music department at Wheaton College. Offers course descriptions, department details, and faculty profiles.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/Dept/Musc/

Wheaton College – Psychology

Check out what the Psychology Department offers to students. Take a look at major and minor information, courses, and faculty bios.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/Dept/Psy/

Wheaton College – Religion

Provides an overview of the religion program at Wheaton College. Includes a course schedule, an academic calendar, and a catalog.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/dept/rel/

Wheaton College – Russian Dept.

Find details about the Russian Studies Dept. at Wheaton College. Take a look at course information, study abroad options, and faculty bios.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/Dept/Russ/

Wheaton College – Theater

Features details about the theatre arts program at Wheaton College. Includes major and minor information, course descriptions, and faculty profiles.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/Dept/Thea/

Wheaton College – Women’s Studies

Study women’s issues and gender roles at Wheaton College. Check out course schedules, academic calendar, and faculty profiles.

Website: http://www.wheatoncollege.edu/Dept/Wmn/

Wheaton College – Women’s Studies Program

Take a look at the history, faculty and courses for the women’s studies program at this college in Norton. Includes links to feminist sites.

Website: http://www2.wheatonma.edu/academic/academicdept/womensStudie…