Western State College of Colorado

Colleges North America

Western CO State College – Sciences

Peruse details about the anthropology, biology, chemistry and geology departments. Offers interdisciplinary science seminars to students.

Website: http://www.western.edu/nes/Welcome.html

Western Colorado College – Athletics

Find out about special athletic events within the college community. Take part in the mountaineering program or check out the hall of fame.

Website: http://www.western.edu/ath/Welcome.html

Western Colorado State College – Bookstore

Campus store features university laden shirts and sweats. Includes ordering information and shipping details.

Website: http://www.western.edu/book/

Western Colorado State College – Financial Aid

Discover what it takes to apply and receive financial aid from this college. Includes links to related resources.

Website: http://www.western.edu/finaid/Welcome.html

Western Colorado State College – Kinesiology/Recreation

Provides links to the kinesiology and recreation departments. Includes a bulletin board, admissions info and an overview of wilderness pursuits.

Website: http://www.western.edu/krec/Welcome.html

Western Colorado State College – Library

Offers an overview of the instruction, archives and research opportunities available at this college library. Includes general information.

Website: http://www.western.edu/lib/

Western Colorado State Univ. – Administration

Offers links to the human resources department, student affairs office, and university president. Includes employment opportunities.

Website: http://www.western.edu/admin/Welcome.html

Western Colorado State University – Academic Calendar

Check out this academic calendar that lists school programs and dates through a five year period.

Website: http://www.western.edu/webmast/academics/academic%20calendar

Western Colorado State University – Environment

Describes the Gunnison Valley area. Includes a magazine article, and a collection of related resources for more information.

Website: http://www.western.edu/webmast/Welcome/environment/Welcome.h

Western Colorado State University – Human Resources

Read the mission statement that outlines the processes defined by the Human Resources Department. Includes contact information for the division.

Website: http://www.western.edu/finadmn/hr_welcome.html

Western Colorado State University – ITC

Connect to the Instructional Technology Center to find out about available hours and services. Includes related resources.

Website: http://www.western.edu/itcweb/Welcome.html

Western Colorado State University – News & Events

Check out current news or peruse an article index about the university. Includes an events calendar.

Website: http://www.western.edu/news/Welcome.html

Western Colorado State University – Registration Procedures

Drop in on the registrar’s office to drop or add a class, or get a grade report. Offers documents online.

Website: http://www.western.edu/reg/Welcome.html

Western Colorado State University – Services Learning

Discover the purpose behind the student learning center. Check out student and staff information, or peruse recent projects.

Website: http://www.western.edu/srvlrn/Welcome.html

Western Colorado State University – Sponsored Programs & Grants

Get the news on grants and activities in the department. Learn about resources for faculty and staff.

Website: http://www.western.edu/sponprg/Welcome.html

Western Colorado State University – Strategic Plan

Outlines the yearly strategic plan for the university. Includes a letter from the president and an academic overview.

Website: http://www.western.edu/acadaff/strategicplan/final.html

Western Colorado State University – Writing Center

Learn how to develop writing skills to achieve in college. Includes FAQ and resources.

Website: http://www.western.edu/writecn/Welcome.html

Western Colorado University – Library

Learn about the library at this large university. Features instruction information, details about the archives and research resources.

Website: http://www.western.edu/lib/Welcome.html

Western State College – Alumni Association

Gives details about news, events, publications, programs and services for college alumni. Includes an overview of the school foundation.

Website: http://www.western.edu/alum/Welcome.html

Western State College – Headwaters Project

Provides a description and overview of this regional project. Includes a reader and conference information.

Website: http://www.western.edu/headwtrs/Welcome.html

Western State College of CO – Academic Support Center

Features information about tutoring, study skills, peer advising and workshops. Includes an overview of career services.

Website: http://www.western.edu/acadsup/Welcome.html

Western State College of CO – Catalogs & Course Info

Take a look at course schedules and yearly college catalogs for the university. Includes a link to the registrar’s office.

Website: http://www.western.edu/reg/courseinfo.html

Western State College of CO – CO Headwaters Reader

Features essays, monographs, poems and stories written by students at the university. Includes regional issues and analysis.

Website: http://www.western.edu/headwtrs/reader/Welcome.html

Western State College of CO – Continuing Education

Features a course catalog in .pdf file form. Includes an application for attendance and a collection of related links.

Website: http://www.western.edu/coned/Welcome.html

Western State College of Colorado

Examine the academic offerings of this college located in Gunnison. Meet the faculty, explore the campus and apply online.

Official: Website: http://www.western.edu/

Western State College of Colorado – Academic Programs

Lists the programs available at this Colorado school. Features an overview of all the libaral arts and computer majors.

Website: http://www.western.edu/webmast/academics/academic%20programs

Western State College of Colorado – Academics

Learn about academic programs and calendars, or find out about the support center. Includes details about the writing center and the library.

Website: http://www.western.edu/altacademics.html

Western State College of Colorado – Art & Music

Find out about degree programs, exhibitions and activities. Take a look at faculty bios and study areas.

Website: http://www.western.edu/art/Welcome.html

Western State College of Colorado – Business Admin.

Features business majors and minors, a summer institute and scholarship information. Includes degree requirements for accounting and economics.

Website: http://www.western.edu/bae/Welcome.html

Western State College of Colorado – Campus Life

Peruse a campus crime report, details about career services or an overview of the health center’s services. Includes orientation information.

Website: http://www.western.edu/altstu_services.html

Western State College of Colorado – Communication Arts

Offers degrees in communication, theatre, English and foreign languages. Includes news, a schedule of events, and contact information.

Website: http://www.western.edu/call/Welcome.html

Western State College of Colorado – CS, Math & Physics

Learn about mathematics, physics and computer science at WSCC. Read faculty bios, scholarship info and an overview of career opportunities.

Website: http://www.western.edu/cmp/Welcome.html

Western State College of Colorado – Faculty Information

Features short biographies about department chairs with quotes from university professors. Includes a photo montage.

Website: http://www.western.edu/pubinfo/meet_faculty/meet_final.html

Western State College of Colorado – History

Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences discusses history faculty, internships, courses, and major requirements. Located in Gunnison.

Website: http://www.western.edu/bass/history1.htm

Western State College of Colorado – Social Sciences

School offers programs in geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology. Includes contact information and degree requirements.

Website: http://www.western.edu/bass/Welcome.html

Western State College of Colorado – Spanish Program

Find out what courses are needed to complete a Spanish major, minor, or teacher certification. Follow the links to view an alumni list.

Website: http://www.western.edu/span/span.html

Western State College of Colorado – Teacher Education

Features admissions information, course details, faculty bios and a calendar of events. Includes a portfolio and a showcase.

Website: http://www.western.edu/educ/Welcome.html

Western State Colorado College – Computer Services

Provides an overview of the telecommunications, computer and multimedia labs. Includes policy and procedure information.

Website: http://www.western.edu/adp/Welcome.html