Vodafone Eliminates The Discount for Second Lines Who Want Mobile Deadlines

It seemed that the time of worsening conditions had gone down in history in a market with so much competition but traditional operators have been doing: Movistar and Orange with rounding to the rise in fares while Vodafone It has worsened its most basic rate and now also It eliminates some of the discounts that applied to the additional lines.

It’s the service Connect your family that applies a discount of 6 euros in second lines with Smart rates or 12 euros in second lines with network provided that the principal has contracted (with or without ADSL) network fee and which is kept as so far if you do not want mobile or choose one free range or mini but that It ceases to apply when you want a mobile phone installment of range basic, advanced or premium.

The changes will apply from now on to new customers by what the current ones who bought mobile deadlines before the month of may will keep discount signed.