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The legendary Samarkand is about 2500 years old. The city in the valley of the Serafshan experienced its heyday in the 14th century when it was expanded to become the capital of the Timurid Empire. The location on the “Silk Road” helped the city to further prestige and prosperity. Magnificent Islamic buildings such as the Islamic college ( medrese ) Bibi Khanum are witnesses of the past. Registan Square is considered one of the most beautiful and largest squares in Central Asia. The colorfully shimmering madrasahs Shir-Dor and Tillja-Kari as well as the observatory Ulug Beg rise here. No city tour would be complete without a visit to the necropolis of Shah-i-Sinda. In the crypt ofIn the Gur Emir Mausoleum you can admire the tomb of Timur, the first Timurid ruler.

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You can shop in the bazaars in Tashkent and Samarkand in a typically Central Asian way. The offer ranges from herbs and spices to oriental carpets. Many museums sell reproductions of the exhibits and some originals. A special permit is required for the export of items that are more than 100 years old or of particular cultural value. Shop opening hours: Mon-Fri 0800-1700 (grocery stores), 0900-1900 (all other shops).



There are numerous theaters in Tashkent. Opera and ballet evenings are held in the Navoi Theater across from Hotel Tashkent. Prices are very low, most events start at 6pm. Live bands often play in restaurants.



Plov, the national dish of all Central Asian republics, consists of chunks of mutton, grated yellow carrots and rice fried in a large wok. Shish kebabs (skewered pieces of mutton grilled over a charcoal fire and served with raw onion rings) and non (round, unleavened bread) are often found on street corners. The dishes served in the hotels are more reminiscent of Russian cuisine: borscht (beetroot soup), entrecôte (well-done steaks), chops and strogan (a local variant of the beef stroganoff) are common on the menu. Many restaurants offer European and Korean dishes. The restaurant on the top floor of Hotel Uzbekistan serves Uzbek, Korean and Chinese specialties. Drinks: Tea (chai) is also the national drink in Uzbekistan and is available almost everywhere. Beer, wine, vodka, brandy and sparkling wine (Schampanski) are available in numerous restaurants. Kafik is often served for breakfast.



Tourists still have to stay in hotels registered with Uzbektourism. In addition to these hotels, however, there are more and more private accommodations that are also registered. If the stay lasts longer than three days, foreigners must register within three days of arrival. Hotels do the registration for the tourists. In the case of private accommodation, registration is carried out by the host. You must have every night in the hotel confirmed, even if the stay lasts less than three days. These documents must be presented when purchasing tickets in Uzbekistan and when leaving Uzbekistan. Except in the big Most of the hotels built with foreign capital do not necessarily correspond to Western standards in terms of service and equipment, but are constantly being improved. Most hotel rooms have a shower and toilet, but soap and toilet paper are not always available. In all major cities there is at least one Uzbektourism hotel accommodating foreign guests. Anyone who has not already booked their trip in their home country usually has to pay in US dollars. Unmarried couples are now allowed to share a hotel room in Uzbekistan. Overnight stays in hotels are subject to a tourist fee.


Uzbektourism offers camping holidays in the mountains in the high season. Individual foreign travelers staying in tents, caravans or mobile homes must also register within three days of arrival. They must apply for a temporary residence permit, specifying their itinerary. The residence permit can be applied for at tourist information offices or at hotels. A tourist fee is required for camping.



Predominantly Muslim (88%), Russian Orthodox (9%) and Jewish minorities.

Social Rules of Conduct

Non (bread) should never be placed face down or on the floor (even in a bag). When entering a house, you take off your shoes but leave your socks on. Shorts are extremely unusual.


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Extreme continental climate, the south is warmest and the north coldest.

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33,469,203 (Source: homosociety)

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Uzbekistan flag vs map