University of California Riverside Review (15)

University of California Riverside Review (15)

North America

University: University of California Riverside

City: Riverside

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

First of all, I had a great time there and would choose Riverside again! In total I was there for 8 months and I had a lot of fun there!

1. Organisation/application process

A little overwhelmed by the great range of Californian universities, the choice ultimately fell very quickly on Riverside. It was clear that I wanted to attend a UC in Southern Cali (because they have the quarter system and I could easily go there for a little more than a semester without missing anything at home). I found out about the exact course offerings on the homepages of the universities I was considering and this and the accommodation options solved the agony of choice : -).
In the meantime, of course, an infinite number of questions came up, where MicroEdu and Aline (here again a big thank you!) were at my side with advice and action and also answered the 100th email immediately or at the latest the next day in detail. Visit to get information about Victoria University of Wellington study abroad program.

I had the requested application documents in my mailbox very quickly. Here, too, Aline answered the last questions, so that I was able to send them back almost immediately. However, before you send everything by post, you first send the scanned documents by e-mail so that everything is checked and you can change something if necessary before finally sending it back to MicroEdu. Once you have done this, all you have to do is wait, because MicroEdu will take care of the rest for the time being.

I felt that UCR’s commitment came back very quickly. And then it was up to me… Book a flight… Decide how much earlier I want to stay there and how long (especially the return date can be changed again)… Submit learning agreements..

..and apply for a visa…I did it in Frankfurt and within a week after I was there I had the visa : -). The process is also quite simple. You make an appointment online (it may take a while before you get it), but you have to pay beforehand and give the confirmation number. For everything else (what you have to bring and consider) you will then be informed in an info mail. On the message itself, questions are asked as to why and for how long one is going away. So nothing to be afraid of : -)
Since I had a lot of time, I only sent the application for the International Village after receiving the visa (MicroEdu forwarded that as well).

About a month before departure I received the confirmation email from the International Village. I had applied for a single room, but it wasn’t available in the first quarter, so I stayed in the double for the time being and was on the waiting list for the single.
My roommates in both apartments were really super nice and from all over the world.
The furnishings include everything you need – but that’s it. So a bed, chair, desk, chest of drawers and closet. Pillows, bed linen, crockery, cutlery and pots and pans you have to get yourself. I rented a car for the first day, then everything is easily accessible and can be bought quickly.
In general, I would say the IV is too expensive, but since my parents wanted to be sure that I was housed safely and that I also had a contact person there, I didn’t move out.
All around there are actually enough housing options, including 2 large apartment complexes in which many students live.

  1. Studies, university, courses

Shortly before departure, I received an email with the available courses, so that I could indicate which I would like to register for (it was not compulsory, just an option). The Extension Center itself offers business courses (none of which I chose), but they are also responsible for enrolling international students in the main campus courses. They have an agreement with the business sector (since the demand here is very high) to definitely get places for certain courses.
Unfortunately, I had already taken most of the courses in Germany for which you could register in advance. Ultimately, it took a little effort to get into the business administration course I wanted… But everything worked out. I was told by the EC that I can forget about coming in, but the professors are just so incredibly nice and helpful and they usually add an international student to the class. So you just have to stay on the ball and not necessarily always listen to what is being said to you.

I was particularly enthusiastic about the courses with Dr. Jasso (109, 102, 103). He just knows how to keep the students happy and at the same time conveys a lot. However, teaching is also the most labor intensive. I also took 105 and 101. Here, too, the professors were very open to the students and always pointed out the office hours.

The campus is just great! Very new and green. I really enjoyed being there, whether it was to study (lots of options inside or outside, and great libraries) or to meet friends. The range of food there is varied (Italian, Mexican, American, Asian) but I tended to cook it myself.
The students are a colorful mix of Asians, Ladinos, blacks and whites, which I thought was great; to come into contact with so many cultures.

  1. Everything fun around it

What you have to say unfortunately in Riverside you need a car! Because there is unfortunately not too much going on there. However, if you know the right people, you can get around and have good parties. Getting to know people shouldn’t be a problem, because they are very nice, open-minded and somehow curious like Germans are: D
Directly opposite the IV there is the UV (University Village) there you will find various small restaurants, a cinema, Starbucks, T- mobile and a bank.
In Riverside Downtown there are some bars and cafes, such as the club “Sevilla” (you have to like it.. I had a lot of fun there myself. )
For the sporty: There is a gym at the university, for about $70/quarter, where you can also take many courses as a member. There are also team sports and various fee-based offers from dance to martial arts.

The good thing about Riverside: It is very “central” to San Diego by car, it takes a little more than 1 hour, to LA it is ACTUALLY about 1 hour. Actually because there can be a lot of traffic and congestion around LA depending on the time of day. Nevertheless, it is very worthwhile to go to Venice, Santa Monica, LA Downtown, Malibu or to the amusement parks (Disneyland, 6Flags, Universal Studios…).
Venice is an original not to be missed and Santa Monica is great for shopping. However, there are also some outlet malls around Riverside where you will surely find something.
I can only recommend other beaches like New Port Beach, Huntington or Laguna. With good traffic, they can even be reached in less than 1 hour.
San Francisco is also definitely worth a trip, but you should plan some time for it so that it’s worth it (about 6-7 hours drive).

If you don’t always want to drive so far to go clubbing: Fullerton (about 20-30 minutes away), Redlands or San Bernadino are recommended. However, San Bernadino should be enjoyed with caution, as it is a bit more dangerous and “ghetto” there.
But also in Riverside you should simply not stay in some areas and in the evening/ certainly not alone. So I was told that a few days 2 girls were raped or attacked. However, I’ve always felt pretty safe, especially in the campus area, since there are also a lot of police around and if you’re usually out late, it’s more likely to go to a party.. so never alone : -)

As I said, I had a lot of fun, from the university, to the country and the people, and would 100% go there again.
I would be happy to answer any further questions.

University of California Riverside Review (15)