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Webster Journal, The – Webster University

Independent student-run paper presents articles on administration, campus life and culture, and sports. Read student editorials and letters.

Website: http://www.webujournal.com/

Webster Univ. – Advertising &Marketing Communications

School in St. Louis, Mo. offers a BA in Advertising and Marketing. Skim course requirements, faculty profiles and student portfolios.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/comm/admajor/

Webster Univ. – Art

Take a look at majors and degrees offered, special study opportunities and degree opportunities. Includes class descriptions and listings.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/art.html

Webster Univ. – Behavioral and Social Sciences

Provides details about program majors and minors, special study opportunities and degree requirements. Includes class descriptions and contact information.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/bass.html

Webster Univ. – Behavioral and Social Sciences

Features degrees in anthropology, psychology, sociology, counseling, and applied gerontology. Includes an overview of the department and a list of faculty.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/bass/bass.html

Webster Univ. – Biological Sciences

Features major and minor information, special study opportunities, program requirements and course descriptions. Includes details about teacher certification.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/biol.html

Webster Univ. – Business and Management

School of Business offers a BA and MA in real estate managements. Link to the university homepage for admission and financial aid information.

Website: http://www.websteruniv.edu/depts/business/bm/academic.html

Webster Univ. – Electronic and Photographic Media

Posts the general education requirements and internship opportunities for the department. Includes a portfolio review and admissions details.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/comm_elec.html

Webster Univ. – English Dept.

Presents several degree programs in the English department, that include creative writing, drama, literature, and professional writing.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/english/academic.html

Webster Univ. – Foreign Languages and Literatures

Features details about the majors and minors offered by the department. Outlines opportunities for study, special requirements and course listings.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/forl.html

Webster Univ. – Gerontology

Offers courses and programs in gerontology. Includes a mentor’s introduction, class descriptions, and graduate admission information.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/~woolflm/gern.html

Webster Univ. – History, Politics and Law

Lists the majors and minors offered and provides special study opportunities. Includes an overview of the certificate programs.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/hist.html

Webster Univ. – Individualized Areas of Concentration

Offers major and minor information, special study opportunities and information on self designed majors. Includes links to the main site.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/indz.html

Webster Univ. – Learning and Communication Arts

Posts major and minor information, courses and activities, and degree requirements. Includes class descriptions and certification details.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/school_of_ed.html

Webster Univ. – Music Department

Features several different degrees in music that includes composition, jazz, piano, organ, and voice. Includes contact information and a calendar.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/finearts/music/academic.html

Webster Univ. – Musical Theatre

Provides major and minor information, training details and special requirements related to the degree. Includes descriptions of available classes.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/musical_theatre.html

Webster Univ. – Nursing

Presents degree information, an overview of study opportunities and special requirements. Includes prerequisite courses and class descriptions.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/nurs.html

Webster Univ. – Nursing

Offers master’s and bachelor’s degrees in nursing for those who are registered. Includes selected course information and descriptions.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/nursing/academic.html

Webster Univ. – Philosophy

Offers major and degree information, special requirements, and required courses. Includes descriptions of classes.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/phil.html

Webster Univ. – Religious Studies

Offers a major and minor in religious studies. Includes course listings and descriptions, and details about special study opportunities.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/relg.html

Webster Univ. – School of Business and Technology

Features a description of the majors and minors offered by the department. Posts special study opportunities, course listings and class descriptions.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/busn.html

Webster Univ. – School of Communications

Features descriptions of programs in the department. Includes general education requirements and an overview of course listings.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/comm_journ.html

Webster Univ. – School of Education

Features a variety of degrees in the education field that includes mathematics, science, early childhood development, and special education.

Website: http://owl.webster.edu/Programs.html

Webster Univ. – Telecommunications Management Program

Outlines the program’s objectives, posts degree requirements, and lists course descriptions and class locations.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/business/mngt/gradprog/Teleprog

Webster Univ. – Theatre and Dance

Offers major and degree information, special study opportunities and scholarship details. Includes an overview of required courses.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/ugcatalog/theatre_dance.html

Webster University

Learn about the degree offerings from the various schools of this university located in St. Louis. Find contact details.

Official: Website: http://www.webster.edu/

Webster University – Academic Programs

Find out the MBA programs offered, including a concentration on Marketing. With links to other campus departments.

Website: http://www.websteruniv.edu/acadaffairs/acadprogs.html

Webster University – Alumni Association

See current events and activities, view a photo gallery, request transcripts, sign the guestbook and find out about membership requirements.

Website: http://www.websteruniv.edu/alumni.html

Webster University – Anthropology

Describes the anthropology major for undergraduates and lists the degree requirements. Link to faculty profiles.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/bass/anthro.html

Webster University – Audio Program

Describes its program in audio production. Find financial aid information, contact details and faculty profiles.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/comm/audioprod/audioprod.html

Webster University – Business Department

Find department contact information, faculty profiles and descriptions of its course and degree offerings.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/business/bm/bm.html

Webster University – Communications MAT

Education department describes its masters of arts in teaching communications. View a list program emphasis areas.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/gradcatalog/ed_comm.html

Webster University – Department of Biological Sciences

Describes its BA and BS degrees in biology and its MS degree in nurse anesthesia. Read faculty profiles and find contact details.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/science/

Webster University – English

Introduces the department and describes its course and degree offerings. Find contact details and read faculty profiles.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/english/english.html

Webster University – English as a Second Language

St. Louis-based school has an ESL program as part of the Department of Foreign Languages. Read a list of the program’s features.

Website: http://www.websteruniv.edu/depts/artsci/forlangold/esl.html

Webster University – English as a Second Language

Learn about the university’s ESL program and find admission requirements for international students.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/forlang/esl.html

Webster University – French Section

Offers a BA degree and a minor in French language. Learn about the faculty and view the current course schedule.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/forlang/news/frenchsecti

Webster University – German Section

Gives ten reasons for studying German and describes the departments course and degree offerings. Read faculty profiles.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/forlang/germansec.html

Webster University – History, Politics and Law

Describes its course and degree offerings and presents profiles of its faculty. Find department contact details.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/hpl/hpl.html

Webster University – History, Politics, and Law

Take a look at degrees offered, a department overview, and details about special opportunities. Includes contact information and a note from the department chair.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/hpl/academic.html

Webster University – Management Department

Learn about the department’s programs in human resource management and development. Also read faculty profiles and find contact details.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/business/mngt/mgthome.html

Webster University – Math & Computer Science Department

Learn about the department’s course and degree offerings, view a list of its faculty and find contact details.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/business/mathcs/

Webster University – Music

Read about the department’s faculty and degree offerings. Also find scholarship information and a list of notable alumni.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/finearts/music/music.html

Webster University – Peterson Air Force Base

Colorado Springs school offers courses in computer resources, procurement and acquisitions, telecommunications, and space systems operations.

Website: http://www.websteruniv.edu/multicampus/peterson.html

Webster University – Philosophy Department

Read an overview of the department and learn about its course and degree offerings. Also find contact details and faculty profiles.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/philosophy/index.html

Webster University – Psychology

Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences describes its psychology major. Find degree requirements and link to faculty profiles.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/bass/psych.html

Webster University – Public Relations

Read biographies of the department’s professors and learn about its course and degree offerings. Also find student testimonials.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/comm/pr/index.html

Webster University – Religious Studies

Check out the departments’s photo album and read about its faculty. Also find degree overviews and a calendar of events.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/religion/

Webster University – Scholarships

St. Louis university offers scholarship to new, continuing and transfer students. Lists and describes award types.

Website: http://www.websteruniv.edu/finaid/scholarships/html/scholshp

Webster University – Sociology

Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences briefly overviews the sociology major. Find degree requirements and link to faculty profiles.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/bass/socio.html

Webster University – Spanish Section

Provides outlines of the courses. Faculty members share biographies and personal pages.

Website: http://www.websteruniv.edu/depts/artsci/forlang/spanish/span

Webster University – Spanish Section

View a list of courses offered and read profiles of the department’s faculty.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/artsci/forlang/spanish/spansect

Webster University – Summer Dance Institute

Read about the summer dance program and find tuition information, contact details and a list of faculty.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/depts/finearts/dance/

Webster University – Worldwide Locations

Provides a directory of Webster University campuses throughout the United States and around the world.

Website: http://www.webster.edu/worldwide_locations.html