Western Maryland College

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How is Western Maryland College abbreviated? It is commonly known as WMC. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of WMC. Just click the image to see all definitions of WMC.

Western Maryland College

Westminster school describes its undergraduate program in liberal arts and master’s program in education.

Website: http://www.wmdc.edu/

Western Maryland College – Academic Skills Center

Learn about the role and philosophy of the office for students with disabilities. Get information on policies, procedures, staff, and student responsibilities.

Website: http://StuSer.wmdc.edu/ASC/ASC_Home_Page.html

Western Maryland College – Alpha Nu Omega

Sorority profiles its current members, offers alumni news, and describes its upcoming events and activities.

Website: http://StuSer.wmdc.edu/ANO/

Western Maryland College – Alpha Psi Omega

Theater honor society at Western Maryland College describes its activities and lists its current members.

Website: http://wwwfac.wmdc.edu/HTMLpages/Academics/Theatre/AlphaPsiM

Western Maryland College – Alumni, Parents & Friends

Get the scoop on this school’s former-students group with the aid of an events calendar, a list of chapters and a comments form.

Website: http://www.wmdc.edu/alumni/alumni.shtml

Western Maryland College – Art Department

Get information on majors and minors in art and art history. Read about the art buildings and studio, and the campus galleries.

Website: http://www.wmdc.edu/academics/art/art.shtml

Western Maryland College – CABAL Online

Learn about the Comic Arts-Based Advancement League, including its members, purpose, and history. View a database of characters created by members.

Website: http://StuSer.wmdc.edu/CABAL/CABAL.html

Western Maryland College – Campus History

Read a detailed account of the Maryland college’s creation and its history to the present day.

Website: http://www.wmdc.edu/aboutwmc/history.shtml

Western Maryland College – CAPBoard

Read about the activities planning board, including its advisors, committees, executive board, and leadership. View the calendar of events.

Website: http://StuSer.wmdc.edu/CAPboard/caplink1.html

Western Maryland College – Career Services

Get information on jobs and internships, including how they relate to specific majors. Read about upcoming events and see pictures from community service outings.

Website: http://StuSer.wmdc.edu/Career/careersv.html

Western Maryland College – Contrast Magazine

Find information on the school’s literary arts magazine and read the most recently published issue.

Website: http://StuSer.wmdc.edu/contrast/

Western Maryland College – Deaf Studies Department

Learn about this special program for students interested working with the deaf. Get details on the Deaf Education degree program.

Website: http://www.wmdc.edu/academics/education/deafedu.shtml

Western Maryland College – English Department

Learn about courses, majors and minors, and department events. Meet the faculty and staff and get information on the campus Writing Center.

Website: http://terrorenglish.net/

Western Maryland College – Exercise & Physical Education Dept.

Get information on the faculty as well as majors, minors, and special programs including outdoor education and sports journalism, coaching, science, and management.

Website: http://www.wmdc.edu/academics/exersci&phyed/exersci.shtml

Western Maryland College – Gamma Sigma Sigma

Read facts about the sorority, its history, and its service projects. Meet the members and view photographs.

Website: http://www.geocities.com/gsswmdc/home.html

Western Maryland College – German Studies

Peruse course descriptions and requirements for a major in this language. Includes contact details and related links.

Website: http://wwwfac.wmdc.edu/German/GERMAN.htm

Western Maryland College – Hill Magazine

Read about the magazine published three times each year for alumni of the college.

Website: http://www.wmdc.edu/news/hill.shtml

Western Maryland College – Hoover Library

Presents the library’s hours, an online card catalog, college archives, and a staff directory.

Website: http://hoover.wmdc.edu/

Western Maryland College – Human Resources

Graduate program in Human Resources Development at Western Maryland College aims to prepare students for leadership and management positions.

Website: http://wwwfac.wmdc.edu/HTMLpages/Graduate/graduate/drafts/gp

Western Maryland College – International Club

Student club promotes global diversity on campus. Read about and view photos of its annual dinner.

Website: http://StuSer.wmdc.edu/Inter/Inter.html

Western Maryland College – Iota Phi Theta

Get information on this chapter of the African-American fraternity. Find photographs, upcoming events, history, and member biographies.

Website: http://members.tripod.com/~iotaphitheta-wmc/

Western Maryland College – Kappa Mu Epsilon

Read about the activities, history, and members of the honor society for students majoring in mathematics or computer science.

Website: http://wwwfac.wmdc.edu/HTMLpages/Academics/Math/KME.html

Western Maryland College – Phi Kappa Sigma

Read the mission statement and history of this fraternity. Meet members and alumni, view photographs, and see the calendar of events.

Website: http://StuSer.wmdc.edu/PKS/

Western Maryland College – Phi Sigma Iota

Learn about the history of this chapter of the international foreign language honor society. Read requirements for membership.

Website: http://wwwfac.wmdc.edu/ForLang/PhiSigmaIota.htm

Western Maryland College – Postcards

Send an online postcard with artwork depicting various campus locations and events.

Website: http://www.wmdc.edu/postcard/postcard.cfm

Western Maryland College – Religious Studies Department

Learn about the courses and faculty, and find out what career options could result from a degree in this subject.

Website: http://www.wmdc.edu/academics/religiousstudies/religstu.shtm

Western Maryland College – Residence Life

Learn about living on campus, including the furnishings and services available. Meet the office staff and find out about summer housing.

Website: http://www.wmdc.edu/students/residencelife/residenc.shtml

Western Maryland College – Sociology Department

Learn about the courses, majors, and faculty. View the sociology discussion board.

Website: http://www.terrorsoc.net/

Western Maryland College – Spanish Studies

Dept. of Foreign Languages includes study abroad application procedures, faculty profiles, and major requirements. Lists and describes courses.

Website: http://wwwfac.wmdc.edu/Spanish/SPANISH.htm

Western Maryland College – Theatre Arts Department

Get information on acting and technical courses, as well as majors, minors, and internships. Find out about faculty members and both past and future productions.

Website: http://www.wmdc.edu/academics/theatrearts/theatre.shtml

Western Maryland College – Undergraduate Admissions

Find out about the application process, financial aid, scholarships, and campus tours. Get advice from current students and examine a day in a student’s life.

Website: http://www.wmdc.edu/admissions/Uadmiss.shtml

Western Maryland College – WMCR

Campus radio station broadcasting on 1620 AM. View a program schedule, and read about the station’s history and staff.

Website: http://www.wmcr.org/