University of Winnipeg Review (13)

University of Winnipeg Review (13)

North America

My stay abroad at the University of Winnipeg was an extremely good experience that I can only recommend to everyone. MicroEDU was a great help to me and provided me with optimal support in advance with the planning by e-mail. The University of Winnipeg has many competent and friendly contact persons who have always supported you and also an excellent system to support foreign students, the so-called International Student Office (ISO).


MicroEDU was always friendly and quick to give me advice and assistance during the planning phase and any ambiguities could always be quickly cleared out of the way. With just one appointment at the University of Winnipeg, there is no need to obtain a visa / study permit and the national German driver’s license is completely sufficient in Manitoba and renting a car is no big deal. Only a passport is required to enter Canada.┬áVisit to get information about top 4 law schools in Canada.

The cost of a semester at the University of Winnipeg is definitely not to be underestimated. In addition to the relatively high tuition fees (which are well above those of Canadian students), there are also high book costs that are well above the German ones. In no case should you rush to buy all the books listed, even if they are listed as compulsory. You can often get hold of copies in the bookstore or find them in the library. In some cases, specified books were not used at all or could be downloaded for free. The costs for food and drink are also higher than in Germany. However, in the cafete or cafeteria there is the big coffee for a whopping two dollars, Hura!


The university system in Canada is more like that of a school. There are grades for attendance, oral participation, homework, term papers, presentations, tests, intermediate and final exams. Lecturers are always addressed by their first name and it can be assumed that most lecturers know the name of the student. The workload is extremely high. However, courses are converted into German courses at a ratio of 1: 2, which explains the high workload. Three courses are easy to manage, four are quite feasible, five or more courses are for enthusiasts who have a good command of the English language.


The University of Winnipeg offers academic writing workshops, a large library with armchairs, work stations and free newspapers, and the gym is included in the tuition fees and is free to use. Most of the international students are German, which means that I spoke almost more German than English, hmmf. I actually wanted to improve my English. . . Organize various university groups, especially at the beginning of the term in the so-called O-week, various parties, BBQs and concerts and meetings that make it very easy to get to know other students. The International Student Office, or ISO for short, offers a variety of free services to make getting started easier. Workshops, come-together, airport pick-up,


Winnipeg is a big city with lots to do. We recommend trips to Gimli, Lake Winnipeg or the USA, which is only two hours away. The public transportation system in Winnipeg is fine. Buses run to all Winnipeg regions until night and are affordable. However, the University of Winnipeg and its student accommodation is located downtown, so the use of public transport is actually not absolutely necessary and all important points in downtown Winnipeg can be easily reached on foot.


I lived in one of the Balmoral houses. These can accommodate 4-9 residents in small single rooms that can be rented fully furnished. A large eat-in kitchen with sofas and TV is shared with the other residents, all students, often international students, but also Canadians, which brings an international atmosphere and international cuisine with it. I would definitely choose Balmoral accommodation again. Compared to the other student accommodation offered by the University of Winnipeg, there is a family atmosphere due to the capacity of the Balmoral houses. I was able to make many new friendships quickly and there were many opportunities to cook, eat, drink, watch films or party together. Despite all the nice people around me.

University of Winnipeg Review (13)