University of California Riverside Review (1)

University of California Riverside Review (1)

North America

University: University of California Riverside

City: Riverside

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

My stay at the University of California at Riverside was just awesome. I was there in the “fall semester” from September 22nd to December 16th with my girlfriend.
In terms of weather, the time is actually perfect, in September and October it was between 20°C and 30°C, also nice for swimming, and in November and December it was around 15°C to 20°C, also very pleasant. In December we had two or three days when it was windy and rainy, but it is also possible.

In Riverside it is advisable to either buy or rent a car, as public transport is not very good or hardly available. Visit to get information about California State University Los Angeles study abroad program.

Especially if you are looking for an apartment outside and not on campus.
Depending on traffic, it takes about 1-2 hours to drive to Los Angeles.
We looked for an apartment via, made four appointments for the first day and simply chose the best one. I can only recommend this to you, because then you have contact with the locals and can save a lot of money. The apartment cost us $600 a month for the two of us and we lived in an apartment with a 28-year-old American woman.

We had a lot of fun because the roommate was very nice and showed us everything but also went out with us at the weekend.

If you’re ever in California, I would recommend flying two or three weeks in advance to see the beautiful country. There is San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and many national parks eg Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Death Valley… All highly recommended!!!

At the university, on the introductory day, we decided on “Marketing in a global Environment”, “Organizational Behavior” and “Trade, Globalization and Development”.

In marketing we were only 25 students, but we also had to write 4 assignments, 2 group projects and 3 exams.

IN organisation, we were 250 students in a brand new lecture hall… like in the cinema, 3 screens with a projector below, 3 electronic boards, when you write it comes up on the screen… There we had to have discussions, 4 assignments and 2 exams make.

In Trade we were 65 students and only had to write 2 exams.

Our schedule was as follows:

Monday: 12: 10-1: 00 Trade
Tuesday: 9: 40-11: 00 Marketing 2: 10-3: 30 Orga Lecture 4: 00-5: 00 Orga Discussion
Wednesday: 12: 10 -1: 00 Trade
Thursday: 9: 40-11: 00 Marketing 2: 10-3: 30 Orga Lecture
Friday: 12: 10-1: 00 Trade

So we had one or two lectures every day, which was actually very pleasant. The time in between is needed from time to time to write assignments or to “hang out” with friends… In

summary, one can say that everything worked out great and I can recommend such a semester abroad to everyone. As I said, you need a car and I would look for the apartment privately via…

Have fun and enjoy the time!!!

University of California Riverside Review (1)