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University of New Brunswick – Saint John Review

North America

Preparation / application

The application is, MicroEDU. com gone quickly and easily across the stage. MicroEDU also provides a clear list of which documents are all required. Submit your application and a few weeks later the confirmation came in the mail. If you have any questions, you will also receive quick and helpful answers by email / phone.


Since I wanted to stay at the UNB Saint John for 2 semesters and thus longer than 6 months in Canada, I had to apply for a study permit at the Canadian embassy. However, it is not very time-consuming and worked well. With the confirmation received, the Study Permit will be stapled in the passport when entering the Immigration Office. Visit to get information about University of California Davis study abroad program.


I’ve taken biology classes, mostly 3rd year and 4th year classes. Since these were a bit more specialized in one subject area, the courses were quite small (between 15 and 30 people). I found it good that most of the courses also had a lab session in addition to the lectures, where you worked practically and in teams. In a course (Biological Oceanography) we even went on a trip to St. Andrews and took water samples by boat.

I attended a semester 4 courses, so I’m considered a full-time student and student loans could receive. From the workload it was feasible, most Canadians have 5 courses per semester.

My courses, which I can actually recommend to everyone, were: Comparative Animal Behavior, Biology and Conservation of Marine Mammals, Biological Oceanography, Fish Biology, Structure and Function of Marine Invertebrates, Marine Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Introduction to Environmental Biology


UNBSJ is the smaller campus of the University of New Brunswick; the larger campus is in Fredericton. In Saint John there are about 3,000 students at the UNB. Most of the university buildings are built around the quad, which means you have short distances to the next lecture. The underground tunnel system is particularly pleasant in winter, as you don’t have to walk outside through the cold air. You can even go through the tunnels to the cafeteria and the dormitories. Quasi from bed to lecture in pajamas would be possible;)

Meal plan / eating

Since I lived at Dunn Residence, a $ 1200 meal plan per semester was mandatory. Otherwise you can of course pay in cash in the cafeteria or at Tim Hortons. In the cafeteria there are grillworks (i. e. burgers, fries, or something else from the grill), deli’s (put together salads or wraps yourself) and two daily specials each for lunch and dinner. Tim Hortons is very good on campus, who unfortunately is closed at the weekend. There are 3 different weekly plans for the daily specials, which alternate.


There are 2 dormitories on campus: the older Dunn Residence I stayed in and the Mackay Residence. In the Dunn Residence there are mainly single rooms and some double rooms. Shower / toilet are for common use in the hallway. There is also a TV lounge and study room on each floor. The room furnishings consist of a bed, desk, wardrobe, chest of drawers and washbasin. Every room has a telephone, TV and internet connection. The other residence (Mackay) offers 2-person “apartments”, so 2 people share the bathroom and kitchenette (actually only refrigerator and microwave are available, you have to bring your own items), and everyone has their own room.

It’s relatively expensive, but I don’t regret living in residence a bit. It’s all like a big family and there are some actions and events for the residence community. However, there are also some rules and at first I felt a bit like in the school camp, because of rest times and such. It has to be said that I was stuck on the quiet floor, where there should be silence all the time. The RAs (Residence Assistants) are all really nice and each floor has its own contact person. All in all, it was great in residence, as you can easily come into contact with other students.


Since I lived in residence and started in September, the first thing I did was residence orientation. It was under the motto Jungle / Wild Animals and there was a lot going on for several days. When moving in, everyone was shown the room, in the evening there was a barbecue. The next few days there were games to get to know the people and the campus on the program and at the end a party. Taking part in it makes it easy to get to know people as this is the orientation for all new students. This way you mainly get to know new students, but in the courses you also get to know older students.

But even those who do not live in the dormitory are not neglected. The first week at the university was Orientation Week from the SRC (Student Representative Council) with barbecue and games and a welcome bag with a drinking bottle, T-shirts etc. There was also a small orientation session with academic information and a campus tour especially for international students. The International Advisors are very nice and helpful and had already answered a few questions by email in advance. There were also always cool excursions offered throughout the year, such as canoeing on Lily Lake, city tours, ski trips, snowshoeing or a trip to a Maple Sugar Farm.

At the beginning of the 2nd semester (January) there wasn’t such a big orientation, but the SRC organized a Frost Week in which there was an action every day, for example Minute to win it, with an ipad as the main prize; Unfortunately for me it was only enough for second place, but you can’t complain about the $ 100 Meal Plan Card either.

In general, events and campaigns were planned throughout the year both internally and by the SRC. Examples are game evenings, movie week, Halloween (trick or treat, movies,. . . ), Super Bowl and of course parties.


Simply ingenious and thanks to MicroEDU also ingeniously simple! If you have the opportunity, then definitely do it, it brings so many new experiences and is definitely one of the best moments in my life so far and Canada is soooo a beautiful country with wonderful and super nice, open people.

UNB may not be the largest university, but that’s precisely why the motto is right: UNB – Proud to be part of it!

University of New Brunswick - Saint John