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Wesleyan College

Macon women’s college claims to be the first of its kind in the world, and continues to lead the way in liberal arts education for women.

Official: Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/

Wesleyan College – Art Department

Browse recommended reading for prospective students, course descriptions, class schedules, financial aid options, admission criteria, and degree requirements.

Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/academics/departments/art/

Wesleyan College – Biology Department

Prospective students considering studying living systems will find courses, classes, financial aid options, as well as admission guidelines and degree requirements.

Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/academics/departments/biolog

Wesleyan College – Business and Economic Department

Meet the faculty, find a departmental overview, browse class schedules, course descriptions, and academic degree options, and take an electronic tour of the campus.

Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/academics/departments/busine

Wesleyan College – Communication Department

Prospective students can read departmental goals, explanations for different available degrees, class schedules, faculty profiles, and a tour of the campus.

Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/academics/departments/commun

Wesleyan College – Department of Chemistry

Academic resource provides students with a look at campus life, faculty and staff profiles, financial aid options, admission requirements, and degree explanations.

Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/academics/departments/chemis

Wesleyan College – Education Department

Students interested in following a career in this subject will find faculty profiles, a departmental overview, class schedules, course descriptions, and a campus tour.

Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/academics/departments/educat

Wesleyan College – English Department

Locate different class and course descriptions and schedules, browse seminar schedules, find academic degree requirements, and learn about admission criteria.

Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/academics/departments/englis

Wesleyan College – German Studies

Presents degree requirements, and news of honors programs and foreign study options. Find a faculty list and contact information.

Website: http://www.wesleyan.edu/wesmaps/catalog/germt.htm

Wesleyan College – History Department

Provides a host of class and course explanations, major and minor degree requirements, admission guidelines, faculty and staff profiles, and a tour of the campus.

Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/academics/departments/history

Wesleyan College – Mathematics and Computer Science Department

Learn about campus activities, seminar schedules, class and course descriptions, admission requirements, degree availability, and faculty and staff backgrounds.

Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/academics/departments/mathem

Wesleyan College – Modern Foreign Language

Browse a departmental overview, academic goals, class schedules and explanations, degree programs, admission criteria, a campus tour, and faculty profiles.

Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/academics/departments/foreign

Wesleyan College – Music Department

Provides interested students with explanations for the different classes, courses, and degree programs available, financial aid options, and admission requirements.

Website: http://www.wesleyancollege.edu/~music/

Wesleyan College – Neuroscience Department

Check out descriptions of the different available classes, courses, and degree programs. Resource includes faculty profiles, admission criteria, and a campus tour.

Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/academics/departments/neuros

Wesleyan College – Philosophy Department

Students seeking class descriptions, course schedules, seminar calendars, faculty profiles, admission criteria, and academic degree explanations will find them here.

Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/academics/departments/philos

Wesleyan College – Psychology Department

Prospective students interested in studying this subject will find degree requirements, academic programs, course descriptions, and class schedules.

Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/academics/departments/psycho

Wesleyan College – Theatre Program

Meet the faculty and staff, browse course descriptions, class schedules, major and minor degree requirements, and a tour of the campus.

Website: http://www.wesleyan-college.edu/academics/departments/theatr…